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  1. so your own saves ok (can you re-use it?), but the factory ones don't show up - so what's the difference? what happens if you re-save a factory preset? where is it looking for presets? does your user account have permissions to read that folder? etc (and best to make a new thread for the furthermore configure layout button issue, which is not related to )
  2. could the codejock ui components be ignoring the scaling maybe? http://forum.codejock.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=23634&title=win-10-dpi-strangeness
  3. they've been doing this a bit recently, and bandcamp is already the best service for musicians' take on the sale
  4. is it too late to post another kinks cover?
  5. New Model Army have released the stems for a song "where am i" - bpm we think is 152 https://shop.newmodelarmy.org/remix-time have fun
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