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  1. I've got a new one in the same series - the bit depth and noise parameters of Witch Pig Nevermore SPX get reset when the plugin is switched on/off, from the FX bin box. Don't know if it started with this version or not, it's the first time I've used it. Based on experience, I'd say not. Nevermore Witch Pig Gets Reset on Engage.mp4
  2. I wouldn't say that. It's pretty simple, option wise, but it sounds great. If you're curious, open it during playback, the way you have it set up, and then press Stop - that's when it resets, in my experience. So, whatever instructions are sent to CW when you press Stop, one of them also instructs the plugin to reset. I've just exported a project, listened to it, the snare was immensely loud and low mid heavy. One band of REQ had jumped again. Now I'm re-exporting, had to redo the EQing on that band. Lucky thing I remembered the values.
  3. A new occurrence - I can't say if it happened in previous versions, cause it's the first time I've used it - is that the Hornet SW34EQ plugin gets completely scrambled every time I open a project that includes it. All the gain knobs jump to max, the input-output link button gets engaged, the input and output settings are reset to 0, the hiss level is reset to default, and the plugin is turned off from the frame - even if it appears active in FX bin. This is very similar to things happening in the past - Softube Tape and Embertone Sensual Saxophone fully resetting on Stop/Play commands, or Waves REQ6 and H-EQ bands jumping to max value, on pressing the same. Additionally, the double arrows that open the Synth Rack/Browser/Help windows are missing - that's something I've reported a long time ago, not fixed, the toast notifications still don't go away by themselves, and the order of these three windows still gets reset, on some projects. The Arranger track always missing on open, even though it's saved with it on, so on so forth. That's just a small part of the minor stuff. Another thing that I've noted recently is that now plugins crash when i turn on/off other plugins up the chain - for instance Waves dbx crashes when I turn on/off the PA Helios Bus, in the bin, five plugins upchain, or PSP Delay crashes when I turn on/off the Reason Rack . Many times turning on/off makes pop sounds, some times the ML Drums channels start making this huge whistling/hiss noise that covers everything - not good when you're wearing headphones, I can tell you that - and a bunch of plugins keep crashing the DAW - if I remove one, another one crashes - I've gotten to 6 separate plugins crashing the DAW, on one project, at different times. Other times, CW just crashed by itself - CW core. The code is c0000005 or c0000005d. I've got all the VC redists installed. Virtual instrument outputs stops or it gets desynced every time I reposition the playhead in the time line or change the loop selection. That's some of the not so minor stuff. Not the worst. The more serious problems are wave clips that I find moved in the timeline - the contents of the clip gets repositioned when I trim the clip edges, other times various slices appear in various positions in the lane, hidden underneath other clips, so on. There's dozens of types of problems, in this department. This is the serious stuff. These are all old, and have never been fixed.
  4. Sorry, I can't help. Just wanted to say that's a cool song name, though.
  5. If you're talking about audio, it can be done, but it's a little more complicated. You need to select all the clips in the project - or only the section you want to change the tempo of - go to Clip properties and check the Stretch To Tempo box. As far as I'm concerned that should be checked by default, for any clip, cause I can't imagine a scenario where you'd want to change the tempo of the MIDI, but not of the audio. But you need to check it - before you apply the tempo changes. I hope this helps.
  6. hi will, that is not an option. i don't have a system that i only keep for music, and don't touch with anything else, i have hundreds of plugins, and dozens of programs, i don't have stock settings on anything, everything on the desktop is personalized, a clean reinstall probably means a week to reinstate the computer to what it looked like before. i can't do that every few weeks, i'd kill myself. i do maintenance fur sure, updates, some registry cleaning - i don't how good that is, in itself, but it's necessary. i did it a few times - clean reinstall - during these almost 4 years now, probably, but it's always been just a matter of time before things get corrupted again - sometimes a matter of days. I've worked with 7 interfaces, and 4-5 OSes, from Windows 7 to, now, Window 11. And the rest of the system I've changed twice - motherboard, CPU, RAM. these problems have always been a constant. and most of them do not even involve plugins - although they sure do, many times. i think there's an issue with managing RAM, i think there's one with the way the registry is handled - including cleaned - by CW, and i believe there's an issue with the way it works with graphics. many times CW sees less available ram than there is, sometimes it loads on red the same project it usually loads on green, with room to spare, stuff like that, then the first affected is the night light - which i have on by default, it seems to not work with the graphics adapter very well. and OpenGL plugins seem to be a big problem for it. the plugins it seems to have a problem with most are OpenGL. couldn't tell you more about that than this. just reset the tape settings again. that's the third time for this project.
