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  1. NatLife Sounds is offering 20% off True Trance Sounds V1, Cosmic Plucks V1 Analog Edition and True Trance Sounds Vol.8 for Synapse Audio - DUNE 3 synthesizer. True Trance Sounds V1 (€22.40) contains: 64 patches includes: 3 – Aah. 7 – ACID arpeggios and sounds. 3 – Arps. 17 – Basslines. 2 – FX. 17 – Leads. 12 – Pads. 10 – Plucks. 26 Analog Synth Wavetables, FL Studio 20 Template. 44 Wave Files. Buy Link! Cosmic Plucks V1 Analog Edition (€11.20) contains: 2 – ACID Arps. 8 – Arps. 17 – Leads. 15 – Pluck Sounds. 7 – Exclusive DUNE 3 MIDI melodies. .NKS supported. Works with Maschine, Komplete Kontrol S-Series and M32 keyboards. Buy Link! True Trance Sounds Vol.8 (€12.80) contains: 64 Presets. Buy Link!
  2. NatLife Sounds happy to announce you a first Synthmaster One soundset, called True Trance Sounds V1. Around 30 true analog wavetables from monsters like Oberheim, Yamaha CS-5, Roland sh-09, Jupiter 8, Moog Minimoog and so on. In result you have the sounds that contain all the power of analog and digital in one synth. This soundbank gives you a possibility to not use a tones of external effects and other soundgoodizers. You have all the different sounds just in one place! From rich modulated fx sounds to warm analog Leads, powerfull Basses and lushed Pads. To see a real work of Synthmaster One – you need to see our Video demo song. Also the package include a full FL Studio 20 template. It contains all the wooshes and drum sounds, so you can easily recreate same project(in demo) on your computer. Soundset includes 60 sounds, wich: 7 Arp 18 Basses 4 FX’s 6 Key’s 11 Leads 7 Pads 7 Plucks FL Studio Template includes: 54 Wave Samples Project File For loading the full-fledged project, you will also need: Valhalla Shimmer Native Instruments Reaktor 5 – Space Master 2 dblue Glitch 1.3( FREE Glitch effect) Invisible Limiter G2 Volume Shaper 4 Price: €30.00 (€25.00 Intro Price! - Until June 23) (Price for the Full Package) Buy Link!
  3. NatLife Sounds presents you with a unique product - Repro 1/5 & FL Studio 20 Template, wich based on the Repro synth. Every step, Drum, Bass, FX, Lead, Pad or Woosh - comes from this synthesizer. With a using of this product - you can learn how to get any possible sound from Repro1/5. To get the maximum colours of sounds from the synthesizer, we spent around two months. And It is unlikely that you can find something similar in the market. As for the style of the track in the template - this is a mixture of Progressive, Techno and Trance. What do you need to have a full project loaded? 1. U-He Repro 1/5 2. FL Studio 20+ 3. Ambient Reverb (FREE Reverb Plugin) 4. dblue Glitch 1.3 (FREE Glitch Plugin) 5. Invisible Limiter G2 Most sounds were taken from our library of presets - True Trance Sounds Vol.7 for Repro 1/5. Note: in order for you to be able to use the project without freezes, you need a powerful CPU. Price: €25.00 Buy Link!
  4. NatLife Sounds is offering 30% off True Trance Sounds Vol.12 and Techno Dive V1 for Massive X hybrid synthesizer. Until June 15!
  5. NatLife Sounds has released Trouse Essentials V1 for Spire synthesizer. In this package you will get a 128 extra high quality sounds, FL Studio 20 template and MIDI files. We made it with assistance from the Italian sound maestro - Gianfranco Carone. Trouse Essentials V1 contains: 128 Spire sounds: 45 - Leads 38 - Bass 12 - ARP's. 1- AAH. 9 - Plucks. 14 - Pads. 2 - Kicks. 3 - Synth's 1 - Piano. 28 Spire synth's in one FL Studio 20 project. You need to have ONLY! Spire for loading the project. Price: €7.00 – €32.00. Buy Link - https://www.natlifesounds.com/product/trouse-essentials-v1-for-spire/
  6. NatLife Sounds present you a new chapter of Uplifting Trance Template Vol.2 for FL Studio 20, created by Soundbreeze. If you are producing Uplifting / Energetic Trance in FL Studio and would like to learn new tricks, get inspired and/or improve your sound faster, Uplifting Trance Template is for you. Studying this project file will give you a great insight into the processing of individual channels and mixing of uplifting & energetic Trance music in FL Studio, through the use of layering, equalization, compression, delay, reverb and more. This template comes loaded up with full arrangement (as heard in the audio demo), mixing settings, FX chains, MIDI data, and automation. In order to take full advantage of this project, you will need : FL Studio v20 or higher Sylenth1 V2.2 or higher Spire V1.1.14 or higher Omnisphere v2.5 or higher TruePianos v1.9 or higher FabFilter Pro-Q, FabFilter Pro-R, FabFilter Saturn Kickstart Toraverb 2 TAL-Flanger (FREE) BUY LINK & DEMO!
