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  1. Thomann has EZBass for $139 with the free midi pack offer...
  2. Thanks...picked up SplitEQ fo $49.50
  3. good timing ...I have a new PC that I need to optimize after I install new SSD's and RAM upgrades...
  4. $44.99 @ https://www.jrrshop.com/ssl-native-essentials Code; Group
  5. As I recall it was the Summit Audio Grand Channel which included the Audio TLA-100A.... sweet deal!
  6. ...already had Ampeg SVT-VR, ...but ..Wow...that was a boat load of nice PA plugs for free!
  7. mcmd


    Smiling as I read all the kind words and responses - Thanks Steve!
  8. mcmd


    ...as always.. impeccable arrangenment and performance!
  9. Got it... ....Murder One is next on the list...
  10. mcmd

    PA Amek 9099

    Got it with the voucher...quite the deal!
  11. mcmd

    Softube Amp Room $41

    Softube Amp Room $41 promo code: HOLIDAYSPECIALS https://www.softube.com/amp-room
  12. I think the uni-tune is a good deal as it appears to have the same metal construction clip as the poly tune. All my head stock tuners ,,KLiQ etc are swivel plastic things and don't last...only a matter of time until they break. The uni-tune / poly tune are sturdy! ..i think I'll get the unti tune also.
  13. That deal was a couple of days ago - $25...got one.. and the bag of candy...and the followup call!
  14. Using the demo now....like it very much!
  15. I don't know if this would work. A cal file is intended to be specific to a particular mic and compensate for build variability AFAIK,when measured against a reference standard. IK don't supply one with their mic, because I believe, they claim a low variability from unit to unit. I don't know if ARC requires a cal file if you use a different mic. ...this subject probs needs it own thread, as I expect many people took the ARC software and are in the same boat about mic choices.
  16. As I understand it, the Dayton Audio EMM-6 is the same as the ECM8000 and Dayton provide a calibration file .
  17. Awesome vibe!...hint of Mr Beck..
  18. Zo - how does Sonnox Claro stackup against Pro Q3?
  19. In at the $99 and $199 level...no picks yet...just waiting it out ....thanks Larry!
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