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  1. True Bass Sounds Vol.2 for Massive includes 32 qualitatively selected NI Massive bass sounds that was created by NatLife. This sounds can be used for different electronic music styles. You can find it great for any Electronic Dance Music style, such: Trance, Progressive, House, Techno, Electro, Future House, EDM and Trap. Buy Link! - 90% Off Until December 1st!
  2. NatLife Sounds has started Black Friday Sales with up to 90% Off Synth Presets, DAW Templates, Samples, MIDI & Kits. Sales includes Soundbanks for: U-He Hive - 40% OFF, NI Massive - 60-90% OFF, NI Massive X - 40% OFF, Synapse Dune 3 - 30% OFF, Diva - 40% OFF, Repro 1/5 - 40% OFF, Propellerhead EUROPA - 40% OFF, The Legend - 40% OFF, Thorn - 40% OFF, Reveal Sound Spire - 50% OFF, Sylenth1 - 40% OFF, Xfer Serum - 40% OFF, Synthmaster One - 60% OFF, Roland Zen Core - 40% OFF, Novation Peak/Summit - 30% OFF, Arturia Microfreak - 30% OFF, Korg Minilogue XD - 30% OFF, Korg Prologue - 30% OFF, Nord Lead 4 - 40% OFF and so on. Templates For: Ableton Live - 50% OFF, FL Studio - 60% OFF, MIDI - 50-70% OFF Packs, Samples - 60-80% OFF, Construction Kits - 50-80% OFF. DEAL!
  3. Deal ends tomorrow
  4. NatLife Sounds glad to start our first sales autumn this year -- Halloween 2021. Use Coupons: Samples: Samples-50% FL Studio 20 Templates: Templates-40%OFF(Ableton Live) VST Presets: VST Presets-30%OFF (Dune 3, Hive 2, Serum, Sylenth1, Massive, Massive X, Thorn, Repro1/5, The Legend, EUROPA, Synthmaster One, Diva...) Analog & Digital Synth Presets: Hardware Presets-20%OFF (Korg Minilogue XD, Korg Prologue 8/16, Korg KingKorg, Korg Krome, Novation MonoStation, Novation Peak/Summit, Roland JP-08, Roland SE-02, Roland JP8000, Roland Zen Core, Arturia Microfreak, Modal Argon, Korg Microkorg..) -1.5€ Per Every Purchase Through Credit Cards (incl. Apple Pay, Google Pay)
  5. Hi guys! I have posted a fresh short tutorial of how I doing Trance Pluck with a Novation Peak synthesiser. For this I also using FL Studio just for creating MIDI and recordings
  6. Igor


    NatLife Sounds presenting “Visions” by Cloudy Samples – collection of chillout music loops, drum loops, synthesizer presets, samples and MIDI files. It’s also include Ableton Live 10 template and full Reveal Sound’s Spire soundbank. It will perfectly fill your next production, definetly inspiring you to create something new, something fresh, something special. There is no need to own Ableton Live 10 to access sounds, because everything is exported with separated loops, midis and presets. You will find beautiful, uplifting loops and catchy samples that you never heard before. Every melody loop has a raw MIDI file and corresponding preset, so you can easily change the tempo, velocity and key, fit your sample or preset to your own exact requirements. Everything categorized in folders for an easy access. Every sound in this pack is 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use them in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. Please Note: To access synthesizer presets, you need an up to date Reveal Sound’s Spire. To access Live 10 template, you need an up to date Reveal Sound’s Spire and Ozone Elements. Features: - 43 Drum Loops - 41 Melody Loops - 33 MIDI Loops - 31 Spire Presets & Soundbank - 2 WAV Patches - 90 Multisamples - 20 Percussion Samples - 1 Ableton Live 10 Template - 12 WAV Loops exported - 7 MIDI Files exported - 6 Synthesizer Presets included (Spire/WAV) - Mixdown Examples - 288 Files in Total - 648 MB of Unzipped Content Price: €11.00 Link!
