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  1. Thank you mate! That was it! You are cool! Thanks everybody for your time!
  2. the installation was perfectly fine as about everything just about 5 minutes before the update. So i am trying to keep it simple for a noob like me and just look at which file i should move and where , or anything that can make it work. I would like also to know what has happened but i do not think that's easy so as long as i can keep going creating music i really do not care much.
  3. in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 there is a file ''toontrack'' and there it is ezdrummer.dll It is not in the exlude list. I checked that first. It was working properly , then update and 5 minutes later it is missing! I looked at VstScan.log and VstScanSandbox.log and there is nothing about ezdrummer.dll
  4. i do not understant what should be where. an ezdrummer.dll file somewhere(is it that simpe)? and where? in the vstplugins folder or in the vst3 folder?
  5. You mean what is in the red ? There only are two note files that say where the scan were. there were the 2 paths that are circled on the black on top.
  6. there has to be a file somewhere? it is a .vst3 or .dll file????? Or there are more than two ?
  7. didn't solve it , nothing changed . this is what i am getting
  8. I installed the 2020.07 Early Access and seems that problem persists. Seems like no future update is going to solve this and even if it is really simple i hope you can help me because i am a pc noob here and it is a big problem for me. Can anyone tell me what file should i move to where? Is it one file or more than one? Can the update delete files? it is so weird... When i first installled cakewalk i already had ezdrummer installed and everything was ok , like with all my other software. Now i really can not understand how can this happen...
  9. no . Just had installed everything in the past and worked everything fine. All were where it is supposed to be but after last cakewalk update i have the plug in missing message. Maybe some file deleted by itself? I have many other software instruments and only ezdrummer was missing and a problem after this update. The funny thing is that i wasn't updating cakewalk since may because i was afraid there would be a problem....And i was right unfortunately.....😢
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