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  1. Yes indeed, i tried both 10.10 and 10.11 ! They are installed successfuly, but then it doesnt work .
  2. I know, but there is no more driver after macOS 10.11. Is there any forum or any way to contact them ? I can’t find anytging on this website
  3. Hello everyone ! Everything is on the title. None of the drivers on the cakewalk website seems to work with my Sonar VS-100 on a MacBook Pro, with macOS Mojave 10.14.4 They are all for past versions of macOS. Any idea ? Thank you for your time ! Tristan
  4. No, the DAW itself is called Sonar VS, or V-Studio. It's given when you purchase a sonar vs100 (and probably a vs700 too !)
  5. Hello guys, I might be in the wrong forum. If that's the case, I'm sorry ! Help me getting in the right one, because I didn't manage to find it ! :) I brought a sonar VS-100 in 2013. I still have the CD with the Sonar VS software, included in the package. Problem is, my new computer doesn't have a CD drive. The website doesn't seem to propose me to download it on my account and then put the serial number (even on Cakewalk command Center). It says that no download is available for my "vs-100" product (referring to the hardware, i'm guessing). Do you have any solution ? Thank you for your time ! Tristan Chenevez
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