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  1. So, we have various sources plugged into a console mixer and have set the gain and faders to a satisfactory level for live performance. Now we want to record using Cakewalk which has another set of faders and gain controls. What is the best way to handle these additional controls? Should I leave them alone, tweak them as if the mixer didn’t exist, set them to unity, etc? Thanks from a noobie.
  2. My rig includes a Kurzweil keyboard, Zoom L-12 mixer, and Cakewalk, among other stuff. The keyboard is plugged into one of the stereo channels on the mixer. These channels do not have a preamp and thus no gain adjustment. The output volume of the keyboard is set to max. When recording into Cakewalk, the signal level seems ok and playback is ok, but the visual image of the waveform is almost a flat line. I can boost it a little by maxing the channel gain setting but visually it is still almost nothing. I do not have this problem with the other instruments. Suggestions as to how to deal with this? Thanks
  3. Can someone tell me how well the Behringer X32 mixer interfaces with Cakewalk? Can you record 32 discrete channels simultaneously? Does it playback thru the usb cable or do you use the pcs speaker out and treat it as another device? Any latency problems? Any other thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hi all. Does anyone know if the yamaha 01v96 version 2 mixer will work with cakewalk? Does anyone have personal experience? Thanks
  5. Also, there is one more guitar that I forgot in the previous list. Cactus was correct, there are 14 inputs but 2 of them are dedicated to the pc’s usb port and are not available for outside sources.
  6. Mike - yes they are all recorded at the same time. The setup is also used for band practice and live performance. I have found that WASAPI shared does not allow both devices to be selected at once. WASAPI exclusive and MME do but ultimately do not work with an error that says device is not available.
  7. Thank you to everyone offering insight to this problem. My current needs are: 4 mics 1 drum could be stereo but currently mono 1 lead guitar 1 bass guitar 1 rhythm guitar 1 stereo keyboard 1 violin My L-12 has 8 mono channels and 2 stereo channels for a total of 12 inputs. So it almost works but not quite. I currently have 2 instruments sharing a stereo channel which places one right and one left which is not ideal. Plus there is no room for growth. I was thinking of pairing the L-12 with a used L-8 as the most compatible combination. I presume they would use the same driver. I also have a Focusrite 2i2 in my closet that I could factor into the mix. I don’t know if either the L-12 or the 2i2 can use WASAPI but I will experiment tomorrow.
  8. I have been using Cakewalk with a Zoom L-12 mixer as the input device. I have been very happy with this setup, but I am finding that I need more inputs. Moving up to a larger mixer (probably the L-20) will be expensive. I am wondering if I could buy a smaller mixer and use it side by side with the existing one. Such as, the mic inputs would come from mixer1 and the instrument inputs would come from mixer 2. Does anyone know if this is possible? In the preferences setup you have to designate the input device and it seems like you can only choose one. So it seems like it is not possible, but I am hoping there might be something I have missed. Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. I am not very knowledgable about the helix asio driver. I assume it got installed along with the software used to program the helix. That software is used rarely. The zoom mixer is used all of the time including when the helix is being programmed.
  10. Ok, I deleted all Magix references in the registry using regedit. To my surprise the Helix asio driver has replaced it as a problem in the latency settings. Since the Line6 Helix IS part of my setup I really don't want to delete it altogether like I did the Magix. However this is really incidental to the volume problem. To my knowledge there is no operational software for the zoom mixer. Driver settings are also very sparse. I was hoping for a setting in cakewalk where I could set the volume level associated with “unity” on the cakewalk faders.
  11. Greg & John, yes I have the zoom asio driver installed and it all seems to work just fine except for this volume issue. Btw- there are no speakers or other output devices connected. One thing I noticed while running thru John’s video is that on the Sync & Caching tab of the cakewalk preferences, Record Latency Adjustment is defaulting to a Magix driver and will not stick to the Zoom driver when I try to change it. I would delete this Magix driver if I could find it. I believe it is a remnant of some deleted software from long ago.
  12. My inputs are all provided thru a zoom L-12 mixer via the built in usb interface. Outputs are fed back thru the mixer and PA by the reverse route. Output volumes are always much much louder than the input volumes. I am able to deal with this for most software by setting the win10 mixer volume to 50% and then further adjusting the win10 mixer volume for the individual software. However, when I try this with Cakewalk, the volume is unaffected by the volume slider in the win10 mixer. It works fine with itunes and youtube, but not with cakewalk. Is this a bug? Any thoughts on how to fix this?
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