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  1. NatLife Sounds launches Cosmic Plucks - 60% Off Dedicated to the 60 year of Space exploration by Yuri Gagarin 60% Off For All Cosmic Plucks Sound banks, includes: Spire, Sylenth1, Massive, Hive 2, Thorn, Dune 3, Serum, Repro1 synthesizer patches. USE COUPON CODE: Man In Space-60% Until April 23th. Get Deal!
  2. NatLife Sounds present you a second part of JKSound's Trance Retrology 2 for Repro-1 Synthesizer. It's a new sound bank for U-he Repro-1 software synthesiser. The sound that comes out of this synth have a rich low end and crisp highs the oscillators and filters with authentic retro character analogue inspiration sound. Trance Retrology contains a bank of 64 presets that pushes the boundaries of analog mono-synths. These sounds work great with all Electronic Music styles. Features: - 64 powerful analogue character presets for Repro-1 - Bass, Leads,Trance Character Sequences - Modwheel assigned - 100% Royalty Free sounds Requirements: U-he Repro-1 version 1 or later. (not included). Pack Size: 1.59 MB Buy Link!
  3. NatLife Sounds present you another good sound bank from Adam Navel – This bank gives you a lot of fresh and creative ideas for getting quality and great result in your next music production. This sounds can fit any Trance production, as it said in the name in the name. Soundbank includes: 124 presets, which: - Basses: 16 - Arp: 14 - Lead: 20 - Acid: 20 - Pad: 8 - FX: 12 - Chord: 12 - Pluck: 12 - Bass Long: 10 BUY LINK! - 30% Intro Price Until April 9th.
  4. If somewhere word 'micro' means small, but it's not about the Korg synthesizer - MicroKorg XL. And the XL word here means much more true. NatLife Sounds glad to introduce you a new bank from LFO Store - Analog Dreams. It is their first bank for Korg MicroKorg XL! Here you can find beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds that immediately ready to go in your sound production. This sound bank includes: - Analog & Modular Arps - Warm Bass & Poly Keys - CS Series, Juno Series, JX Series, Polysix & Jupiter Emulations - Deep Strings & Pads Buy Link!
  5. Trance Retrology for Repro-1 is an authentic raw analogue soundbank. Distinctive and rich, with a full low end and crisp highs. The product features a bank of 64 preset patches that push the boundaries of this analogue mono-synth. It have a Trance analogue character sequences, leads, analogue basses. Genres: EDM, Trance, Dance, Progressive, House, Techno and more. Modwheel Assigned 100% Royalty-Free Requirements: U-he Repro-1 version 1 or later. (not included). Buy Link!
  6. NatLife Sounds present you another great sound pack from Adam Navel - Progressive Style Vol.1 for Sylenth1 synthesizer. This soundbank inspired by Anjunabeats artists like Above & Beyond, Ilan Bluestone, Nitrous Oxide. It is covers Progressive Trance and Progressive House music styles. Sound Bank includes 64 Sylenth1 presets, which: - Basses: 20 - Sequences: 14 - Leads: 6 - Pads: 8 - Pluck: 9 - Arp: 7 Buy Link!
  7. LFO Team is glad to introduce: “Analog Dreams” series soundset with one of the most deep patches you heard on Nord Lead 4/4R. 56 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel reaction. This sounds will work great in your House, Synth Pop, Synth Wave, Retrowave, Ambient, Chillout tracks! Including recreations of famous synths: JX & Juno Series, Moog, Prophet, CS Series, Polysix & Pro One, Polysix and others. Inside the pack: Leads Basses Arps Plucks Pads Strings Brass Buy Link!
  8. NatLife Sounds glad to present you another brilliant Trance producer - Adam Navel, and his first Soundbank for us - Trance Soundset Vol.1 for Sylenth1. It is a high quality soundset that contains a lof of classic trance elements such as basslines, sequences, arps, leads, pads and many more. All maded as a sound design fx's stereo wide and layering for uplifting and progressive trance music. The soundset includes 115 Sylenth1 Patches, which: Basses: 21 Special Fx's: 5 Leads: 19 Atmosphere Textures: 8 Sequences: 17 (and Arps) Acids: 11 Noise Fx's: 8 SUBs: 8 Pads: 8 Various NG: 10 (Bonus of different melodic sounds) Buy Link! - 30% Off Until April 2.
  9. I'm thinking about Cobalt, but still can't understand what is a real difference between them both
  10. Freak Music crafted "Moods" - a collection of construction kits with all Chillout moods, included in one pack. You receive 5 full constructions loaded with MIDI loops, WAV loops, Spire presets and Soundbank with patch included. It will absolutely fill your expectations – simply drag and drop your loops in your favorite DAW or freely change the velocity, tempo and even key of each melody with MIDIs included. You will experience sounds you’ve never heard. All of these sounds are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use them in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs. This collection is a perfect way to start the next great hit. Calming music is a cure for the soul. Please Note: To access synthesizer presets, you need an up to date Reveal Sound's Spire. Features: 5 Construction Kits 67 WAV Loops 29 MIDI Files 29 Spire Presets & Soundbank 5 Mixdown Examples 100% Royalty-Free 131 Files in Total 353 MB of Unzipped Content Buy Link! Price - €10.00
  11. the name and cost a bit repel
  12. they both slightly underrated
  13. We have another bank from LFO Store – Cinematica. Soundset contains one of the deepest patches you heard on Modal Argon 8. Cinematica is devoted to organic & motion sounds ready to go on your action track. 50 patches are ready to breathe new colors into your music and inspire creativity. Inside the pack: Leads Basses Arps Soundscapes Pads Plucks Buy Link!
  14. NatLife Sounds present you Cybertrance V1 for Korg Minilogue XD analog synthesizer. 40 Sequences on board will open a wide range of this library. Our motto is not doing a big quantity of worthless sounds, but better less, but to do it as efficiently as possible and useful for use in your music products. This soundset have retro Leads, with much more panoramic options than possible in Minilogue XD. Basslines that give you a full feeling of 80' sound. Amazing old-motives KEY's, very rich PAD's, true retro CHORD's, and finally a great fast attacking Plucky sounds. This soundbank covers the next styles: Cyberpunk, Synthwave, and Trance in one theory, that we call - Cybertrance. Soundpack contains 50 Preset Patches, which: 9 PLK 19 Lead 7 Bass 1 ARP 5 Pad 3 SFX 6 Key + Chord's and ARP's which are distributed by presets 40 Sequences (Inside The Presets) Link!
  15. NatLife Sounds back to you with a thriller-soundbank for Korg Krome synthesizer - Cybertrance V1. This bank has collected Cyberpunk, Trance, and Synthwave sound. Nothing else will sound like Krome, because of 128 Polyphony, which gives you a full inspiration of retro vibes. But on the other side, it's completed with beautiful Trance Plucks, and deep lush Pads, which can be great for both styles. Also, it has a great pack of amazing retro ARP Basslines, specially made for Synthwave and Cyberpunk. And of course, the main sounds what you waiting from it - Leads, it has a very rich and warm vibe, which will not leave you without feeling to this sound. Cybertrance V1 includes 58 Patches, which: 16 - Leads 6 SFX's 9 Plucks 8 Pads 7 Keys 2 AAH 9 Bass(incl. ARP Basslines) Patches work with Korg Krome, Krome EX, and Korg M50 synthesizers. Buy Link!
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