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  1. Great to hear. It's been buggingsome (new word, probably). I am using a workspace, yes. From what I gather workspaces don't store those settings, anyway - it'd be nice if they did, as they are part of the overall layout - so it shouldn't matter, should it? But the workspace was created with those meter settings already applied, just to be safe, so even if they did, they should be there. Yeah, and it's actually free. Variety of Sound page, they've just released the 64 bit version, the 32 bit had the same problem. It looks like it's the plugin, though. I've also tried in Reason, for 2 out of 3, and it's got the same problem. So the setting doesn't get stored in CW and Reason, but it gets stored in Harrison. Weird. interesting to see what the difference is with them. I've also reported the issue to VoS. Really cool delay, weird looking, but cool. One of my go tos, and I've got a bunch of them. I haven't used the PC in a while, cause now I'm a huge CLA Mixhub fan (which also has a problem, it doesn't store intermediate compressor release settings between some fixed resolution points, and it always reverts to the closest one of those on open, which I also need to redo on every open and it bugs the s*** out of me - logged a report with them, most of what I've reported they've fixed, but this one still lingers), so I don't remember exactly, it was either the order or the on/off state of some modules that I had to redo every time I opened a project. No, I don't change them at all, that's the thing - I mean, not willingly. It's a set it and forget it kind of thing, only the "set it" part doesn't work. In the meantime, I have given up even setting them altogether, cause it takes too long to do - hence the menu issue - and it reverts back to the old resolution the next time. I don't know how much an all-in-one settings window would take to program, but it would be a big simplification for adjusting that setting. I appreciate the detailed answer.
  2. I've attached the link here. https://we.tl/t-O3sckikbzg You will need Addictive Keys (Electric Grand) on Piano, T-FM on Orga, AAS Player on Synth and Orgi Biserică (Church organs), SSD 5 Free for the furthermost left drums, and Tony Coleman Drums 16 Out, to insert yourself - all as instrument tracks, except for SSD, which has individually routed outs. To reproduce: Delete all TCD tracks, including the group Aux, as those were added subsequently. In the resulting layout, delete the Piano track, then insert TCD 16 Out from the right click Insert Instrument menu command. Choose route to master. Then bulk undo both of them from undo history. Last night I made several moves after that, which got bulk undone in the process - some observations there, as well - but they were not related to synth inserts, so they shouldn't matter in this individual matter. Another thing I have mentioned previously, and was never addressed, was the synth names are displayed wrong, in all projects, on hovering the mouse pointer over them, in the rack - IF the rack window is smaller than the area of the racked synths AND you scroll down. I don't know if the track switch, in this case, was made in accordance with possible wrong names displayed that way, but it would, no doubt, be interesting to check. Hopefully you can reproduce it. If we're on the topic, the order of the Rack, Browser and Help windows, in the right side dock, never gets saved with the project. Neither does the Show/Hide Arranger Track state in the Track View. And neither do the Meter Options, in the Track View. Also, NastyDLA doesn't save its Wet Only state, which I thought was because of the plugin, only I've noticed it doesn't happen in Harrison Mixbus. The order of some One Knobs - or the on/off state, I don't remember - doesn't get saved in the PC strip. So that's five more things that could get fixed for the next update. And on the meter options topic - the intricate menu, with a million individual options, to click on separately, is criminal. How about one single menu option - "Meter Options" - which open a dialog window with bullet checks for all the options, so you could set them all at once, in a single place, instead of clicking about 20 times, with three level menu branching for each, to set them all, like now? That would be a significant simplification requiring no user sacrifice/adaptation.
  3. I agree with you, it's easier in terms of assignments and I/Os, switches, sound auditions, inserting and changing synths, and so on. The problem is you also get a lot of tracks for every instrument, and it gets messy to navigate and instantly tell which is which, and tiresome to follow. Intuitive is being able to do without thinking, on reflex or common sense assessments - for instance, if you were new to it, etc. That's why I suggested the idea above, which gets the best of both aspects, and is more logical, in principle.
  4. Thanks, Andres, no, it was a bunch of stuff - basically everything got switched with everything - Addictive Keys with SSD, two instances of AAS Player and one T-FM, all randomly switched places after a cascade undo involving the deleting of a synth track and creating a different one. Might have to do with the multiple output assignments, which it can't manage right. Maybe it got fixed in the 06 #2. I split all tracks, reassigned I/Os, and regrouped them as instruments, and that solved it, cause you can't easily track assign synths from the rack, which would have made more sense. I don't get Instrument Tracks - they seem to be neither here nor there. There should be output/mix tracks - those in the console, and source tracks - those in the sequencer, which would be of two kinds - MIDI and audio. The FX box of the output track assigned to the source track would be available in the source track pane in the Track View, just like now, for quick edits. And you would freely associate synths with source/MIDI tracks, as well as output tracks, from menus in the rack. Maybe a button to lock associations, if you're afraid you might screw up something. And that's it.
  5. Nevermind, I've solved it. Lost an hour of my life. Maybe the problem would get solved in the near future.
  6. CW just messed up all the track-synth associations, in the middle of a project. Anybody know how to unmess them?
  7. I have it on automatic background scan because I want it to update itself on VST changes, but normally it would scan the shell and if no change is found, move on. The difference is now it rescans every module.
