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  1. Installed ASIO4all and selected ASIO and the noise is gone now Where can I read more about the differences between them? (that a beginner can understand) Thanks!
  2. Drivers are updated But I don't have an audio interface (yet?). Not sure if I need one since I'm only starting out I just listen through the audio jack But then it was working fine even through the audio jack before
  3. Oddly, when I chose WASAPI that's when the crackling sounds were consistently there. It was gone when I selected MME
  4. Hi, I started getting crackling static noise during playback after the latest Cakewalk update. Even when only one track is loaded there is still static. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it doesn't work. I know it's in cakewalk because playback in sforzando and Kontakt Player is normal. EDIT: Solved it I was stupid and just had to choose MME 32 bit (I am new to this sorry) Edit again: Choosing MME 32 bit solved the issue
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