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  1. Hey Zo, to the best of my knowledge no. You need to upgrade to Windows 10 to take advantage. You can't just claim a new Windows 10 key by giving MS your Windows 8 key.
  2. I wonder if the v12 upgrade also had to do with macOS Big Sur's impending release. They went from 10 to 11 for Catalina, and Big Sur looks like being a fairly major update too.
  3. I own 3 of them (Thanks Zo!) and play mostly progressive rock and metal. They're great sims (I own a lot) and my go-to along with S-Gear. They're not just for heavy sounds, Archetype Abasi, Nolly and Plini all have great clean and crunch sounds inside. I haven't tried Fortin Cali but I expect the quality would be extremely good.
  4. Not Abbey Road specifically but I just got an upgrade quote through Waves.com and ran it past Koby to see what sort of a price he could do. Saved me a decent chunk of change and his responses were lightning!
  5. Toffo

    JRR Shop

    Seeing Batwaffel and King Lars in the same room at the same time? No deal is safe!
  6. For those with Canon DSLRs, check out Magic Lantern. It's free firmware to add more features to the Canon line. I use it for better auto exposure bracketing for HDR. You load it onto a memory card so it doesn't change anything onto the camera.
  7. I picked it up cause $10 but yeah, hard to find specifics on what's actually changed.
  8. Toffo

    Melodyne BF Sale

    Was thinking we were having Black Friday in July this year... nothing in 2020 surprises me anymore!
  9. Toffo

    I have returned!!!

    Welcome back Lars. If the family emergency was inability to find the right plugin bargains, they called the right guy! In all seriousness though, hope everything is ok with the family. They come first.
  10. Bought one but didn't register yet in the hope that it counts towards a group buy later this year!
  11. I love the clean tones in Plini.
  12. Toffo

    Waves 25% Off WUP

    Does WUP ever go more than 25% off?
  13. Toffo

    Superior Drummer 2

    That'd be the deal of the decade!
  14. Toffo

    Superior Drummer 2

    And note, there is no upgrade path from SD2 to SD3.
  15. Sounds like a rough launch so far!
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