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  1. NatLife Sounds is offering 40% off for all Sylenth1 presets until January 29th 2021! Use Coupon code: Sylenth1 Winter - 40%
  2. Inspired by the 80' and combined with Trance vibes, CyberTrance V1 opening the new music style name for the audience. CyberTrance V1 for Korg Prologue contains 50 Trance Cyberpunk'd sounds. If you are looking for something new, but at the same time warmly sounding old, this is exactly what you need now. Owners of the 16-voice synthesizer will feel a special taste of sound, and it's all thanks for Layering the sounds with more than 3 oscillators in sound. The soundbank will perfectly fit Cyberpunk, Trance, Synthwave, Retrowave, Films, and trailers soundtracks. Otherwise, you can apply it wherever you want. Soundbank includes 50 presets, wich: 10 - Plucks 6 - Pads 17 - Leads 5 - FX's 1 - Key sound 3 - Chord sounds 7 - Basses 1 ARP Bassline Buy Link! Notes: Presets starting from 301 - 350 containers!
  3. NatLife Sounds - New Year & X-Mass Sale Ends December 31th Use Coupon: NS_X-Mass2020 DEAL!
  4. NatLife Sounds has announced X-Mass Sales offering 50% off everything, including all new products. Use coupon: NS_X-Mass2020 The sale includes sounds for: u-he Diva, DUNE 3, FL Studio 20, Korg KingKorg, Korg Krome, Korg Minilogue XD, Korg Prologue, NI Massive X, Europa, Arturia Microfreak, NI Massive, ReDominator, Roland JP-08, Roland Juno, Roland SE-02, Spire, Summit, Peak, Sylenth1, Synthmaster One, TAL-U-No-LX V2, The Legend, Thorn, u-he Hive, u-he Repro, Xfer Serum, Roland JP-8000, Korg iWavestation and Drum Samples. Deal!
  5. NatLife Sounds present you the first edition of the Arturia Microfreak ARP collection - Microfreak Trance ARP Vol.1. It is an instance library, with a huge number of ARP's and Patches. Everything you need to turn your Microfreak into a Trance station - get this bank. Not everyone will believe that this small paraphonic digital synth can sounds like a famous JP 8000 from Roland, but it is. The soundbank has a full feeling of 90' and earlier 2000' Trance sounding as most successful years of this style. Soundset contains: 65 Patches 130 ARP Sequences (included in the patches!) Buy Here!
  6. A year later we announced a first as such custom soundbank for the new Massive X synth, now NatLife Sounds ready to announce another thriller soundbank - True Trance Sounds V1. 91 custom-designed sounds will fully rich your needs this year. Despite the name of the bank, you will get a truly essential collection of sounds for all lines of electronic music from ACID to Synthwave. But of course the main style of this pack - goes to Trance. The creation of such a diverse sound of this library was attended by Gianfry and NatLife. As in any of our other work, we tried to open the full potential of Massive X with it's full of rich harmonics in sounds. And we hope we did it well for you. Soundset contains 91 sounds, wich: ARP - 10 (includes 3 ACID ARP's). Bass - 11. DM - 1. DR - 1. Keys - 10. Leads - 42. Pads - 7. Plucks - 3. SEQ - 3. SY - 3. Buy Link!
  7. The latest day for this good sales Have a great coming X-Mass
  8. NatLife's third Expansion soundbank Progressive & Deep Vol.1 for Synthmaster One finally available at NatLife Sounds. Deeply immersed in Progressive, this package gives you the ability to fully build your tracks using just one Synthmaster One. In this release, you will get full control of sound design, by using FL Studio 20. This template shows you all the incredible sound design abilities the synthesizer from KV331 - Synthmaster One has. No matter what sound you want to get from it - it can do it all. Soundpack contains 50 Synthmaster One Presets wich: 1 - ARP 21 - Bass 1 - Drum 1 - FX 3 - Keys 10 - Lead 8 - Pads 5 - Plucks FL Studio 20 Template contains Project File, 34 Wave Samples. Buy Link! - €15.00 Until December 1st For loading the full project completely, you need to have also:
  9. NatLife Sounds is proud to present Dawn of Dreams, the cinematic focused addition by Solidtrax. The soundbank is made for Spire/ReSpire synths and contains 100 meticulously crafted presets. If you are looking for the sounds to inspire you in your next ambient, film score or new age track, this pack will give you a jump start! Solidtrax says: This pack includes 100 presets for Spire & ReSpire synthesizer which: 45 pads & strings 24 keys & plucks 7 chords 16 basses 6 leads 2 miscellaneous sounds Requirements: Sidenote: The Demo track contains only sounds from Dawn of Dreams. The drums are from our soundbank Drumspiration for (re)Spire, which will be available soon. Buy Link! - 50% Off Until December 1st.
