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  1. I first downloaded and registered Cakewalk by Bandlab a month or so after it became available - Sonar user before. I do not keep my music computer connected to the Internet. Periodically, when starting Cakewalk, it gives a warning that the product is not registered and that save is disabled. I have to connect a LAN cable to my music computer and expose it to all that can go wrong on the Internet to re-register. Is there a way to stop this re-registeration requirement, or does Cakewalk have to check registration like Adobe products do?
  2. Thanks. It looks like it’s much the same. Good processor and power, decent video card, several fast hard drives, and lots of memory.
  3. I built my current music and photo editing computer in 2009. I think I probably need to plan an upgrade. At the time, the philosophy was to put several hard drives in the machine - one for OS and programs, one for recording, and one for samples, cakewalk content, native instruments content, etc. I also added another drive for my photos. Looking at new computer components, it's very difficult to find information on how many drives one can use. Lots of searching will eventually turn up the number of SATA connectors and it seems 4 is about the most. It also seems USB connectors have changed so much I won't be able to use my current case if I want to have front USB ports. Looking at assembled computers, most are very small form factor and won't allow anywhere near 4 drives inside. Gamer computers don't seem to include drive information, and looking at manufacturer's sites, the number of drive spaces is just not given. So what are people doing for new music computers? Do you get a small desktop and add other drives via USB as one would do with a laptop? Is a USB hard drive fast enough to record on? I really prefer desktops as I can use my large monitors and connect easier to all my old hardware synths. Thanks
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