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  1. Experiencing some odd behaviour, while working with a project every things is all ok then for no reason I can fathom the panning on all channels stops working everything becomes centered mono. This is true for instrument tracks and recorded audio. Is this a known bug?, I have already rebuilt one project that this happened to, but now it has happened again. it is as though the signal path has become corrupted and everything becomes centered with no panning at all. Anyone got a clue? My projects are not easy to setup again and there is now no workflow just frustration.
  2. Nice to know how to achieve it but could not find info in the help
  3. I don't seem to be able to select all volume faders by holding down ctrl and clicking on a fader which would highlight all of them to allow you to move all faders up or down anymore, has the way to do this changed or is it broken?
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