  10. NatLife Sounds bring you with a brand new Colorize Progressive Trance Producer Pack, from Soundbreeze. Soundbreeze has collected the most glorious Progressive Trance sounds and presets in one huge pack. You will find hear a 5 x trance construction kits, each one includes Waves, MIDI's and Presets for Sylenth1 and Spire + 5 Templates for FL Studio 20. Everything what you hear in the audio demo was packed in this bank. Colorize Progressive Trance Producer Pack contains: 331 Mb of Content 172 Files in Total 5 Construction Kits 5 Templates for FL Studio 20 WAV stems for every instrument (kick, clap, hi hat open, hi hat closed, hi hat loop, mid bass, low bass ,acids, sequences etc…) All Midi files included All Spire & Sylenth1 presets included MAC / PC compatible 100% Royalty-Free Key-labeled 44.1 kHz/16-Bit Quality 100% Royalty-Free You need to have: Spire 1.1.14+ Sylenth1 V3 (For only For Only 2nd Kit's Project) Kickstart FL Studio 20.6.1 Buy Link! - €12.50 Until December 1st!
  11. 98% Off for Repro 1 Presets & FL Studio Template in one package - https://www.natlifesounds.com/product/repro-1-5-fl-studio-20-template/ 😉
  12. NatLife Sounds has started its V-Black Friday Sales with up to 99% OFF! for Templates, Soundsets, Samples and MIDI melodies. Sales include Soundbanks for: u-he Hive, NI Massive X, Synapse DUNE 3, Diva, Repro 1/5, Propellerhead Europa, The Legend, , Spire, Sylenth1, Serum, Massive, Korg Krome, Korg KingKorg, Korg Minilogue XD, Korg Prologue, Roland JP-08, Roland Se-02, and so on. Templates for Ableton Live, FL Studio, MIDI packs and Wave Sample Packs. Get Deal!
  13. Soundbreeze is back to NatLife Sounds with amazing Pandora Spire Soundset. It contains 64 Spire synth presets, and the sounds focused on Uplifting and Progressive Trance music. This package are prepared in such a way that you will feel an incredible urge to create, and the pleasure of your work. Sound pack includes: 03 AMBIENCE 03 ARP 17 ACID 12 BASS 02 PLUCK 10 LEAD 03 FX 05 PAD 02 PAD BASS 07 SYNTH Plus you getting Ableton Live bonuses that comes with a MIDI files, Samples and the project that not using a third-party VST's, except Spire synthesizer and LFO Tool. Buy Link!
  14. True Trance Sounds V1 for Novation Peak/Summit - our first specialized Trance soundbank. Made by NatLife himself. The bank consists of different patches, which when applied together can create incredible compositions. In every sound you will hear the full range of analog vibes and that makes this sound set special. Oxford Oscillators and true analog VCA, DIstortion and Filter deliver uniquely powerful sound, with all the beauty of analog warmth and digital precision. Thnks to Chris Huggett (legendary synth maker from Oxford Synthesisers) for getting this ability. Sound pack contains 64 presets wich are: 6 - Bass Sounds 19 - Leads 4 - Keys 11 - Plucks 1 - Drum 14 - Pads 9 - FX's 1 - ARP Will be best for : Trance, Techno, EDM, House and Ambient music. Also it can be a good additional pack for Cinematic sound recording. All the patches has Animated, which doubles the actual number of possible sounds. Buy Link! Before install the sounds to your synth, update your Peak/Summit to the latest Firmware. Installation instruction included in downlodable file
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