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  1. how does anyone know they're giving it away for free? do bandlab want to increase their userbase? for example
  2. pwalpwal

    Cakewalk and Chromebook

    it is not, it is a windows app
  3. because they want you in their ecosystem, pro-channel add-ons etc, integration with the online thingy, etc... but yeah we have no idea who and how many have downloaded, athough bl really do have an idea, and probably can connect users to google, facebook, snapchat, etc...
  4. alternatively, i wouldn't be surprised if windows becomes free (for... home users, individual users), and they'll make their money from the enterprise/server stuff
  5. which make me think, sonar clearly isn't a priority to bl as an app in itself, maybe they're just scraping code from sonar to put into the online/browser thing, using the current sonar users as some kind of testers/bug-trappers? /fwiw
  6. i'm not sure changing the name was useful here, or the lack of ANY marketing from BL
  7. well i haven't seen any "i'm moving to cakewalk from X" posts in forums, unlike all the "i'm moving from cakewalk to X" posts after the shutdown, possibly due to lack of marketing?
  8. are BandLab telling people about Cakewalk by BandLab?
  9. FYI just because it's in a EULA doesn't mean it's legally binding - in the EU license transfers/resell are permitted no matter what the EULA says - i know this isn't the case in the USA, but in the EU it is - so if the end user is EU-based they are allowed to sell or transfer the license
  10. in the EU, before bandlab took over, this was handled by a direct contact with cakewalk, as prohibiting license transfers isn't allowed in the EU - but now it's free so why bother?
  11. I hope you're all applying the K.I.T.T. principle - Keep It Thimple Thtupid
  12. pwalpwal


    yep, great read, i even bought the papery version way back when so i could read it offline
  13. unfortunately, v2 was the only sonar i never bought! (was still too busy discovering v1 XL...) good luck!
  14. there's plenty of config stuff, driver stuff, vs distros, etc, to check before uninstall/reinstall, plus the uninstaller doesn't uninstall cleanly (leaves registry etc stuff behind) - you have to follow the "clean uninstall instructions" that are in the knowledge base somewhere - and even then, if you have other versions of sonar installed, they will also be affected by it... so, yeah, i'd be trying everything else before reinstalling /fwiw/ymmv
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