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  1. i've installed it, but it has no selectable install paths, and it makes folders all over the place. i've tried moving the freetaktvst folder to my vst folder, and cakewalk doesn't see it. the freetaktvst folder is full of dlls. has anybody managed to get it recognized?
  2. Olaf

    Crush The Serpent

    definitely original, really driving and convincing. the mix is a bit rough, though. i would like to hear a vocal on this one. there certainly is mood and energy.
  3. Noticed slight improvement in project loading speed. "Show Clip Stretch amount to 2 decimal places" - an excellent improvement. I actually struggled with that a little bit, since I've noticed entering 2 decimals actually changed the stretch amount, but I could never see what the value actually was, needed to remember it. Toast notifications working as they should. Multidock windows order remembered correctly on project opening. Group bin FX On/Off, Insert and Delete - another great improvement. One of the best updates of late.
  4. Sounds like it could be a RAM or GPU RAM overload issue. Do you know if you had enough RAM memory still available? Did you have any other programs/windows open?
  5. I got it, this time the full release actually made a difference because of the updated dlls, though. So basically you need to skip the early access version and roll back one release to get the full installer next time. It's a shame you need to skip the early release, though. If you used a free service and limited the bandwidth, wouldn't that be an acceptable alternative?
  6. Thanks, @Noel Borthwick, I've tried the latest update, and both features work, including the mass/group bypass, regardless of the position of the fx in the chain, which is just great. Yeah, that will be great to fix in the future. Thanks for the advice, I'll try that test, and see what it says. Aha, it's good that the differentiation between EA and final is made in the DAW. 11 final release was notified correctly in the DAW, so that was good. I've seen that you've made the full installer available, so that everybody can use it, which is great. Downloaded it, installed, replaced my 3 piece puzzle installer to the latest version I've had before. Usually I look for the full installer on other sites that provide it, but it was hard to find lately, and I also suspect having it done in one piece should be more reliable, so that's all great. Thanks for everything, and looking forward to the next batch of fixes and improvements!
  7. Very happy about this update. Finally!! 🥳 solves some things that I've asked for since I was two (not really, but for a really long time). I can confirm these work on my system Browser collapsed state fails to persist when opening project Incorrect docked view order after project load and I've checked on every open so far, almost in disbelief. Call me low expectation, but seeing that actually behaving correctly makes me really happy. You learn to appreciate the simple things ☺️. Now, connected to that - all that remains, afaic, is for the Arranger Track show/hide setting to be saved and recalled correctly with the project, cause it's not, just like the Brwoser and Synth Rack weren't before this update, and the Show Velocity setting in Track View>MIDI, too - cause the Arranger Track show/hide is remembered on and off, and Show Velocity, never. I think the new Replace FX function is useful, not so much cause it removes deleting the old one manually, for a single instance - not that much effort - but it really comes in handy when you do mass replace. And so I agree with @Milton Sica that mass delete should also be possible (since mass insert and replace already are), following the same principles, and ALSO mass On/Off of rack FXs - that's a big one. That's really useful for a quick comparison across the board, to see what a plugin does, and is impossible for now. So that option added would be consistent behavior, and a very seful feature. I would argue that if we had mass Delete, combined with the already existing mass Insert, you wouldn't even need Replace at all, it would just be one extra click across the board - but having Replace, too, is a plus, not a minus, so no complaint there. However mass Delete and mass On/Off would be useful functions in themselves, not only in connection with Replace. On this topic, you should be able to click-select an Insert FX and delete it by pressing "DEL" - obviously, also for mass Delete (+Ctrl). Doing that doesn't work now, and I've had the experience - this I believe should be checked - of trying that, while in the Console View, and have it do nothing, only to find later on, that my pressing "DEL" DID do something, which was delete an audio clip that was selected in the... Track View, which is an major no-no. So, first of all, pressing anything should not do things you don't know about, in other views that are not selected, and secondly deleting FXs should be possible via pressing DEL, which would be an intuitive and common sense option. You can now optionally send "All Notes Off" messages to all VST plugins when the transport stops That seems like a good idea, I've had a synth with a somewhat longer release amp envelope setting, and it had this droning note throughout the exported song, even though the synth only came in in the last part of it - and obviously the release wasn't THAT long. So that was 😳... spooky action at a distance, to quote someone with bad hair. I don't get this, though - not the point of it, but how to interpret the behavior: Note: If the tooltip shows "Time Critical" when MMCSS is enabled in ASIO mode, it's possible that the driver is not using MMCSS, or has