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  1. mcmd

    Cubase 10 Pro for free

    I got the 9.5-->10 upgrade during the sale in May and will register it once 10.5 is released.
  2. I got in on that too, but then MF refunded. Never tried it at the time, but did demo today and was wondering if I was missing something, besides some golden ears!
  3. Not much by way of reviews / videos for such an old plug. What do you like about this?
  4. mcmd

    IK Modo Bass for $99

    Any bass guitar players using this?
  5. mcmd

    PA Rocktober Sale!

    Bassdude for $5...I'm in!
  6. I've had daily correspondences all week with iZotope - very responsive, as i have an MPS 3 upgrade license to sell. They're great and will even transfer the iLok verbs for free! pm if interested.. Sold!
  7. I got MPS2.1 on 8/25. I requested the free upgrade to MPS3 and just got the SN's. FYI: I also got in the recordingsoftware deal, so I think I can sell/transfer that license. If anyone is interested PM.
  8. mcmd

    Softube Tape 50% off

    It was a year ago when I bought it!
  9. Wow...those free Exp Audio verbs we got are good!
  10. Sale still on thru July 14 ....and you get the free update to V2.9 when it releases this summer.
  11. You will need to install Waves Central to register and manage the licenses. 1-click to get the Trueverb SN from the 'link that can't be posted'.
  12. Wish Mike would release Ver 3.0...it's been in the oven too long!
  13. Jesse channels Tom Petty on Acid, IMO. ..and maybe a little Steve Earle..either way totally enjoyable.
  14. Great! Just got the update to Pro 10.
  15. Very good deal for the Competitive Crossgrade at $ 159. I paid about $250 when Cake went down. I don't do MIDI, but I like it.
  16. mcmd


    subtle lyric... nicely done!
  17. Appears Best Service has increased prices.....
  18. I'm thinking the Pro Bundle is the way to go for me. $50 / plugin.
  19. I like Rick's channel...great content and presentation.
  20. It was $152 for the pair. I'm not impressed with them as NF monitors but for $150 they're fine as power speakers for listening to music.
  21. mcmd

    Steinberg Warning

    I let Google generate and save PW's and I also track in a spreadsheet.
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