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  1. @Jim Fogle I think I'll break it down in smaller chunks, of 10 or so, so people don't get discouraged by it being too long. Need to find the time to choose/start with the things that will be the biggest gain in the short run. Any preferences?
  2. You're right about that, and every time there's a disagreement - or even misunderstanding - the first reflex is to put somebody down or insult, which effectively makes any longer term relationship impossible, since disagreement between any two people is, at some point, inevitable. I think it's a good idea, and I'll try it. Thanks for the suggestion 🤘👍.
  3. Hi, Jim! I understand what you're saying, but think about posting - at this point - 76 different posts, and then talking separately on all 76 of them. It would mean flooding the forum, which I wanted to avoid, one, and then, generate endless discussions about all of them - cause you know how those can get. Plus, I thought about having a centralized document for changes. My initial idea was not to go into debate for each, but put them out there, on a list, so that people can vote in the way of "hm, I would to see this, that, and that, this and the other may be helpful, and don't want this, that, and that", so that we can get a notion of those that will be the most requested, to bring them forward to the attention of Bandlab. A sort of simple voting. That doesn't mean we can't talk about them or have alternative suggestions - if there's better ideas on how to simplify some operations, why not - I mean, that's the idea. So feel free to ask. It'd be nice to talk about the actual suggestions, instead of judgments over intentions, for a change. You've actually given me an idea. I'm noing to number them, instead of the bullets, so that you, or anyone, can easily address 1, 5, 25, etc. Would that help?
  4. Added two more suggestions: "Duplicate Track" option in the Console View, in the right click menu, same as in the Track View. Mouse Scroll wheel moves slider on both scroll bars (vertical and horizontal scrolling), on placing cursor over them - in all Workspaces.
  5. I will fear not 😄. Based on the guys on the Facebook groups, I got the feeling people were more relaxed and open. Many are, to be honest. So seem the guys at Bandlab.
  6. You've got to be joking. "Everything", you say. Even those that don't exist yet, like drag & drop options, copying settings among FX, or opening instruments in the Console, "are working better" now. You sound about right on one thing, though. You do sound like a Reason user. Cause that's pretty much the tone that I'd started to be allergic to, on Reason forums. And they do react to talking about the program as if it was "like insulting someone's mother". It's like their entire identity is hinged around their gear, and their DAW being declared flawless is more important to them than working easily in it, even if afterwards they admit doing the mixing in other DAWs, because of its limitations, etc. That's a sign of emotional issues, more than objective assessment, as far as I can gather. I see you've carried this style of speaking here, too. And I'm glad to see you stopped here not to make any useful suggestions, but just enough to "assert yourself". Get a life.
  7. Thanks a lot, Blindeddie, that worked for both plugins that didn't show up.
  8. That's what I was talking about - I mean that's the idea behind the suggestions - make everything reflex, without a need to think about the procedures.
  9. Awesome! I imagine for things to become a priority, they need to be useful for more people. That's why I posted them here, hoping people would point out what they want themselves, so we can get a sense of the best improvements. They seem to be reluctant to just say what they want or not, though, which I don't understand.
  10. yeap, the thing is that, if you agree with them, too, they become our requests, and the more, the merrier, as they say. 🤗
  11. As Noel said , and I have no reason to doubt his words or believe he just said them, you will see at least two of these changes in the next release - for instance, the ability to open instruments directly from the console, by clicking on the track icon. They're suggestions from this very list. He was very open about it. A lot more - and that's my surprise - than people who actually stand to gain from them, but put more effort into justifying why they wouldn't want to ease their workflow, and improve Cakewalk, in the process, which Bandlab actually welcome and need, than in actually helping.
  12. So, let me see if I understood you well: you agree that it's good to have a workflow that is intuitive and doesn't make you stop and think, but only in recording, and not in mixing or editing, because you don't make specific genres of music. This is a chance to do exactly that.
  13. Great pholisophy. I guess changing software is better and more helpful than just assisting Bandlab in having Cakewalk perform at its best. One thing I don't understand, if change suggestions are "deafening" why seek them out, and still comment, but distructively, instead of ignoring them in the first place? You see, if I were bothered by the existence of improvement suggestions, I'd avoid them, instead of going in just to tell people to not have them.
  14. I appreciate your message. I don't have a passion for words, just haven't found a way of saying many things with a single sentence yet. As for for the complexity, it's not that hard. If you find something you want, too, just say I'd like this, this, and that, select the points you like, and click "quote selection". Or "this one's already impelemented". Maybe add something else, that you want. It's easy.
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