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  1. I will never buy a subscription to Waves or any other plugin company. It is too important for me to be able to open a session 1, 5 or 10 years later without needing to worry about am I subscribed to this plugin company anymore.
  2. I compared MPS 5.2 with the Everything Bundle and these are the differences. Everything Bundle includes (over and above MPS), with RRP in USD brackets: - RX 10 Advanced ($1199) instead of RX 10 Standard ($399) - Dialogue Match ($599), Stutter Edit 2 ($199), Visual Mixer ($0) and Relay ($0) So it’s up to each individual whether an RX upgrade, 2 extra paid plugins and 2 extra free plugins is worth it.
  3. Thanks Lars for your constant and incredible deal posting! Putting in a link to this thread as well since some people might be able to get a better price direct from IK:
  4. Download each file 10 times so that hopefully IK gets the message that charging customers to re-download their own bought content is counterproductive.
  5. Toffo

    TONEX pedal

    It’s not about what it costs to make, it’s about what people will pay for the functionality. You could pay $x for a pedal that does delays only, or reverb only, or you could pay $180 more for a pedal than can simulate any amp out there. You can also download hundreds of models for free online. When you compare it to things like the Quad Cortex and Kemper, this IK pedal is actually very competitively priced. Also, iPhones are powerful.
  6. Agree. This is brilliant software. I’d love to support them with a purchase but I’m not paying $60 for something I’m going to have to WUP within a year to get upgrades for. Or $160 for the perpetual licence. $79 for perpetual is where I top out given how often I need to use it (rarely).
  7. It seems to be a contentious topic, whether Gullfoss and Soothe replace each other or whether they complement each other. My understanding is they do different things?
  8. AI is the next frontier in audio plugins but for now it just feels like a buzz word.
  9. Toffo

    The End of Flintpope

    Oh no! The demise of my favourite pontiff.
  10. I know Dirk rubs a lot of people up the wrong way but I can’t help but feel happy for him.
  11. I liked this amp at version 1.x so I’m excited to play with v2. The rest of the family are going out today so it’s time to rock!
  12. Right, 1 piano in 1 concert hall is okay… but what about all the other pianos in all the other concert halls? Gotta have them too!
  13. I live by the Bapu school of thought. More is more!
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