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  1. I have a midi project (attached). Track 3 contains the melody or lead for the song. The original patch for the track 3 was a clean guitar. I want to change it to something with a little more body. So I deleted the set patch event in the event list. I then auditioned several patches by setting them in the arranger dropdown. THis seems to work OK during playback. However if I start the track from the beginning, it reverts to the original plinky guitar. How can I make it stick to the patch I set? AND does anyone know of a way to get a better guitar tone out of any of the built in synths or free VSTs? Thanks Every Breath You Take.cwp
  2. dwf2008

    Midi won't play

    Thank you John. I will try it tomorrow. ps - Is there a way to communicate with you privately?
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    Thank you sjoens.
  4. dwf2008

    Midi won't play

    Suppose I import a midi file. I plays and runs just fine. Then I import a different midi file. I SEEMS to play OK but no sound comes out of the speakers. What should I be looking for? No changes to preferences or other settings. instrument is GS Wavetable Synth. Thanks
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    If I search on my username, it only finds posts where my name is in the body of the message or the title. If I click on my name the selection you mention is not among the choices?
  6. Well, let’s see . . . in the preferences dialog, it shows I have 3 output options, the Microsoft GSSynth, a Yamaha synth, and a Roland synth. I would like to explore all three of them and see which has the best tones. Also, I am sometimes using Cakewalk as an intermediate step to porting a file over to another software and I want to get the patches set for general midi compatibility. Do you know the answer to my question?
  7. What do you have to do to make use of the Microsoft GS Wavetable synth? If I open a *.mid file and set the outputs to this instrument, the file will play but there is no sound from the speakers. If I : 1. Open a blank project and add a TTS-1 track 2. Then add an instrument track 3. Then import the same midi file it still will not play with the outputs set for the GS Wavetable Synth 4. BUT if I set the outputs to the TTS-1, THEN it will play. What am I missing? File is attached. gentlywp.mid
  8. Whenever I start the new version of cakewalk, it also opens a signin window for bandlab. Is there a way to stop this? It is VERY annoying. Thanks
  9. Thanks to all of you who have responded. For everyone who doesn’t understand why I recorded the metronome, here is the answer. It was a Learning Exercise. I figured if I could do it with a simple click track, then I could also do it with a more complex recording imported via mp3. Ultimately, I want to be able to align an audio track to the measure markers on the screen and match it to midi tracks that were either there first or were added later. And the entire project follows the tempo established or changed on the toolbar. Sorry if I left out any critical information.
  10. Forgive me for trying to illustrate my point with some outlandish discussion. . . . Hey everybody, I just found some wonderful new software that does everything I always wanted. The only drawback is that it doesn’t follow the usual windows conventions. The X to close a window is now located in the middle of the bottom margin of the frame. Oh, and to make the speakers work you have to click and drag the orange duck from the right side to the lower left side of the screen. And, although the software is free you need to buy a $200 thingamajig that includes a whatchamacallit to make it seem more familiar. . . . My apologies. Sure Cakewalk is feature rich and a wonderful piece of work. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be using it (since the DOS days, although I did set it aside for about 25 years). People who have been using computers for a long time come to expect things to work in a certain way and when they don’t follow the usual pattern, it becomes very frustrating. The program could be much more pleasing to use if they hired a good interface designer, or as I am suggesting, provide us with the ability to fix it ourselves. And while I’m at it, it would be helpful if they would scrap all the old Sonar documentation that is no longer relevant or even correct. Thanks for listening to my rant.
  11. Yes I have, but 9 buttons is not enough for me. For example, almost every VCR transport button set has a "Go to beginning" button. Cakewalk has one but it is a little tiny button under the big one where it should be. I want to customize that set and set it up the way it should be. I also want to set up a set of zoom buttons similar to audacity. In essence I want to be able to create my own toolbar that sits under the standard one and spans across the entire console. Thanks for your interest.
  12. Yes, that is exactly what I am hoping for. WP was and still is the best word processor on the market largely because of features like this. Come on bandlab. You can do better.
  13. dwf2008

    Custom toolbars

    Tecknot, yes that is my point and why I requested a better system for customizing. I keep hoping it will get better.
  14. dwf2008

    Custom toolbars

    Kurre, for some reason the forum is NOT notifying me when there is a reply to my posts. I just discovered there were replies the other night.
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    Thank you scook.
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