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  1. Yes please. The lack of snap in staff view drives me crazy
  2. Ok solved the last touched thing. It is under the drop down (Box under draw/erase). The note draw duration in the main toolbar and not the note length selector in the staff view toolbar
  3. All Thanks for the Tips. I am on the latest version and touching the last note does not change duration to last touched for me. In X3 this was available as a setting in durations IE Use note duration value from last touched note When inserting new Note events, you can choose to always apply the note duration from the last touched Note event. To do so, select Last Touched in the Value control drop-down menu. Before inserting a new Note event, select an existing Note event that already uses the duration you want to apply to the new note, then insert the new note. Maybe there is a reg setting that still works even if the option has gone. Is there a LastTouched reg entry or similar in older versions ? The note entry does snap but it always snaps to a 32nd. Not really asking for anything new just put back what was taken out
  4. What a really good idea - that would be very useful
  5. I do most of my work in staff view. In older Cakewalks there was an option of snap to grid. In the newer bandlab version it seems to be set at a 32nd note. This is slowing me down by a long way and I would be very happy if the snap function could return. Also the duration selection used to automatically change if you touched and clicked a previous note in the score. That was very helpful indeed. This seems to have been removed. And lastly why is there no erase function in the staff window. If find it very awkward to leave the staff window to select the erase tool in the main tool bar. Please can we have the previous functionality back. I know that you can move the now time to the exact position for the note but that is very laborious indeed. Having an erase in the staff toolbar would be a bonus. Kind regards Jim
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