  7. NatLife Sound proudly present you another great product from Jksound – Magenta for Sylenth1 synthesizer. It is a pack of 64 high quality presets ready to use in your next Synthwave production. Patches includes ARP, Poly Synth, Pads, Bass and Lead analog style sounds. The Soundbank can be great for all Retrowave genres as Synthwave, Retrowave and Synthpop. If your in to those nostalgic moments in time and a big fan of the Synthwave/Retrowave/Synthpop era then this Soundpack is a great choice. Product Details: • 64 presets for Sylenth1 synthesizer • 4 Arps • 12 Basses • 10 Keys • 19 Leads • 8 Pads • 11 Synths LINK
  8. This is Cybertrance V1 For Novation Peak and Summit synthesizers. With this soundbank, you will turn your synth into the Retro-Future atmosphere. Every sound has been meticulously calibrated to match the style of the 60x-80x synths, but with all possible modern innovations. The library is replete with a variety of sounds while retaining its retro warmth in every note. From incredibly soft Lead sounds to Blade Runner style pads. After a long and painstaking work on these warm sounds, there will finally be an opportunity for a wider audience to bring all this beauty into their musical production. Only part of this work is presented in the demo song. But despite this, you can hear how superbly all these sounds interact with each other. Every sound has 2X-animated variations, so it’s the number of sounds in this library doubles or even triples in an instant of pushing the Animate buttons. This bank greatly unleashes the full power potential of an FPGA processor of Novation Peak and Summit. The patches are perfect for the next styles of music: Synthwave, Retrowave, Cyberpunk, Italian Disco, Synthpop, Trance and the rest Electronic Music. Soundbank contains 64 Peak/Summit patches, which: Leads – 12 Bass – 15 Synth – 9 ARP – 2 FX’s – 4 Pads – 13 Plucks – 8 Brass – 1 Price: €37.00 Link!
  9. Atmosphere V1 For Korg Minilogue XD - a collection of Pad sounds, that was created by NatLife. Get ready to get something really new. For creating this library, was used all the possibilities of Minilogue XD. Deep, lush, and distant Pad sounds were united in one library. You will find here like Dark, such and Light motives from both worlds. Same as sounds from Aliens vibes it’s packed with dope Blade Runner-inspired sounds. Imagine yourself alone with nature, in a wild forest, on the banks of a rocky cliff, in front of a large starry universe in a wild field. You in the Atmosphere! Soundbank includes: 25 Atmospheric Pads 20 Sequences (included in the Patches) Link!
  10. Cool GUI imho. Need to test it
  11. KV331 will release some more very cool expansions from me, and later I will release projects with Logix Pro X. I use both FL and Logic , but not Cubase, Studio One( I started form Cubase but changed it on Fruity Loops, and working in FL during the last 20 years I think, plus learned Logic Pro X, but FL Still my fav. just because I know everything there
  12. Same bank but plus all the FL Studio Project(incl. samples, waveforms), or better say - Template of the demo, where I used 30 SM One synths. I usually separate this, for those people who already have a bank but no template. And probably in the near future I will do the same with this bank (then when I was preparing it, I just didn’t have time to do it right away)
  13. Thats right, for clearify - Price 16EUR, but minus 1.5EUR if use credit cards
  14. Seq Plucks V1 For Korg Minilogue XD - super thriller-soundbank with amazing pack of Pluck sounds, made by NatLife itself. All the beauty of Trance sequences is realized in this bank. Despite this is a pretty flexible soundpack for any style of music genre. Since the line between Pluk sound and Lead sound is quite thin, these sounds are quite versatile from this point of view, and can be both Lead sound and Pluck sound. So in the demo example, you can perfectly hear how the sound changes its sound a lot with just the touch of the filter. Soundset contains: 25 Preset Patches 20 Sequences (in Preset Patches) Price: €16.00 Buy Link! - All Time Offer -(minus)1.5€ through Apple Pay/GPay/Credit Cards.
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