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  1. Thanks for the technical explanation @Noel Borthwick How my buffer changed, i have no idea, but at least my projects sound normal now.
  2. @David Baay that makes sense, probably just a coincidence. I didn’t mention that this also occurred with audio (.wav) imported into cakewalk which I found even more strange. I had digitized some old 4-track cassette recordings in Audacity which sounded fine, but when I imported those files into cakewalk they sounded horrible.
  3. @User 905133 and @David Baay I’ll see how these numbers work over time. I wish I knew what my numbers (buffer) was BEFORE the update.
  4. @David Baay no, I’ve had projects with more tracks and effects than this one for sure.
  5. @User 905133 THANK YOU! I only changed the buffer size to 20.0 msec and 882 samples and that fixed it! to @msmcleod FYI, I changed the AUD.INI file name as you suggested, but that didn't make a difference. I'm assuming the update changed the Buffer size? thank you
  6. hello all, I'm loving everything that Bandlab is doing to cakewalk, I'm a long-time user. However, I updated to 2019.11 (build 54, 64 bit)about an hour ago and opened a project I've been working on and it sounds HORRIBLE. It's as if there's an 8-bit effect, or KT granulator effect (low-res, distorted, maybe even slowed-down) on the entire project. I've opened other projects and they all sound like this. However, when I export to .mp3 it sounds fine, so I can't let you hear what i'm hearing. I've looked at my drivers and bit rate and I have made no changes since I last mixed this project. Windows 10 64-bit ASIO drivers Focusrite, Saffire pro 40 interface let me know what other info you need from me, i've added a screenshot any help is appreciated!
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