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  1. When we try to use any non-sonitus plugin, the plugin opens and can be manipulated but turns itself off as soon as playback is attempted. This happens on all the "stock" plugins like TH3 leveler as well as our own plugins. It doesn't affect the stock sonitus plugins, nor the default plugins that live in the prochannel. We've installed the hotfix, PC has nothing on it except windows 10 and cakewalk. All antivirus etc is off. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Bob, The plugins of issue are all the plugins that come with the latest standard installation of cakewalk (except for the sonitus plugins), all of the pro channel plugins, and it also has the same issue with TDR Nova EQ plugin. We don't record with it so no interface. We're using simply mixing the various stems we've recorded separately in the studio. Mark
  3. Hey there, We've been having some recent trouble with plugins. Everything has been working fine for a long time and have been finding Cakewalk to be great. However recently we noticed a distorted sound while playing back sessions. This only occurs when certain plugins are enabled. All sonitus plugins work without issue. However any other plugin immediately introduces a crackly distortion when turned on. In the plugin library, the plugins coloured white (sonitus) are working. But the plugins coloured yellow (all others and all default effects in Pro Channel, including plugins I've sourced myself) introduce the distortion. This only seems to effect playback within Cakewalk. If I export the session, the exported file doesn't have any issues. This issue occurs on all sessions, both newly created sessions as well as sessions created before the issue. Also occurs regardless of the number of tracks... even a single track session will be effected. Could you please advise on possible steps to correct? So far we've reset windows (10), reinstalled sound drivers, and reinstalled bandlab and cakewalk. Tried without any anti-virus, run as administrator etc. I've make a support ticket for this but thought I ask here as well in case anyone else has come across this issue. Thank you for help! Mark
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