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  1. Which had already been stated in Noel's and my post before ... Interesting, that those who blamed me for replying to an old post, are now the most active on this thread. *g* Of course I didn't intend to annoy anyone. I'm not a native speaker, so might make use of inappropriate vocabulary now and then. I get a little annoyed by misleading statements like "it can't be done" or "VST2 is obsolete". From the technical point incorrect. Technical issues are not a matter of opinion but ask for mathematical accuracy more often. However - happy holidays to all of you !
  2. Well in your world VST2 may be obsolete. In my world, where musicians play live, keyboards and sequencers have the rock solid MIDI interface, VST3 is obsolete. All of the plugins I came across up to now have a working VST2 version. Steinberg can keep their crappy VST3. There is no technical reason to rely on MIDI for note on/off, pitch bend and modulation and at the same time scrap the quite simple and solid pc and cc functionality. This is nothing but company politics. In my setup most VSTi can change their presets via MIDI. If you can't figure it out, doesn't mean it can't be done. Actually most of the time it does work. Which song needs to reload a 5 GB drum set while playing ? Who would have come up with such a ridiculous idea in the old days when we used hardware samplers ? Why do people present such Mr. obvious nonsense examples to argue against smart solutions ? For every problem-solving posting there is at least 10 postings with non helpful guesswork, biased opinions, technically incorrect claims ... Someone said we live in the time of smart phones and stupid people ...
  3. @abacab "You do realize that you are responding to a thread over a year old?" Yes. I am not stupid. BTW you also respond to a thread over a year old ... without adding any new information ... @Bob Bone Well you explained that already. No need to repeat the obvious ... all of that is understood. What I dislike is the "I urge you to ..." when there are more intelligent solutions. A smart question should bring up smart ideas. Those who play live might want to make use of their not-so-powerful old laptop. You can. If you act smartly. E. g. https://github.com/surge-synthesizer/surge/issues/576#issuecomment-721955716
  4. I switched back to z3ta+ for its MIDI program change capability ... It's a shame how VSTi designers/vendors ruin the usability of their plugins with their ignorance towards a proper MIDI implementation ...
  5. No No No ! There is nothing wrong with doing it and nothing wrong mentioning it (once). BUT: Please do NOT promote laziness. Don't urge people to chose the stupid way. Please let the smart stuff flood this forum instead. Some vendors implemented solid solutions for switching patches via MIDI. Some vendors listen to their customers, when they request the MIDI program change feature. Sometimes you can figure out undocumented behavior and sometimes there are ways to translate MIDI program changes to *.fxp switching. For the VSTi designer it isn't that difficult to implement MIDI program changes. It was there on the old 8 bit hardware synths in the late 80ies ... And it worked. Flawless. For decades. "Forgetting" convenient and reliable features is a poor move of the VSTi designers. Instead of supporting their ignorance by using to the most stupid/primitive way of adding a new track for every bell and whistle, people should carry on requesting the MIDI program change feature ! Write an email. Request it. They can do it. Urge people to be smart, not stupid. Pleeease ... It is resource-friendly in every way, and the way to go if you want to play live. With a proper MIDI program change you can use your master keyboard to switch sounds on the fly. It is ridiculous to rely on MIDI note/off but ignore its other capabilities at the same time. Luckily Cakewalk _always_ had better MIDI implementation than its competitors. But even there bad habits started: while z3ta+ has a flawless MIDI program change behavior Z3TA+2 is a step down. Immediately switched back ... Let's put the focus from shiny interfaces back to smart features !
  6. Hi all, sorry if this is already common knowledge ... I imported a midifile which was originally made with Logic 9. Cakewalk displayed all Notes as C, C", Cx, C(something) ... It took me some time to figure out the root cause: seemingly Cakewalk didn't like a missing key information and displayed all notes as C with a bazillion sharps ... 😉 Solution: Go to Views --> Meter/Key --> (+) and add an appropriate key signature at the start of the song. Everything should be displayed as expected. Best regards (Tested on: Cakewalk 2020.04, Win7 64bit, MacPro 5.1 / 2011)
  7. Thanks for the insight John. I have to admit that I have chosen "Simple Instrument Track" because it sounded simple 😉 ... but not exactly the way it originally was intended. Will try to stick to your recommendation. 😌
  8. Same problem here as the original poster: Re-opened a *.cwp a week later and don't get a sound from four out of eight soft synths. Routing used to be fine before. Corresponding MIDI track output meter shows action, its output is linked to the soft synth, soft synth output meter does not show any activity. In synth rack the "freeze" button of the failing soft synths are greyed out, the working ones are accessible. Soloing the track doesn't automatically solo the soft synth. Synth Rack view: in Soft Synth Options both the MIDI in and 1st Output are ticked. The drop-down menu top right of the synth rack shows correctly the associated MIDI input tracks for all soft synth. So here comes the "solution": ====================== - go to the soft synth track header - right-click and chose "Split Instrument Track" (- the newly generated MIDI track can be deleted) - then focus newly generated audio track - in inspector go to the "I" (input) dropdown in my case the sound card was ticked instead of the soft synth chose the corresponding vst and set output to e. g. "Primary Output: Stereo" Yes indeed, it is not self-explanatory why you should go to "input" to select an output ... ;-) So the problem might start by triggering a "Simple Instrument Track" from another midi track. That appears to work initially but can get corrupted. Haven't figured out what causes the information loss. Renaming the MIDI track, adding & deleting other soft synths, updating cakewalk ... ? - no idea. At least we got a clue ... ;-)
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