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  1. Coincidentally, I was gonna make a video on how to use loopcloud on Cakewalk this week. Hope the video helps.
  2. Yeah I had output issues because of the new setup and couldn't use my screen recording. This won't happen next time.
  3. Just released a new video😀😀😀
  4. First thank you guys for making Cntrl D be duplicate by default and the other editing features that you have added. I have noticed that there are some issues I have seen which needs to be fixed to further improve the experience of editing in Cakewalk. Here are the three main issues. The first issue I have with the duplicate is that it when you give a definite space in the track using the selection feature, it follows the space created for the first duplication but ends at the end of the audio for the second duplication. This also applies for midi as well in the track view and piano roll. This makes it difficult to duplicate one shots quickly and are forced to use the . I have tried other daws such as ableton, studio one logic, fl and realised that none of them have this issue only Cakewalk. For the second issue the first issue needs to be fixed first to fix the second one. The second issue is not allowing duplication when on playback. It technicaly allows you to but it follows the playback timeline instead of the selection created. That means that I have to pause then duplicate what I want instead of duplicating while in playback. Following the playback line is unnecessary. Again, no other daw I've used has this issue except for Cakewalk. The third is for midi editing in the piano roll. The clip outline in track view is unnecessarily important when editing in the piano view. For example, if you create three notes and you remove one note. For some reason the clip outline created by the third note is still there. This makes duplication harder because in the piano you do not see this space even though it shouldn't be there in the first place. Again only seen this in Cakewalk. Even though these issues are slight, there seriously impact the experience of editing efficiently it Cakewalk. I hope I was detailed enough.
  5. Just made a video of using track templates to program drums faster. If you like the video, please go to my channel and like and subscribe if possible. I need everybody's help to make the Youtube algorithm notice my video to suggest it to more Cakewalk users.
  6. New Cakewalk Video Out. Please go to my channel to like the video to tell the Youtube Algorithm to show this video to more people
  7. Oh okay thank you guys for your response to this thread. Can there be at least a thread dedicated to helping beginners know where to get good free vsts?
  8. Yeah that a good idea. I'll do that
  9. Oh no that's not what I'm saying. I really like this DAW so much that I believe it to be a competitor with all the huge DAWS such as FL studio, Ableton and Logic. I know that making plugins is hard that is why I stated it in my initially then gave suggestions of free plugins. My reasoning was that a DAW which is free contacting a company which makes free DAWS makes sense, I just want Cakewalk to me more user friendly for beginners and not to underrate this DAW. Because when DAWS in discussion, in youtube where beginners go to, videos view Cakewalk as a "free" DAW nothing else. I know Cakewalk used to paid for but now it is not brought into the discussion at all in the best DAW unless saying that if you are broke get Cakewalk it will get you from point A to point B and if you are not broke which get fl studio, ableton or logic. Cakewalk also doesn't have as much tutorials and information as other DAWS but it has the potential to. I understand it's sounds like I am not being greatful but there is potential for cakewalk to be a way bigger community in the future because it now has Bandlab. That is all I'm saying. And I honestly did not know how hard it would have been for a company who is already giving the vst away to help Cakewalk who is giving a DAW away. I'm just thinking big and just seeing a huge opportunity.
  10. Made a new video. To help my channel reach more people who want to use Cakewalk on YouTube please support my channel by liking the video and subscribing to the channel.
