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  1. Ah, OK, that explains it. I had remembered 2017.
  2. I don't think that's what this is, cause even live I've never seen these problems in their shows. No, the problem in most likely the VSTs. Older generation VSTs always had that problem in the top, and so did guitar amps and everything else. They also sounded flat, bloated and sluggish, which I was noting in the sound before. There are some good plugin synths out there now, but not all of them are, and probably 5 years ago, when the show was recorded, they weren't even out.
  3. I grew up with Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, Yanni - back whan he was playing synths - Kitaro, Tangerine Dream, so on... But that never seemed to be a problem on their records. The frequencies were more well balanced. I guess it was the hardware, going to tape, etc. That being said, I prefer a good drum kit over a drum machine any day, myself, but there are some genres where it would be harder to make them gel. JMJ started to use real drums from Rendez-Vous to Chronologie, then electric guitars, and made it work well.
  4. I agree with you, sound wise, but I wouldn't go as far as to just call it a controller - even though I've thought about that myself - because it actually generates its own sound. Just that it's not that good. And the pickups you choose - and the pickup height, that often gets overlooked - do matter for the tone, albeit not as much as the amp, the cab, and the miking, I agree.
  5. Interesting to see, but, to be honest, that's exactly what it sounds like. The roundness and the definition are gone, and those transients... I had to shut it down after a few minutes, just cause I couldn't take those clangy hi-hats.
  6. I agree with you, good modulation, great space, and a little saturation could have saved the Roman Empire, if they had had any. Good effects are everything to a tone, in electric instruments. The best example is the electric guitar, which is nothing - if anything it's a blank, not an instrument yet, sound wise - without effects. It sounds like a bad acoustic guitar, until you add the effects - amp saturation and compression included. And then it becomes an instrument, in fact, dozens of instruments, any instrument you like. It's one of the things I love about it. One thing most people miss when they shape their tone is that they don't choose what instrument that is, before thinking about miking and the rest of it.
  7. They've updated EZ Drummer to 3.0.3, so try that one to see if it helps. I've had the same problem with the first version, and I had to do a lot of dancing around to be able to assign different outs to separate CW tracks, and managed to do it with rerouting to unused outs, internally, route the intended ones to CW, then reroute back to them internally, so on. But I believe the latest release solved that problem.
  8. I've got a very strange problem that's been plaguing one of my projects for a long while now - always in the same project. Waves H-EQ bands jump randomly either when you press play, or when you move the playhead along the timeline, like in this example. In this case it happens with 4 instances at once, on repositioning the playhead. It only happens when there's an undo/redo history in the plugin, and it doesn't happen to all the instances. Anybody else ever got this? 4 Waves H-EQ Jumping on Playhead Move.mp4
  9. Absolutely, and also horizontal scrolling on mouse hover over the horizontal slider. I suggested this over three years ago. Edit: now that I'm thinking about it, the drump map menu in the channel out section, and the plugin category list in the plugin browser, could use scrolling over, too.
  10. This is something that is greatly annoying to me, as well. And I fail to see the utility behind it. If I have the clips already drawn up, every time I add new notes, or copy-paste content, it makes a mess of all the clips involved, and I have to waste time just trying to make sense of what it did, and rebounce the clips to what they were. Can this behavior be removed?
  11. The standalone loads in less than 3 secs on my Threadripper 5800X machine (16 GB RAM, NVme drives). I've tried to replicate your experiment, and the results are as follows: Default preset, idle: 1.1-1.7% After switching to the parallel double routing, and back to single: 0.4-1.1% But after switching to the "forked" double route, and back to single: 0.2-0.7%. Massive difference. Why is that? From what I've noticed, the first switch you do sets the CPU load range, if you try different ones afterwards, when you go back single the CPU use will stay at the same values as after the first switch. I swear the behavior of these digital recreations, with mathematical precision, 1s and 0s, is just as finicky and unpredictable as on the real thing. The same thing happens when you do the switch in a VST instance, in a project. CW's CPU use decreases by 0.5-0.6% for one instance of Amplitube. I wonder if you have to do the switch with every amp instance in your projects, after every open (or maybe just doing it one will suffice?). Could it be made so that it goes straight to the post switch-reswitch load, from the get go?
  12. Hey, @Peter - IK Multimedia, can I make a feature request, if I got you here? It would be the possibility of having multiple parallel FX lines in all the stages (pre amp, fx loop, post cab, etc.), without the multiple/additional amp-cab rigs? It seems like a needless load on the CPU, and makes it a little more complicated to setup. Maybe with an overall volume for each section (all the lines in that section), to ease up the gain adjustment into the next stage. Ok, two feature requests - I tend to do that: add a Coles 4038 to the mic choices. at some point - I love that microphone. I know it's an entirely different ball game, but I'm just throwing it out there for consideration - maybe at least on the new cabs, for starters. And an SM58 - I know not many people use it, but The Edge does, so... I don't know what that's worth. Some great tones to have. Maybe a The Edge artist gear pack? OK, that's three, but I'll stop here. Thanks! PS: do you know what the Vintage 20 mic emulates? I'm curious, it's a favorite of mine.
  13. I know, but there are setting and programs that stop working. Anyway, Windows works fine. I'm thinking of doing an upgrade to W11, but for some reason have some qualms about it, for the same reason. Gotta do a full backup of my system drive before that, and I've been postponing it. Any experience with W11?
  14. I've sent you a PM with a project link. Thanks, I know what it is, but Windows seems to be working fine. I've deleted the Waves entries to make sure I don't have anything hanging that causes conflicts, because reinstalling normally caused those problems with the browser categories. I try not to mess with Windows too much, because I highly customize everything, and redoing an install is a multi-day affair.
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