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  1. Sounds like a rough launch so far!
  2. Actually, I should correct myself... this IS what internet is like in most of Australia if you go by land area, but not if you go by population 😁
  3. Tezza, can you get that SkyMuster satellite NBN? For everyone else, this is not what the internet is like in most of Australia But it's a big country with a low population so outside of urban areas internet coverage quality drops off pretty quickly.
  4. Everything requires little effort if it's not you who needs to do it 😅
  5. It's not that simple. If it was just social isolation for 2 months, that's cool, no problem. The issue for me is the number of people who have lost their jobs and livelihoods (indirectly) because of the isolation that's the concern for me. It's going to take years, it not decades, to recover from the economic effects of this.
  6. Skipped that thread cause of the title - but read this one cause of the title Well worth posting, I think.
  7. I've been pretty critical of SSD5 here in the past, mainly due to some bugs that had gone unfix for years. Finally the 5.5 update dropped, the bugs (at least the one that annoyed me) got fixed and some stuff was added (tons of grooves and a refreshed interface being the highlights for me). I'm pretty happy with SSD5 now! I've got SD3 as well but SSD5 certainly has its place in my collection.
  8. If I was only going to get one would you say the Blue Zone is the one to get for lush pads? What other ones are worth getting?
  9. Toffo

    SSD 5

    I've used SSD5 for the last couple of years and I don't mind it. I'm comfortable with the interface. The thing for me is there's a bug in the MIDI grooves browser where you drag a file from the browser to Reaper and it shows "Offline." The workaround is to drag the MIDI file from Windows Explorer into Reaper directly. But that defies the point of a groove browser. Anyway, long story short, Slate has been promising an update coming "soon" to fix this issue for a year or two, and it's still nowhere to be seen. For me, I had enough and moved to Superior Drummer 3 and never looked back. It is better in just about every way and I could tell the difference in the mixes straight away after replacing the Slate drums with SD3.
  10. I've just got a couple of new machines to set up and in each instance I'm installing the VST2 and not VST3 versions of each plugin where I can. It's annoying when like RTAS and AAX get installed without me being able to deselect them but such is life. So far I haven't noticed any issues or deficiencies in my workflow using VST2 only.
  11. That's insane. I'm not affected and I doubt many people would be, but people paid for these products. It's not right that they shouldn't be able to activate them after a certain date because a company decides they don't want to support those activations anymore. Make it right and release offline versions of them or something. Native Instruments have such rubbish customer-unfriendly policies.
  12. I’ve got a bunch of all sims, way too many! The bx ones are ok. I tend to use Bassdude for bass and some cleans, and megasingle for heavier tones. I’d also recommend S-Gear, the new couple of Nembrinis and anything by Neural DSP. My main style of music is metal.
  13. Toffo

    PA Sub to Own

    While I’m not gonna go for it as I don’t wanna spend the $250, this looks like a pretty darn good deal to me. This is really what subscription services should be. This does away with the feeling of “once my sub ends I have nothing to show for it” which stops me looking at sub services.
  14. Toffo

    Frozen Plain Phoenix

    Brilliant, thanks for the update on the $5 update guys! Edit: Confirmed as well that this works, bought from APD, redeemed serial on FP site, bought Mirage version for $5 on FP site.
  15. Toffo

    Frozen Plain Phoenix

    The only thing is in Larry's post it says this: Emphasis mine. So based on that it might not work.
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