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  1. Love supporting these guys.
  2. Were your original purchases and upgrades done at Black Friday prices? Though I do agree, the upgrade path could be cheaper.
  3. Nice! Does it come with round robins? How many velocity levels? Was the licence transfer process simple?
  4. I told a workmate about Threadripper and he thought it must be some sort of sewing machine!
  5. Amplitube 5 (latest version) loaded in 10 seconds for me. Launched again immediately and it was 4 seconds. I have no doubt the issues you're reporting on your end are true. Sure sounds like your experience is incredibly frustrating, Kenny, but to take it out on Peter... two wrongs don't make a right. I hope you get your issue resolved because Amplitube 5 is a great product.
  6. For anyone as silly as me, follow Larry's link to the BFD Drums site. Download and install the licence manager (https://www.bfddrums.com/downloads.html). In the licence manager go to the Products menu, then select Register Product Serial.
  7. Haha man you are quick! I just realised my mistake within 6 minutes and sure enough I was too slow! Thanks Lars!
  8. I got the London Sessions but am having trouble redeeming the serial number at the fxpansion site. It says invalid serial. Anyone else having any luck? Thought I'd check here first before I bother Support.
  9. The thing about this group buy I'll miss the most is Zolton's posts!
  10. I cracked and bought in at the €199.99 tier. Well played, IK! 😆
  11. And it's not even just Europeans. I've complained about this before so I'll keep it short, but for Australia my price is in Euros too. As with many things IK does, I don't get the logic.
  12. I'm in Australia too. Kontakt > Komplete upgrade is $199 USD but $299 AU for us (at NI site and resellers). But the exchange rate for $199 US = $257 AU. I have no idea how they justify the extra $38 AU for a digital product.
  13. Looks like they caught you and others by surprise - they've unlocked all three codes. You can only use the ones you haven't used before though. e.g. I didn't use code 1, but I did use codes 2 and 3. When I go to the cart it only lets me apply code 1, not 2 or 3. If anyone has any luck otherwise, let us know!
  14. Toffo

    80 TB Hard Drives

    At 50GB per disc it would only take 1600 discs to back up that hard drive!
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