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  1. So say if I'm in Track View, For example : Options/Meters/Meter Options, etc...any box window really . Is there a way or a key command combination I can hit so that the windows stays open . So I can check or uncheck multiple options without having to start over at the beginning again and go thru multiple box's just to check or uncheck anything one at a time again. Id like to be able to stay on a box and turn on and off several choices with out the window disappearing after each one. That's so irritating . Wasted time too. This would be a good feature to add if possible.
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    Will cakewalk by bandland release any of the previous plugins that were not added to CbB. For example i had Sonar x3 , did not upgrade again until CbB . So i dont have CA-2A plugin. will I eventually be able to get some of these i missed that were not included in CbB ?
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