set up MMCSS incorrectly. On my Audient ID4 mk2 - haven't tried the Evo - when Enable MMCSS is toggled off, I get "Time Critical", and when it's on, I get "Realtime" - in ASIO, obviously. Does that mean that the audio driver CAN manage MMCSS on its own, or that it CAN'T? For this, Bouncing with selected aux tracks alone doesn't automatically include sources routed to the aux track, leading to silent output I've had the opposite happen, which is, if I select a MIDI clip for an Export Selection operation, and for some reason the output tracks for the respective synth, and/or the bus (Aux Track) summing those outputs, is/are not selected, the output of that synth is not exported, which is weird. Once you select clips to be included in a bounce, the signal path for it should be included by default, with no selection, since otherwise the bounce is not possible. Last, but not least, the automatic update within Cakewalk - which is really nice to have - doesn't work well with EA releases - there a mismatch there, which complicates updating - particularly since no links are provided for the official releases, for a reason I don't understand. The EA releases are not notified by CW update, which is OK, maybe not everybody wants to be involved, and bothered with those toasts - although, if I know anything about audio nerds, EVERYBODY can't wait for a new update, EA or not - but the problem is, if you install the EA release manually, then CW DOESN'T notify you of the final release - it treats it as being already INSTALLED - so there's absolutely no way of getting it. Basically there's no way of getting the final release anywhere - no links, and no notifications - if you've got the EA installed. I think that should be sorted out. Either the EA releases not be considered by the update notifier - like now - in which case it should notify you of the final release, even if it's the same version as the EA - or EAs be considered as a proper update, in which case you should be notified of them. Cause this way is neither here, nor there, and leaves you with no path to get the final release - or even know about it, if you've already got the EA installed manually. By the way @Noel Borthwick, if you've gone through the trouble of signing all the .dlls - which is really useful, cause Windows Defender is an absolute bitch, and there's no way of fully getting rid of it, it even blocks itself, Windows components, full installations, EVERYTHING portable, so on - I don't think I've ever had a virus that was so damaging to the computer as this "antivirus", in the most proper sense - it never remembers any permissions, so on, many times it doesn't ask, doesn't even inform, anyway, complete and utter dementia - why not provide the link to the full installer, so that we can actually make full use of the signed dlls? What's the point in making that improvement, if people can't have access to it? Anyway, really like this update. And can't wait for the next improvements.
  8. This is an older issue I've reported several times. It's very often when you move automation segments that random nodes are generated automatically along the envelope - or a node will move from a lower inflection point, in jump mode, that was set up in linear mode. And, seemingly without connection, on a couple of projects the play head will keep playing well after the end of the project, with no event listed in the Event list, or present on any audio or automation lane. There are a few other things, too, with automations, that behave weirdly. I hope these behaviors get fixed in a future release.
  9. It would be user preference if you had the choice. Otherwise it's more like a user must. As for the cost, it's probably the exact same. Regardless of how you access the installers, the bandwidth involved is the same. It's not about getting the full installer every time, instead of the update, it's about having both available, for when you need each. Like for now, when you would want to update all your dlls. I like having automatic updates in CW, don't get me wrong, I like to be notified, having the update available at a single click, that's all good. Question is what do you do when you need the full installer, or need some extra options. It's not a question of either or, but rather having both, as needed. In the end, it's just a link to the resources.
  10. It will, but, from what I understand, only those involved in the new/modified features. So why not just get the full installer instead of all this process?
  11. Doing that only replaces the dlls targeted by the update, doesn't it?
  12. It would be nice if, in addition to the automatic update available in CW, the release posts would include a link to the update installer, just like the early access posts, and also a link to the full program installer updated to the latest release. For instance, now, if you want to update all the dlls to the new signed versions - which are a good idea - there's no option provided to do it. The only option is to uninstall CW completely, and reinstall, with losing all the customizations and settings - and I'm not doing that.
  13. Ah, OK, that explains it. I had remembered 2017.
  14. I don't think that's what this is, cause even live I've never seen these problems in their shows. No, the problem in most likely the VSTs. Older generation VSTs always had that problem in the top, and so did guitar amps and everything else. They also sounded flat, bloated and sluggish, which I was noting in the sound before. There are some good plugin synths out there now, but not all of them are, and probably 5 years ago, when the show was recorded, they weren't even out.
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