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  1. Didn't they say the quick turnaround from v10 to v11 was because of mac problems? So they basically had to make a new version because of that, but v11 was supposed to stay longer. Well I guess they thought a year is long enough. This is a really sketchy business model
  2. JRR is listing it at 99,-$. I'm afraid 79,- is the deal price for the time being.
  3. It's been a long time coming but it's finally here...! Stutter Edit 2 from iZotope has arrived with an intro offer and upgrade deals. Already available via PluginFox. Expires July 31st. Upgrade price is 79,-$ instead of 99,-$ https://pluginfox.co/products/izotope-stutter-edit-2?variant=34579612106903 hmm tempting but a little expensive..
  4. Do you get individual serial numbers for every program or is it one number for the whole bundle? I'm actually only interested in neutron 3.
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