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  1. Can somebody please give me feedback on the mix on this track.
  2. Yeah It is at it's highest volume but it still sounds quiet
  3. Yes I am. I am using the ssl 2+. It is known not to have a high volume
  4. Hey guys, I recently got the dt990 pros and they sound really quiet due to the high 250 impedance. Do you think I should use a limiter to increase the volume or should I use the volume fader in the DAW?
  5. Is Cakewalk going to NAMM. I feel like Cakewalk has evolved a lot in features and the community compared to the last NAMM. If so are they going to display some tracks made on Cakewalk?
  6. Hi guys, I would like to know in what way I could improve the mix of the son.g. But regardless I hope you guys enjoy this track.
  7. Oh yeah I forgot about that. Thank you hopefully this work
  8. So I've been using Visual mixer by Izotope and I have concluded that it really helps with mixing because it helps visualize what volume, panning and wideness is doing to the mix. It controls theses parameters by using another plugin called relay which is plugin which literally emulates all the controls seen in a normal track like the gain knob, pan, etc but allows the visual mixer to control them. Because it emulates the controls, it renders the controls given by the DAW redundant and close to useless. (useless might be a stress but I'm just making a point). I want to make it more intuitive so I am wondering whether Cakewalk allows us to connect the gain knob or those buttons to a plugin. If not do you think there is a work around.
  9. Wait so do I have to do this for every instrument?
  10. Hey Guys, My channel is currently only having 207 subscribers and I believe my videos are helpful to people who want to produce in Cakewalk. However, it is not reaching a lot of people. If you think my channel is helpful, please like the video and if you wanna still help, you can subscribe and share the video. Thank you
  11. Hey guys. Please go listen to my tack on youtube. If you like it please leave a like in the video.
  12. New Video out. Please watch the video to support the channel.
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