  7. NatLife Sounds is offering 30% off True Trance Sounds V1 and True Trance Sounds V2 for Analog synthesizer - Korg Minilogue XD. True Trance Sounds V1 contains: 50 – Preset Sounds 30 – MIDI Sequences(inside the sounds): 2 – FX. 9 – Plucks. 17 – Leads. 10 – Basses. 6 – Pads. 5 – Synth Sounds. 1 – Arp. Price: €15.40 - BUY LINK! True Trance Sounds V2 contains: 50 – Preset Sounds 35 – MIDI Sequences(inside the sounds): 2 – FX. 5 – ARP. 15 – Leads. 7 – Plucks. 6 – Pads. 10 – Basses. 5 – Keys. Price: €17.50 - BUY LINK!
  8. True Trance Sounds V1 for Dune 3 - the unique package, created by NatLife itself. It contains Analog Synth Wavetables, Dune 3 Presets and FL Studio Template wich based on the 30 Dune synthesizers in one project. Combining all the current styles of trance music this package will grow your Dune skills on the next level. A magnificent selection of ACID sounds and ARP's, warm Leads & Plucks, the deepest Pads and usable effects. All this together will give you the desired result in achieving your own goal, working with Dune 3. Soundset contains: 64 Dune patches includes: 3 - AAH 7 - ACID arpegios and sounds 3 - ARP's 10 - Basslines 2 - FX's 17 - Leads 12 - Pads 10 - Plucks 26 real Analog Synth Wavetables comes from: Moog Minimoog, Oberheim OB-8, Yamaha CS-15, Korg Minilogue XD, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland SH-09, Sequential Prophet 5. FL Studio 20 Template includes: 30 Dune 3 synthesizers in one project, where each track is named and separated by color. Includes all the modulations, Waves(Kick sounds, Drum Loops and FX's). 44 Wave Files overall. Buy Link: https://www.natlifesounds.com/product/true-trance-sounds-v1-for-dune-3/
  9. NatLife Sounds glad to present you a second part of True Trance Sounds V2 for Korg Minilogue XD analog and hybrid synthesizer. The sound bank contains 50 punching patches that includes 35 sequences. Despite the specific orientation of this library, all sounds are as different as possible. So any fan of Minilogue XD will be able to find their sound. It includes FX's, pads, plucks, leads, KEY's, Basses, ARP and ACID sounds. True Trance Sounds V2 for Korg Minilogue XD incl: 50 - Preset Sounds 35 - MIDI Sequences(inside the sounds) 2 - FX 5 - ARP 15 - Leads 7 - Plucks 6 - Pads 10 - Basses 5 - Keys BUY HERE!
  10. The man of Uplifting Trance - Soundbreeze, and he back to us with amazing Spire Trance Bundle Vol.1 soundset, with a 64 Spire synth presets, and as usual it's Uplifting and Progressive Trance focused sounds. Leads and Plucks are prepared in such a way that you will feel an incredible urge to create, and the pleasure of your work. The Collection includes: 8 Arps; 8 Acids; 8 Mid Basses; 8 Sub Basses; 8 Plucks; 8 Leads; 8 Pads; 8 FXs Like and in previous time, the bank have a 5 Bonus FL Studio templates, that comes with a MIDI files and Samples, and the project's not using a third-party VST's, except Spire synthesizer. Price: €16.00 Buy Here!
  11. hi guys! as people asked me to do some free presets, i made it from my first commercial bank for Massive X - True Trance Sounds Vol.12 So here is the link on 10 FREE presets for Massive X, that includes Basses, Pads, Leads and Pluck
  12. Trance & Progressive for Spire is another great package from a great Armada and A State Of Trance artist – Eximinds. In this soundpack you can find a high quality variable sounds for your music production. Each preset has been worked out and tested in practice. Soundset Includes 40 Spire sounds wich: 10 Basses; 10 Leads; 10 Sequences; 5 Plucks; 5 Keys. As bonus: MIDI, FL Studio Project. Price: €12.00 Link!
  13. Sylenth1 Trance Essentials Vol.3 – is soundset of 64 premium Sylenth1 presets, made specifically for Psy, Progressive and Uplifting Trance, and created by talented trance producer – Soundbreeze. Soundset contains the most memorable Leads, Pads, Plucks & Basslines patches for Sylenth1. In this pack we offering you a great amount of inspirational sounds to use in your own productions. From ACIDized Leads to Sequences, everything you need for creating amazing music. Sound bank includes: 8 Arps 8 Mid Basses 8 Sub Basses 8 Acids 8 Plucks 8 Leads 8 Pads 8 FXs The sound pack also includes 4 FL Studio 20 templates loaded with MIDI files and Samples. Price: €16.00 Link!
  14. hi guys! Sales ends in 2 days, so if you found something you want to get - it's a best chance to get it with a good deal. Have a great Easter days and Spring 😉
  15. NatLife sounds has launched Easter Sales with 30% Off for all presets, templates, samples and 20% for all Hardware synthesizers sounds. Sounds for: Hive 2, Dune 3, Serum, Sylenth1, Korg Krome, Repro1, Massive, Thorn, Spire, Massive X, The Legend, EUROPA , Korg Minilogue XD, Korg KingKorg, Novation Summit/Peak, Korg RADIAS, Roland JP-8000/8080, Korg iWavestation, and so on.. Templates for: Ableton Live, FL Studio 20 Drums for: Roland TR-8S. GET DEAL! Easter Sales ends April 22, 2020.
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