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  1. "I feel that Cakewalk by Bandlab has added years to my lifetime updates so therefore I'm younger!"
  2. Thanks, it's fun playing around with old midi files.
  3. Yes, after carefully re-reading your solution and following the directions it does work that way. Fist against open palm and a bow to you Master Scook, thank you
  4. Thanks Scook, 'edit/preferences /midi/device' only lists the Microsoft GS Wavetable. With that checked it plays sound. With it unchecked it doesn't play sounds. Even when starting new blank project and importing midi file. TTS-1 doesn't load. The grayed out driver is mme. I'm not using an interface. I'm searching the manual but it seems to be cleverly hidden at the moment. lol
  5. I found it, I checked the midi output box in preferences. Thank me
  6. A long time user since Pro Audio, yet all of a sudden I feel like a newbie. I dug out some old-old midi song files and dragged them into CWBL current version. The tracks all fill out, push play and the meters move but no sound. Close it then try the same thing with Sonar Platinum and it plays with the proper sounds. Also works properly in Reason 11 and several other DAW's I have. I did a quick search for 'import midi file' in the CWBL reference manual but... Anyone know where to look for this problem/solution? Thanks
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