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  1. When it comes to a DAW I'm looking for fast, usable, stable, and functional not a trophy wife. If there was a contest for the most updates, Reaper would win hands down. Not for everyone but I'll take stable over pretty.
  2. I have more Kontakt instruments, soft synths, wav files, plugins, than I know what to do with so this might take up more space than I need, however from what I've seen and heard I think if you're starting out and low on cash this looks like a worthy pickup. Even with all that I own I'm half tempted just because I like having loads of sounds to choose from. The downside is there is a tendency to waste a lot of time going through sounds when you have as much content as I do so I'll listen to the demos some more and decide if I like any of the sounds enough to jump on it.
  3. They were when this was first posted. I'll admit I thought it would go through the weekend so with a busy week I was going to do my research and decide which ones to by but now.... I guess not.
  4. I don't need this at the moment but I know some really good jazz composers that really like this drum kit for that genre so if Jazz is your thing this might be worth looking into.
  5. Exactly. I think that loop and phrase libraries like this are more usable for genre's like hip hop where it's part of the genre to take loops and phrases and manipulate them with the beat. For everything else, it's hard to say how useful they will be. I don't write as much music as I'd like lately (too busy trying to pass my music theory class which I have yet to decide how much it will help me) but I own a few of these libraries and haven't used a single one yet. Price is right though. I find if I use something once, I'm happy. It's hard to put a price tag on something that contributes to a finished piece of work.
  6. Good list. I especially like the Melda plugins. I have actually put together my own list with alternatives for each of my Waves plugins. The problem is that my Waves are working just fine for now so there is no real push for me to replace them all right away. Every once in a while when there is a good sale on an alternative I'll pick it up. I like airwindows console but they haven't replaced NLS for me but it's not like NLS is a plugin I'd die without, I just like to use it. The truth is, if I lost all my Waves plugins today I wouldn't be despondent. Plugins are not a cure to poor mixing skills and luckily I've been through enough training that I'm happy with my improvements and I never stop learning new mixing tricks to keep me current.
  7. Ah sibilance, you're right, it is better. I used that a lot on my last mix and remember liking it better. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. Not many but I still like J37 and Kramer tape. I like Abbey Road Plates, Abbey Road Chambers, Scheps Omni Channel, Renaissance De-esser, Reel ADT ,NLS and F6 Floating Band Dynamic EQ. I also like using One knob pumper for it's ease. I have others to do this but they tend to need a little massaging to avoid artifacting whereas One Knob just works. I also use Waves Tune which I could replace with melodyne but it keeps doing its job so I haven't bothered yet. All the replacements I've found for these that I'd be satisfied with are a bit more money than I want to spend right now so as long as my Waves plugins keep working I don't have much incentive to move on. I still use a lot of others from Waves but mostly just to change things up. I have plenty of alternatives for the ones I didn't list here.
  9. Me Too Fleer but to be fair their plugins are so cheap that a WUP is usually not that expensive. My plugins have kept working so I've only done WUP on one or two for under $10 during a WUP sale. Nevertheless I would much prefer to pay upfront a good sale and get lifetime support like Melda plugins. Over time I have replaced my waves plugins for Melda and others but there are some that I haven't found a replacement for, YET(: Although I completely understand the WUP hate and the sometimes confusing install process and issues one thing I will say about waves is that their plugins are of good quality. At least the ones that I have cherry picked over the years have been solid. I wish I could say the same for Plugin Alliance plugins. I have loved them but for reasons I have not been able to figure out, if my project gets too large then my plugin alliance plugins crash Reaper. It only happens with their plugins so I have, unfortunately, stopped using them.
  10. Face Palm! That's right I forgot. LOL. I guess I better grab it.
  11. Darn. Now I'm sad I forgot about this promotion going on. Oh well, can't say I've used these organs as of yet so not too big of a loss.
  12. It looks like an organ patch from Carnival, which I already own. Maybe I'll download and compare sometime.
  13. I like their non loop stuff but loops in kontakt are not for me. Not sure why I find loops in Stylus useful but not any other way with exception of a few wav loops I own.
  14. Oh this is a fun one. It's like a mystery you have to solve 🙂 But I cracked it! Basically Adagio came first. very expressive but also a bit clunky and full of every type of legato style and some unique ARCs. Then came Adagietto which was just the ensembles from Adagio and has some very nice sounding sordinos. Later, they did new recordings in the same church that was meant to blend with Adagio and Adagietto and they called this Agitato. Then they decided to take some of the "best of" recordings from all the previous libraries and combine them into a more streamlined interface and workflow and called this Anthology. Anthology used to be a free product if you already owned all these other products. Many people found that the processing done to the samples in Anthology were too stale and lacked air that the originals had so 8Dio decided to try again. Same samples, I think, with maybe a few changes to what ARC's were chosen for the new product but essentially a new and improved Anthology but this time they got rid of the old Adagio, kept Anthology in the line up named the new product The New Adagio, which I find to be a very strange decision. I would have preferred they called the new product Anthology 2, got rid of the first Anthology and kept the old Adagio series because they had some really cool articulations that are no longer available to the public unless you already owned the original Adagio. Clear as mud? I thought so.
  15. Dang, I actually paid for this one a few years ago. It's worth adding. It has those sounds you would have expected Exhale to have but surprisingly doesn't.
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