  8. After the update, CW rescans all Waves plugins on almost every single start. Need to wait for a couple of minutes on every open, otherwise the projects load with plugins missing.
  9. This is what I call doing business. A week ago, I made a suggestion to Overloud, about their new Supercabinet. I didn't even contact them, it was just a comment to one of their videos. Today they've launched a new version, exactly to implement that feature. It took them a week. No comments, no to and fro. It's their interest to make their product better. And from what I've seen the first reactions are positive. And I'll be happy to use the feature. This is what I'm talking about.
  10. You've just set a limit to "doing it right", to 4 bands plus filters. It follows that all fully parametric EQs with unlimited bands, in the world, are for those who "do it wrong". I seriously don't think that's the case, and I can quickly give you an 8 area EQ template as a default. No one has to do anything. But you won't be able to take part in a discussion on 85 topics , or 50, or 30, unless you read about them. It is the way it is. Personally, I don't only read titles. And if you're looking for certain features in a DAW, you're gonna have to take part in the topics about them. It's a favor you're doing yourself, not anybody else. That maybe sounds like a little too many motivational books, right there. I don't need to make anything work, I didn't even need to come up with ideas. It's not my job to, and I have no personal stakes in it. I don't have a personal crusade to change CW. I have done that as a well intended initiative to put my ideal version of the DAW out there. Further down, it's everyone's prerogative to support, for themselves, what they also wish to have as features, and it's CW's prerogative to improve their product, in whichever way makes sense, as they're looking to have a competitive DAW. People can get together and support those changes they want themselves, I didn't intend it as a personal favor to me, and there's no point in making it an 8 hour job to convince anybody of anything. It's neither an ego trip, nor a personal pursuit. Moreover, the suggestions are already explained in full, and if anybody needs any further clarification on something, they can just ask - I've had talks with those who wished to participate, on several of them, and some were quite nice.
  11. @murat k.@Teegarden Thank you guys for your encouragement, but I don't think posting individual posts for now around 85 suggestions would be a good idea. The amount of reading would be the same, it would just be harder to navigate, correlate and follow the suggestions, the overlapping and repeated ideas, etc. Anyway, if people are too lazy to read through a 5 minute text, I don't think following 85 separate posts will be easier. My idea was simple - people would read, and say "I agree with C4" or "I want B16, too", or whichever, or just quote what they like, and whoever else wanted the same thing could give it a like. If anybody had an additional idea, they could suggest it, and have it added. This way we could have created a group effort, which would have had a little more impact, and correlate all ideas together, cause many pertain to similar aspects or the same general workflow, etc. For instance, another idea I have for the EQ, that I haven't added to the list, would be the optional doubling of the EQ bands, to a total of 8 bands + the filters, via an interface button. Basically add another row of knobs in the interface, sharing the same visualizer, via a button that says "(switch to) 8-band" or similar. Personally I found that 4 band is a little limitative, and many times I need more. 8 bands would turn it into a power house, and pretty much cover any EQ needs. Programming wise, I think it would be nothing, just insert another EQ module in the same track, without the additional visualizer and filters. It could be done in a few hours.
  12. how did you make that video? it's cool. to the able to detach the window from its fixed position and reposition it is also among the suggestions on my list of requests.
  13. yeah, everywhere i've seen it mentioned it's got great reviews - especially the zen3 platform. i have the same aggressive setting for the thread scheduling. speed wise the vishera can pull it off, even though i've got some hungry plugins, but it's the rest of the problems that ruin the mood. in benchmarks, i've seen the 3700x on zen3 is at least double the speed of the 8 core vishera, depending on the test.
  14. They are, but in terms of revisiting choices already implemented, they seem less than to not-at-all enthusiastic. They say that it doesn't matter, but it's true that maybe more of the guys reporting crashes and all kinds of irregular behavior are on AMD. If I were CW, I would probably make a statistic, so I can get an idea. A lot of the market is on AMD, so that shouldn't be normal behavior, either way. I'm looking to go on to Ryzen, which is still AMD, but I've heard is optimized a lot better as a multi-core.
  15. Thanks, man, I'm glad you agree - I mean it would be useful and beautiful to see all those things implemented. I've stopped updating it, because it seems they were left largely unanswered, and there is a resistance to change - and even the two that were implemented when I last updated, could have been implemented in an a lot smoother and more intuitive way, in my view. Since then I've had maybe another 10-15 ideas about improvements or workflow corrections - like setting all the VU visualizations settings from a single dialog window, for all the views and work modes, instead of 5 or 6 separate menu items, in two views, each with separate submenu items that need to be clicked individually, going at least 20 times through the menu tree, like now. Or registering all the customization and Preference settings in a single file that can be saved and reloaded on a fresh install - including menus, lenses, visualizations, you name it. I've stopped adding the new ideas, because it seems there's no point. I've cut D17 on the list. I hadn't even noticed it. To be honest, I haven't worked a serious heavy session in CW for a few months now. I'm still waiting for some serious betterment in terms of that list, and especially stability, but I hadn't noticed that change announced in any release notes.
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