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  1. and don't forget to report the bug to bandlab directly! support@cakewalk.com
  2. which plugins are in the project? this thread found kontakt 5.x as the culprit: http://forum.cakewalk.com/RESOLVED-Strange-behaviour-and-crashes-with-X3-Kontakt-5-related-m2915248.aspx
  3. first screenshot shows that it's the vs700 driver (Rdas1089.dll) bandlab are usually happy to receive the minidumps generated you may find a solution in one of the threads over at the old place
  4. yonks ago, i sold my rg as i thought the time spent learning the vst could be spent learning basic guitar, but they were arsey and said i could n;t resell the license... until i pointed out that their eula actually stated that i could... they gave me an "ok, one-off" ok to resell the license, then issued an update that changed the eula... won't be buying shit from them any time soon... /fyi
  5. how about this: reporting (privately) long-standing (or any) bugs doesn;t necessarily get them fixed, or even responded to from the bakers, but making and sharing a video in a public area gets a whole bunch of users hoo-harring about, and drawing attention to, said bugs
  6. maybe a new feature could be some kind of "sandboxing" of plugins, so if one flips out it doesn't bring the whole shebang down like a bad game of jenga
  7. Or wait for it to show up on humble bundle for $20
  8. Audio damage have some great fsu plugs at a good price
  9. "I'd like to see you connect 12 vintage synthesizers to GarageBand and send them all sysx commands on different channels. Now observe as SonarLab and my mighty CAL script forces them into submission!" there's only 3 people in the world who do this
  10. and when i click on your blurry thumbnail, why does it just show the same blurry thumbnail but slightly bigger?
  11. i currently work at a company like this
  12. yup, "apps" is just an abbreviation of "applications" which is the same as "programs" (or "progs")
  13. does it need ilok? not seeing tech spec on those sites
  14. no what you said was "I mean, the X1 Skylight Interface was directly lifted and implemented into Studio One for example." - no need for personal bashing
  15. so what's the last version of melodyne that works without issue in sonar? that should be in a FAQ somewhere
  16. haha have you used studio one? skylight (still bitmap based) is an approximation to the so gui (scalable vector-based ) at best... skylight is also just a "layer" draw on top of the original ui using 3rd party controls, when x1 was released the intial load happened so slowly you could see it doing the overlay...
  17. bandlab giving posts a status implies some kind of commitment from the company, so it won't happen, so they'll just keep cherry-picking the posts they like (remind me in 1 year, let's see if it's changed)
  18. that's the business response!! technically it definitely makes sense to develop per-platform, but like you say it costs more there exists the "rule of 3" i'm sure you must've heard of - quick, good, low-cost - choose 2- most commercial software is usually quick and low-cost... if the prototype was genuinely successful it wouldn't have been dropped wrapping windows code in codeweavers stuff only works for basic stuff (check their website for examples), thinking you could do that to sonar?! when you're already using codejock libs for the "skylight" gui, and all the hooks into the windows os ecosystem...? how many layers of wrappers and workarounds do you want? all this framework stuff is commercial hijacking of software development - if you look at the latest non-commercial/"serious" stuff like ai they wouldn't touch frameworks or wrappers with a barge- pole /rant over, carry on as you were
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