  7. Hi everyone, Long time, no post. Installed the new release, first action was a crash on open - not finding Softube Tape activation, for some reason the activation gets reset randomly, usually after a few hours, sometimes after minutes, no connection to CW - for which reason CW reported a crash with Waves dbx - code c0000005, which seems to be related to VC++, even though everything is installed and up to date. Reinstalled iLok, loaded up fine, Tape working, except the settings of all its instances in the project were reset to default, as if they were never set up at all. All Waves plugins get scanned at each start, otherwise the project loads without them, so, if it crashes 10 times a night, which is not at all uncommon, 10 times I need to wait about 2 minutes for the scan to complete. The toast notification for the scan never goes away after the scan is complete. In all of these respects, seems that nothing has changed. I haven't participated in the discussion about the new planned releases for CW, but, in my opinion, CW is not remotely in the same league as being ready for a commercial release - and I'm only scratching the surface of the introduction here. I must have about 50 captures of things going wrong in the last few months - meaning 50 different issues, not repetitions of the same. I meant to send them to the developers, but never got around to it. Just my two cents. Will continue to work with the new release.
  8. Short interview about the technicalities of digital sound processing. Thought it was interesting for one paradox, and two misconceptions. Most people out there think digital sound is of "perfect" objective precision, whereas this interview, like the Rupert Neve interview of a few days ago, highlights two things: one, that it's not objective by default, it still involves a lot of choices, good engineering, workarounds, and, in the end, personalized algorithms, and, two, while most people think digital sound is superior in quality to analog, exactly the reverse is true. Not only is it not, but even today it's still struggling to equal the quality of good analog gear. It's true that you might get a lower noise floor - objectively, which is not automatically a good thing, subjectively, and even that's not a given - some analog gear had/has an incredibly low noise floor - but there're plenty of shortcomings. For the last few years I think it's come close, in some departments, and hopefully in the future it's gonna bridge the gap. I've talked to Jatin personally, about his Matrix delay, he knows his stuff, and he's a cool dude.
  9. fully agree! people have more and more tools, but less and less perspective of what to do with them, and why. info overload, but little knowledge.
  10. Ditto. I my experience, fast scale players, as a general rule, can't write squat. And the problem with practicing scales and riffs to no end is that you automatically form a reflex to revert back to them, instead of writing/playing/imagining lines. That's why I personally avoid it, and that's part of the reason. In honesty, I kind of avoid practicing, in general - what am I saying, I avoid it altogether - so I'm not fast at all - and don't miss it at all, except when I listen to Mike Oldfield, Eric Johnson, and John Petrucci, maybe Tony MacAlpine, in his early days - those are some of the very few guys i find can make music while playing fast, and not just play whatever, fast - so they actually make me want to be able to do that, instead of just ignoring them, which is the default mode for most. On the other hand, my favorite guitar players are Dave Gilmour, The Edge, Tony Iommi, B. B. King, so on. People who wrote music on guitar, not just played fast, to no apparent outcome .
  11. I'm curious about the negative side. Luckily, we can make music for ourselves now, and promote it oursleves - that's the bad part. For what I hear about the music business, I wouldn't sign up with a corporation even if they asked me to. The fascination is gone. And I would never give up the rights to anything I wrote. I'd rather be buried with it - hopefully not any time soon.
  12. Cool! I'll make time to watch. Even though not my favorite Beatle.
  13. great voice. can't stand the hiss on that microphone, though. it literally hurts my ears. and there's a chest rumble in there, too. enough to turn me off. no crying here. probably cause i don't listen to the lyrics anyway, unless they jump at me, and they're not syrupy - otherwise i turn the word recognition center off, and just listen to the music/sound.
  14. I pay for my Waves plugins, whenever I have the cash and I like the particular promotion - I usually go for the pay 2, get 4 promotion, but, as of late, I have everything on the "free" list that I'm interested in - but I use a cracked version, with no Waves Central - and a lot less drive space, and RAM occupied, no folders erratically written everywhere. 🤫 don't tell anybody... I'm not a professional Waves basher, like I see some people being, I actually like many of their plugins - some, like the SSL emulations - Mixhub and EV2 - to me are the best available - I haven't tried any UAD stuff - and many more. Plus the prices are great, and I've had a great experience with their support when I suggested a few fixes and improvements for Mixhub - about 15 of them, for those who think my 100 point CW suggestion list is a bit much. But the new subscription only model they just switched to - own nothing and be happy - was too much for me. They're backtracked, but the taste will never go away. I've always asked myself, in a world where the big software developers only have a few employees each, working full time, how these people maintain permanent offices in America, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, India, and so on. Something doesn't add up for me, there.
  15. A lecture I invite everyone to watch, for a little perspective, especially those who believe the planet was invented in the 1990s. Some points maybe to take into account in digital engineering. Extremely interesting, even though the tempo should probably have been a little faster 😋.
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