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  1. mcmd

    Laze on the porch

    Simply but crafty!...nicely done!
  2. mcmd


    I like this...nice drone melody.... olafur arnalds vibe.... Well done!
  3. Downloaded a few trials to see what the fuss was all about......the tones are really super... I like rock , jazz and blues tones ..Neural DSP appear to be metal / high gain focused....but Plini does sound great to me. However, they need to solve the processing noise issues...... too much hiss amd crakling noise ...and its not just the high gain stuff.... The noise improves when you reduce the plug input gain, lower the amp input gain , dial back the compressor ...up the noise gate...but that kills the tone... I compared with S-Gear ( my go-to amp sim) and don't have the same issue... ...just not very usable....... hopefully the next revision solves the issue...
  4. Go to MY Products in your account...you will see a message with the new Jam Points
  5. $84 at Best Service https://www.bestservice.com/power_reels_collection.html Add another product to get over $100 kiloHearts, Resonator...$6 Apply coupon #CHICK20 for $20 off
  6. mcmd

    Smooth Fuze

    I like it. Good tune and mix. Tasty performance with lots of space and balance for everything.
  7. Yes, it was April...I got Essentails for $200
  8. Bapu - I'm still on the fence with this one and its an old plug....I don't like what it does to the snare on the drum bus, but everything else in the mix is sweet. What do you like about it?
  9. Thanks! got Rock Solid...had points ...so it was just about free.
  10. Congrats ...he is a great looking dog and I love the flashy chest with that brindle coat!
  11. Any thoughts on how Death & Darkness would work for Rock, Blues and modern Conuntry /Pop? I know there are separate packs for these genres, just wondering if D&D could cover them convincingly also.
  12. mcmd

    KC Strut

    Very cool. Great chops!
  13. Top shelf.....loving the guitar tone starting at 1:54
  14. $71..... if you have Jampoints!
  15. As always....pro all around... right up there with Tom Scott, Larry...the list goes on....
  16. mcmd

    Moon Over Gotham

    well done...very pro ...very tallanted musicians .... I have one of her CD's in my collection....
  17. Very cool and enjoyable ....nice groove and production elements....
  18. Arc 2.5 blew out at $99 recently and voila ARC 3!
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