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  1. Alt-Z! Alt-Z is the universal command to return your screen to the previous zoom setting ... NOT Ctrl-Z! Big Difference. I was in Melodyne editing some vocals ... my vocal is busted up into nicely digestible chunks so I can get in and out of Melodyne ... then I started to build up a little confidence ... so I tried editing a giant clip all at once. Must've been an entire verse worth of vocals ... I got all the way to the end of the last little phrase ... there was just one thing left to do ... zoom out and give all my hard work one final look see. That's when it happened ... I had zoomed in on a particular bit, and to return to my previous zoom setting, I sub-consciously hit Ctrl-Z instead of Alt-Z ... POOF ... instantly all my hard, but unsaved work was gone in a jiffy. You don't get any sort of nice, elegant, popup dialogue asking you if you "really want to abandon the session?" The editor window just disappears and you are returned to your track the way it was before any editing. Lol. Apparently hitting Ctrl-Z in Melodyne is the shortcut for abort! Krikey ... you gotta watch that ...
  2. I've always hope someone would do something like this. Cheers mate. I know you did a great MIDI tutorial already ... thanks ... how's about one for more advanced MIDI editing? The other day I was trying to draw in and then edit controller wheel data and not really ever accomplishing anything. How can we take charge of this MIDI data ... draw in precise wheel bends and other controllers, etc.
  3. Well shoot ... if any developers are within earshot and wanna make some of us old farts happy ... Some of us are still chasing these age old fantasies, however convoluted they may be.
  4. I was pondering the suggestion that we should have a tape speed knob in the pro channel of CbB ... that would be awesome. But now that I think about it, it might also be next to impossible to get it to work like in the real world. Think of all the additional tracks of audio that would come into play if you were near the end of your project before engaging the varispeed knob. Our computers these days are powerful sure, but that might be an unreasonable load to place on your CPU. Until then, we have this great workaround.
  5. I see what you did there Jesse. Lol. Thanks for the encouragement.
  6. Great reverb plugin from Arturia is free until December 31. Hurry ... this thing is awesome. https://www.arturia.com/reverb-gift
  7. I really appreciate the encouragement. Thanks. It's funny about that horn part ... the original (see link) has the great horn parts ... and my original aim was to recreate that as close as possible. I have Arturia's excellent V Collection. That has the Synclavier ... I'm using trumpet samples to play the horn parts just until I could find a more realistic horn sound ... and then I kinda got to liking it that way. Sure, it doesn't sound like horns ... it sounds like a keyboard, almost a harmonica sound or something ... anyway, I just kinda liked it the way it was. But reading your comments I can gather that to others it just sounds like cheesy horns ... hmmm ... I'll have to play with those patches a bit. Elsewhere, yeah, I'm definitely going for that burnished, dark, mono drum sound that you used to hear on all the records I loved growing up. I'm not into ringing cymbals and boomy, tubby tom sounds. I did leave some room on the drums in BFD since the song has that live feel, but nothing too crazy.
  8. Thanks Craig! Sounds very cool. I heard no artifacts ... that's for sure. The chipmunks thing was hilarious. I think the process to do the original task now for me would be to bounce just the chorus section of my song to a WAV, then open that in a new session. Pitch transpose it like you just showed, sing my high vocal part. Then pitch everything back to the correct tempo and export just the harmony parts to my original session. This would allow me to not only hit the notes, but also have a slightly different vocal timbre for the harmonies. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for the great demo Craig.
  9. Sounds great. Love your playing.
  10. scottcmusic

    Take it All

    I can hear a Yes influence ... in a good way. Very nicely done.
  11. First tune finished entirely in CbB. I'm really enjoying CbB. At least on my system, it just seems to run smoother than past versions of Sonar. Anyway, here's a cover of a song from the soundtrack to Shaft that I always loved. Been using covers lately just to have material to record so I can focus more on the engineering and production of the music, and learn about making these recordings hopefully sound better than just demos. I'm especially happy with the guitar stuff I did over the outro ... the fuzz kicks in around 2:44 ... me likey the fuzz ... How's the vocals volume? Too much effects? In my car the vocals sound a bit lost in the stew ... hmmm ... sounds good in earphones ... http://www.savagepixels.com/audio/scott-c_do-your-thing.mp3
  12. I got a song in process that I'm going to try this on ... Anybody got any sound clips they are willing to share?
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