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  1. Yeah thanks for the criticism. I make sure to improve the drums on the future tracks.
  2. Yeah thanks. I was at the mercy of the sun 😂😂😂
  3. Yeah thanks for the critique. I'll make sure to apply this when I make my songs
  4. New video out now. Increasing the quality of my videos this year 🔥🔥🔥
  5. Thanks for the kind words. For the reverb I used the arturia plate reverb.
  6. Feel is officially released on all platforms
  7. First Song ever released on all platforms. Thank you Cakewalk, I started on Bandlab producing for fun and 3 years later, I am producing and mixing songs on Cakewalk. Feel - YouTube
  8. Yeah, I also wanted to add female vocals, but my mic broke before I could. 😭😭
  9. Thank you. Yeah I am still getting use to using autotune. I'm from Ghana but I'm in Grand Rapids Michigan.
  10. Merry Christmas guys, This is teaser for the full 3 mins by the way. I'll drop the full song next year
  11. Ewoof Music

    Debugging Process

    Hi guys, Can anybody tell me the Debugging process and ID for Cakewalk on visual studio? Thank you,
  12. Hey guys, I wanna thank Cakewalk and Bandlab for starting my career as a producer and now an artist. I started making Cakewalk tutorials to help the community but realized I wanna do more than that. For a while I've been working on this project, and I am about to release my first song. It would be an honor if you guys could listen before it drops in 2 weeks. Everything was produced, mixed and mastered on Cakewalk.
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