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  1. I'm in Australia too. Kontakt > Komplete upgrade is $199 USD but $299 AU for us (at NI site and resellers). But the exchange rate for $199 US = $257 AU. I have no idea how they justify the extra $38 AU for a digital product.
  2. Looks like they caught you and others by surprise - they've unlocked all three codes. You can only use the ones you haven't used before though. e.g. I didn't use code 1, but I did use codes 2 and 3. When I go to the cart it only lets me apply code 1, not 2 or 3. If anyone has any luck otherwise, let us know!
  3. Toffo

    80 TB Hard Drives

    At 50GB per disc it would only take 1600 discs to back up that hard drive!
  4. Nah, I'm not missing that point. What I'm saying is there are (at least) two audio products called Klang. The Klang libraries that qualify you for the Carbon offer are the klang.cologne ones. I hadn't heard of those before and maybe I wasn't the only person who had. If someone was interested in them but wanted to get some more detail on what they were buying first, klang.cologne is the site to check, not Cinematique.
  5. The Klang thing confused me because there are free instruments marketed as Klang by Cinematique Instruments here: https://cinematique-instruments.com/inst_all_sites/inst_all17_free.php BUT... The instruments on Plugin Boutique are not those! They are these: https://klang.cologne/index_overview.php So head to the Klang.cologne site if you want to get some more info on the instruments, because the info and sound samples on Plugin Boutique are somewhat lacking.
  6. Glad I didn't grab this during the New Years sale. I just ended up getting it $5 cheaper with my $25 voucher.
  7. I played it last night and lost a couple of hours to it. Well worth the upgrade! And it's been bug free for me too, though I've only used the standalone version so far. But I still don't know why the flip they always charge me in Euro when I'm located in Australia...
  8. I use this often and it's pretty great, especially for those who don't play keyboard or don't enjoy entering MIDI notes onto the piano roll manually. My use case is playing a keyboard or synth part on guitar. Since I'm not a robot it humanises the part better than the humanise function.
  9. Samples from Mars - All the Samples for $33.15 with code SNACKS Various other deals across the site
  10. Toffo

    Delays ? Delays ? Delays ?

    Unfiltered Audio Sandman Pro? Can get it from $29.99 with voucher. https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/unfiltered_audio_sandman_pro.html
  11. Thanks ZincT for posting the video. The tuning comments starts at 1:28:25 and yeah, there are some that are very out of tune. Easily fixed but you shouldn't really have to
  12. As above, yes I grabbed it. A lot of content, varying degrees of usefulness depending on the kind of music you play. Quality is fine for what it is.
  13. Darn, I paid about $10 extra from Voxengo direct last night I didn't snooze but I lost anyway!
  14. Grabbed a pack, thanks Lars!
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