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  1. Exactly. Fortunately I did something like what you said and am feeding my MIDI through MIDI tracks which are definitely controlling my synths properly now. Hoping instrument tracks get fixed soon. Thanks for responding!
  2. I own multiple audio devices like a Boss GT-1, a Blue Yeti that I use to straight USB record into my computer. I also have plenty of instrument tracks in which I program synths, particularly using Vember Audio Surge. In the midst of switching between audio devices - and sometimes drivers, between MME and ASIO - there's a chance that a bug will occur which will shuffle the midi I wrote, such that the chords that I wrote for pads are now being played by the lead synth, and the bassline I wrote is now playing midi DRUMS, etc. In the image notes written for Surge 4 are instead being played by Surge 3. I'm on Windows 10, Surface Pro 5, using an Intel i5 with 8 GB of RAM, on build 54 of the 64-bit version of Cakewalk. I have no other major issues with Cakewalk so far, and I'll take any of your suggestions on what to do, provide from here. Sigh, one second. Gotta shuffle my midi notes again.
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