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  1. I just fixed this problem by completely uninstall Cakewalk and reinstalling it again.
  2. Hello, When I want to move audio material on the track I turn "Snap" off and move as much as I need. But when I move its not moving smooth, it jumps forward and backward, so its very difficult to move it exactly where you want it. It use to work fine and then it started giving me problems. Any ideas?
  3. Yury


    Wow!!! Thanks a lot. That was so simple
  4. Yury


    Hello, When I want to compare two tracks for loudness or output values or anything else, I have to solo one track and listen to it. If I want to listen to other track I have to unsolo first track and solo other track to here it. Is there any way to switch between tracks with one click, so when I solo other track, first one will unsolo automatically. I know in some DAWs you can do it. I saw its done in Cubase on Youtube. Any thoughts or help will be really appreciated.
  5. It happens with Kontakt 6.2 And interestingly I have other instances of Kontakt in the same project, but only this one is giving me problem. I have the latest Cakwalk by Band Lab
  6. Hi I have this kind of problem. It doesn't happen always . When I play ready made project, if I stop it in the middle of the run-everything stops except one instrument. Usually its strings or pads. It keeps playing note until I turn off audio engine. I tried to remove sustain controllers, all controllers, but nothing worked. May be someone had same thing and know the solution. Please help
  7. Yury

    Computer shuts down?

    Yes I mean PC switches off. You're correct about fans and high temperature. A am a computer technician , so i am very familiar with overheating problem, but why it never happened before the update. I have pretty powerful computer: Processor i7-9700 K @ 3.60GHz, SSD western digital black, 16Gb of RAM my projects is never more then 15-25 tracks. I don't use a lot of effects as well. So my computer suppose to handle that without overheating. It never shuts down when I am running other soft or even few programs simultaneously. Its really strange. Anyway Thank you for your reply
  8. Yury

    Computer shuts down?

    Hi I don't know if its coincidence or not, but after last Cakewalk by the BandLab update my computer sometimes shuts down while I am working on the musical project with Cakewalk without any warning or reason. It happens sudden. Any thought on that, may be someone has the same experience or solutions. It never happen when I am working or running any other soft.
  9. WOW!!!! Its so simple, how i never though of this. Thank you very much. Its brilliant.
  10. Thank you very much for your reply. I mainly missing Session drummer because I used it in many projects. Also few effects plugins and some in Pro channel
  11. Hi, I have lots of instruments and effects from old Sonar. Cakewalk by BandLab is installed on my computer. But when I try to install VSTs from old Sonar so I could use it with Cakewalk with my old projects it says that I don't have Sonar installed. I understand that if I will install Sonar and have it on my computer along with Cakewalk I would be able to install and use all of them. But is there other way to install Sonar's VSts without installing Sonar? As far as I understand old Sonar is actually improved today's Cakewalk. Any thoughts and help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi I Had on my computer both Sonar Platinum and Cakewalk by Band Lab. Few day ago I upgraded my drive, so I had to reinstall everything. I decide not to install Sonar, just Cake walk by Band Lab. To my surprise there were not Session Drums available with Band Lab. I used Session drums in many of my projects and I don't want to install sonar on the top of band lab and take lots of space. May be someone knows if Session drums available as separate software. If it is where to get it
  13. Thank you very much. That was so simple and I never found it
  14. Is there a way to delete all effects from certain track simultaneously? Not from the project, but only from one track Sometimes I want to try new FX on a track. I load one, then another and so on. If I want to delete them i have to do one at a time . It would save time to do it all at ones, but I could not find a way how to do it. Any help is appreciated
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