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  1. Hey Zo; So just spoke to a friend and looks like we have 7 plugins between the both of us (I'll buy the Parallax as well). So looks like I'm out - sorry!! Hope it isn't an issue, considering you have more than 7 now and will order on Dec 1; Enjoy and Play on!!
  2. Zo, add Fortin NTS to mine as well - just tried it - JEEZ the sound I get out of my stock Les Paul pups and my 7-string Titan is just amazing, fills up the room nicely!! So finally, Nolly, Nameless, NTS. Good for Paypal.
  3. Nembrini looks great, any particular ones that you like?.. Currently using Overloud TH-U which also sounds amazing with my Ownhammer impulses (Heavy Hitter 2), especially their clean/crunch models are spot on. (They have a deal going on, worth checking). I tried all the Neural plugins though - they sound much better for the high-gain stuff, though harder to get them mix-ready. I tried STL Will Putney, loved that - my wallet is going to hate me I thought Parallax was the same as Darkglass, but with ease of use and a cab section (that can be bypassed), but I may be wrong..
  4. Oh, I guess you have 1 left? Just Nameless will be ok then; I'll go for more if there's a 3rd order, lol. I have tried almost every plugin in 2019, and haven't been able to replicate that crushing tone yet
  5. Hey Zo, I've joined the forum today after following your thread closely. Thank you for doing this - a great way of saving some much needed cash for the best plugins on the market. Could you please add me for two - Nolly and Nameless? I do have Paypal. Thanks!!
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