  11. I first want to say thank you Bandlab for making Cakewalk free and the hard work you guys have done for the past 2 years to make it more stable and faster. Looking at how good things are going I can see the potential of Cakewalk competing with the big DAWs like FL studio, Ableton, and logic pro. My main issue with Cakewalk is the lack of essential instrument plugins needed to make modern music . I understand that Cakewalk used to be about $500 which meant that beginners were not who they were appealing to, but to the pros who did not really need built-in instrument plugins because they can afford to buy or have amassed a lot of plugins throughout the years or pros who mostly used Cakewalk for recording, mixing and mastering. However, the Cakewalk Sonar then doesn't have the advantage the present Cakewalk has, which is a loyal fanbase of people who haven't even used Cakewalk before : "Bandlab Users." Let's use logic pro for an example: Logic pro's success can be seen in their business model which is, "Attract beginners with Garageband and hope that they would eventually upgrade to Logic Pro." Cakewalk now has more than 3 million people using Bandlab and some of them have upgraded to Cakewalk. In fact I was one of them. I used Bandlab for a year then came to Cakewalk. During my first year using cakewalk, I and other Bandlab users had issues with Cakewalk which was that Bandlab had more ready mordern sounds than Cakewalk, which did not make sense. It took me two months to get some free instruments that I can use and it took me 6 months to find a drum sampler and a normal sampler which is an important plugin used to produce almost every mainstream music we've heard now. You would expect that the flagship daw of Bandlab to have more sounds than it's beginner daw. I know these are two different companies that have joined but it doesn't make sense to get this frustrated and consider downgrading back to Bandlab when you not want to level up your skills as a music producer. There more than 3 million users using Bandlab and I can guarantee that a lot of them would upgrade to Cakewalk. This is an advantage no other daw except for logic pro has and can put Cakewalk on the map as the daw to use in the years to come. I understand creating plugins is tedious and might take time to make but I believe that like how Cakewalk was partnering with different big brands, Cakewalk should try to create a relationship companies that are providing already made free plugins to bring these plugins to Cakewalk to make it the default plugins. Some of these companies are even ready to help if anybody who wants to add their software to anything. Here are the free professional plugins from companies I believe Cakewalk should try in creating a relationship to put these plugins in Cakewalk by default. Drum Sampler - Sitala by the Company Decomposer Sitala is the vst which made me stay in Cakewalk. It took me 6 months to find this software but it has make drum pattern making so easy to make and program the pads easily. It is fast it is light on cpu. It essentially has pro-level sample features and it is free. Even many people using logic and ableton use this sampler. Another important reason is the pads start at C3 which is the same key the step sequencer in Cakewalk also starts by default. They are also ready to collaborate with anydody who wants to distribute their software and are willing to create content for the platform which wants to partner. Synth Bundle Vst - Syntronik free by IKmultimedia - This is one of the best synthesizers I've heard. This took me 2 years to find. This plugin is similar to arturia's analog log lab. These guys are so underrated. They have their own proprietery emulation software to emulates 17 famous hardware synthesizers: Minimod, Prophet V, J-8 (Based on Roland Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6, Jupiter-4), OXa (Based on Oberheim OB-X, OB-Xa) etc, Basically every synth arturia has emulated they've also done it. The reason Cakewalk should consider them is because they have a free version and a paid version of their software. I think they will be interested in having new customers using their free software to hopefully buy the paid when they want more sounds. So I see this as a win-win. Sample Sounds Plugin - SampleTank 4 Custom Shop by IKmultimedia - It is a free expandable sound and groove workstation. Includes over 4 GB of samples and 50 sounds. They sound really good and it has an upgradable version. I believe IKmultimedia should be contacted to partner with Cakewalk. Sampler - Grace by One Small Clue - This is another important sampler Cakewalk needs to add. It is different from Sitala because it allows to change the key of the sample in the piano roll . It is the fastest free sampler I could find and has many helpful features such a built in file manage, lfos and many more I've never used. This is essential for sampling and it should be in Cakewalk by default. Acoustic Sounds - Ample Guitar, Bass and Cloud drum - These are free plugins a lot of producers have in their plugins . They sound amazing and life-like. This is another company with paid guitars they would like more people to buy. So think Cakewalk should contact them. Keyboard - Keyzone Classic By Bitsonic - Another widely used plugin in Cakewalk. A Sample Based keyboard emulating the Yamaha Grand Piano, Steinway Grand Piano and other presets. I have a lot of paid pianos but this is still one of my favorites. I spent a lot of time writing this because I remember wasting 6 months trying to set-up Cakewalk whereas it took me 3 days to start making music on Bandlab. The new generation is the future of Cakewalk and I can see the potential of Cakewalk. It just needs instruments for beginners.
  12. Yes I bounced it but nothing happens or stretches.
  13. I don't know whether other people are facing a similar issue but the stretch to tempo feature doesn't work properly. What I like about Cakewalk is that it tells me what the tempo of the sample I have. But when it is time to stretch the sample to the tempo of your daw, it doesn't change it at all. So for example, I have a sample 170bpm that I drag to the track view. The loop construction feature tells me the original bpm of the sample is 170 . My daw's bpm is 140 and I would like the 170 bpm of the original to change to 140 bpm. So I use the stretch to tempo. The issue is that it tricks itself into believing that it has stretched the sample to the tempo. It makes this mistake by changing the original tempo(170bpm) it needs to use to actually change the tempo. But when I insert the actual bpm into the original tempo, it works. So it is not doing anything to the sample because it changes the initial bpm before the stretch to tempo feature is applied. Therefore, not changing anything. I know my explanation might sound confusing but this video should explain what I mean. So yeah, it does not do anything to the sample because it changes the initial bpm before the stretch to tempo feature is applied. I believe this is a logic error is relatively easy to fix. I hope this issue would get fixed soon.
  14. @Jim Fogle Thanks for the feedback. I am still trying to figure out this youtube thing. If there's anything else you wanna see please do tell.
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