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  1. Been a long time since I've been to this forum and guess what I stumbled across? Some Bat's guitar. Always brings a smile to my face listening to your guitar work. sensational>>>
  2. This problem has been discussed at length on the Sonar site. From memory, the usual cause was an errant soundcard driver not being released after a shut down of Sonar. In some cases the driver would eventually close and Sonar would disappear from task manager. Other times it would require a restart of the sound interface being used, or, worse case scenario, a restart of the computer itself. Running drivers can often be checked in the "Services" section of Windows, so you could check to see if your card driver has been released. You can often close the driver from here as well. Sometimes a VST driver could be the cause as well. I think there were other issues that would not allow Sonar to shut down correctly, but this seemed to be the most common. Any other details you could supply may give us a more insight into your problem. GL
  3. When you say the last part, how long are you recording for? Are you missing the last chord, note, or beat of a song, or are you missing a complete bar or phrase? Not that this makes too much difference, but I'm interested to know just how much is missing.
  4. Agreed. The saying “Never let a note go by uncared for” is particularly apt.
  5. Hi synkrotron. I have two Octocaptures. One for my desktop, and one for my laptop. I remember hooking them together once as an experiment and they worked just fine together. It didn’t take too long, but as I said, I only tried it as a test so it’s not something I do on a regular basis.
  6. Yes, good advice. I have always been an advocate of the VX64 for vocals. A really good multipurpose VST for quickly getting a vocal track sounding like it belongs in the mix.
  7. Very nice. Kind of took me back to some early 70’s ish place that had some great reality warping memories associated with it. Always good to hear your music.
  8. Try some mood lighting, a nice wine and maybe some lovely music, provided of course by CBb. 😍
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