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  1. You have a good point. You are especially right about the CPU discussion. But you have to agree with me that if a sampler isn't well optimized with a DAW, it can waste time. For example, if you want to use a step sequencer with any of these samplers, you would realize that the root notes do not match which means you have to manually do it. I'm just saying that they are harder to use and would be an improvement with the "production workflow" in Cakewalk. I'm saying that the new generation of producers are now mostly hip-hop and EDM producers. I should have clarify my what I was trying to say when talking about the new generation of producers. Cakewalk is getting an influx of people who want to learn how to produce these genres. The workflow is simply harder than the other DAWs. That is why I am saying bring a sampler or a well optimized sampler which takes advantage of the features of Cakewalk would improve music production a lot. Cakewalk is already one of the best in terms of mixing. But you have to agree with me that it is not as good in producing these compared to other DAWs. And also, you are telling me that an average person who is trying to get the most out of their money will pay for a sampler which the same price of a DAW that has good and usable plugins and a workflow which makes it easier for them to produce. And also technically, Fl studio is less prone to crashes compared to Cakewalk. The Cakewalk team have an incredible job to make Cakewalk stable but it is more prone to crashing than the other popular DAWs. People are leaving DAWs for having a sampler?? I feel like this is a typing error. Also, those are not the people I was trying to appeal to when discussing. I apologize for not clarifying. I'm looking at the upcoming producers. Also, right now I can say that now more tutorials are been made for Cakewalk more than it was Sonar. It is currently less but I can say that in the future, many people will make more videos. I'm currently one of them. Those resources of tutorials etc can only increase if more people use it. Cakewalk isn't as well known compared to the others but I believe that if they keep on improving the DAW and more people make YouTube channels it can become as big as the popular DAWs. Here is my reasoning: Cakewalk has the potential of bringing in new producers who came from Bandlab. I'm one of them and I know others who also had a similar experience. Cakewalk is quickly becoming a go to place. With every single update they make they are removing many of the reasons why people were discouraging Cakewalk. I just feel that this is going to help Cakewalk by catering to the new generation of producers which mostly want to make the songs that they hear on the radio(Hip-Hop, EDM, Pop, etc). Articulation and Arranger is important. I was one of people who requested for articulation lanes there since I make film scores. Now Cakewalk is an awesome DAW for especially for making genres such as film Score . The issue is that for hip-hop, pop, and EDM, which are the popular music of the 21'st Century, they use the sampling workflow. A sampler has to be considered since it is so fundamental that I think this is something that Cakewalk should do next. Also, I'm really curious what other features you think Cakewalk should do next. Yes you are right about the piracy now not making price a determining factor. And yes what gives these DAWs more value and workflow. I just want to make a point that a sampler does add value to the workflow of Cakewalk and brings more people to use it. Many are coming from Bandlab and have a good impression of Bandlab already and more people are using them. There are a lot of factors which determine what DAW to use and there is a lot II would like to respond to but the whole point was to say that adding a sampler is a good next step in improving the experience in Cakewalk. I am open to hear where you think Cakewalk should focus more on.
  2. I feel that is more of tolerance not dependence. Many users have to tolerate which plugins which easily crash, are cpu intensive, and none of them are not well optimized so much that the step sequencer feels useless. Cakewalk excels at almost everything but producing. It is known in the producing world that the go to is FL Studio ,Ableton and Logic are the go to. I'm not taking Cakewalk for granted but the new generation of producers need a sampler a fundamental thing. I want Cakewalk to be a household name and not make people feel that Cakewalk is inferior because it is free. The developers have made a lot of progress in making new features . Therefore, I feel that this should be their next focus looking at how fundamental having a sampler in your DAW is. I honestly did not know about Groove Agent but $90 is a hard pill to swallow. This sale isn't guaranteed which means people have to pay $180 just for a sampler. That is a $20 less than a Fl Studio which has looks like it has a better sampler ( mostly due to it's tight integration with Fl Studio), plus the hundreds of free plugins and instruments it gives. That's the whole dilemma of Samplers. Every popular DAW has it which means that very few companies are going to put in resources to make a sampler because the know the demand isn't high enough. You just made my point that the samplers out there are not that great. This has to explain to you how hard it is to get a good sampler which also by chance works well with Cakewalk. If there were good and reasonable priced samplers I wouldn't be complaining. But the issues with third party especially their lack of optimization with Cakewalk slows down the music making process.
