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  1. I'm using sonar platiumn and had down loaded ample guitar 5 pack. Every time I tried to install a new plugin to play an existing midi track thru it , the program would immediately crash an go to the desk top. Very frustrating. After much research and trial and error I finally found my problem. It's the vst3's. Go to utilities, cakewalk plugin mgr.. On the left side under categories, click the vst3 folder. In the middle under registered plugins click one. . Then click on the bottom left ,"exclude plugin". After doing this for each one, close Sonar and restart a project. If you have any vst3 plugins open, delete them. The next time you load a plugin Sonar will load the plugin as a vst2. This totally solved my problem. This improved the stability of the whole project also.Hope this helps . Thanks
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