  3. Oh wow. I would have something like would be there by default.
  4. Does anybody know how I can make a keyboard shortcut which archive sa track. I looked through the commands in the shortcuts menu and couldn't find it.
  5. It is unfortunate that the new producers on Cakewalk do not come to the forums but use reddit and discord to solve their issues they have with Cakewalk.
  6. I just don't know why this has been overlooked for so long. I have never seen any beat making videos, except for live playing, that doesn't use samplers. It is an essential part of modern day music production. At least I would like to know whether they are working on a sampler or not.
  7. I honestly do not know how many times I have requested this but this is a major issue that I am not understanding why it isn't being solved. I've used Cakewalk for a long time and I can say that it is one of the best DAWS for mixing. However, it is miles away from the competition in production because they do not have an integrated sampler and a good step sequencer. This topic is to all the people who say "Just use third party samplers". Here are the reasons why Third-Party Plugins Sampler cannot be depended on. Samplers are at the bottom of the food chain of for free and paid third-party Vsts It makes sense because 90% of most DAWS literally have an integrated sampler with features that would be hard for a third-party VST to do. Thus, there is no motivation for companies to make samplers because they know that very few people would buy. This is why you never or rarely see paid samplers and always see free samplers. Third Parties are not that that great I am not going to deny that there are some good samplers. However, the very few good samplers which are there are either cpu intensive(Ex. Komplete Kontrol), crashes a lot(Ex. Grace and TW16x etc), or are good but are severely limited by the DAW(Ex. Sitala). The limitations these samplers face is especially seen when you want to program your samples using the step sequencer. The step sequencer has to be well optimized for the sampler Cakewalk's sampler is optimized for drum vsts and some drum samplers(Ex. Sitala). However, the samplers that changes the note of the sample have different root notes seen in the step sequencer. This makes the step sequencer harder to use and sometimes unusable. I hope of these reasons shows why most sampler third-parties are not reliable and the good ones are extremely limited . This should also show that Cakewalk is the best option and possibly the only way to fully fix the sampler issue.
  8. @Jonathan Sasor Please how do I resolve this issue
  9. Please where is the option to enable and disable the midi output. I cannot find it in the synth rack. I have some vsts which automatically turn on their midi outputs and it gets very annoying.
  10. I'm just having fun thinking of how can Cakewalk make general sampling awesome. Here is my concept: 1. When you drag an audio to an empty space,( not an already made audio track), Cakewalk gives will you the option of choosing whether the audio will be placed in the usual audio track or a new instrument sampler track so that the keys can be changed in the piano roll. 2. What makes Cakewalk sampler unique is that it will be opened and tweaked in the multidock instead of it acting like a normal vst ( For a more personalized experience ) . It will also have all the features Fl sampler and Ableton Simpler has and them some (now I'm just going overboard😂😂😂) 3. Also the default key of the drum sampler would be C5 instead of C3.
  11. Oh sorry about that. I was just frustrated why you cannot save the record count in for workspaces. It just made more sense to do that. Also I didn't know I could save it with a template. Thanks for the tip. But I am still firm on allowing the record time to be saved in the workspace.
  12. I just remembered. Why doesn't Cakewalk allow us to save the record count in of the metronome? I noticed that when it starts recording when it is zero, my first note never plays. Therefore I always have to set it to one to solve this issue. It is annoying and can be fixed by just allowing the metronome timing to be saved it in our workspace.
  13. I don't know whether it is just me or are there some issues in Cakewalk you think it will just take an update with the least work possible. I'm really interested in peoples response to this question. Maybe Cakewalk will see this and fix them. I honestly do not know how hard they are working but I seriously appreciate every update they do on Cakewalk. For example, I have noticed that there are some important functions which are not given keyboard shortcuts: CTRL + B should be Bounce to Clips by default since no function in Cakewalk uses this command A command to transpose the keys to another key and also transpose the keys to another octave. (A Cakewalk user already made a Cal function for them but I would like Cakewalk to add this function by default) - CTRL + up to move key to another key and CTRL + Shift + Up to move to another octave. A command to add gridlines to the tracks when people open Cakewalk for the first time ( This might be a subjective thing but I feel that the gridlines are super helpful) A Command Command to duplicate tracks in the piano roll Also, enabling Bounce to Clip during playback Single clicking instead of double clicking when trying to draw keys. ( I know you can press alt but single clicking is is more efficient)
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