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  1. that plugin sounds awesome. the compressor is fantastic. like a more neutral ssl channel comp.
  2. that's smart of you to assume, as most of the problems i've encountered in cakewalk seem to have something to do with graphics and visualizations, one way or the other. but i have all the latest drivers, no conflict is reported anywhere, all other software works just fine - and even in cakewalk the problems seem to vary. i've reinstalled all the c++ packages - and cakewalk, from scratch, and now the automatic reset of the project layout saved, on load, has stopped. still crashed on project render, by itself, though - vcruntime140.dll error - which i have just reinstalled straight from the microsoft website. 😋 on the other hand, there's weird stuff, like saving in the tracks view remembers the collapsed setting of the pc modules in the console, but saving in the console view doesn't - and that can't be driver related. so i'd say it's a graphics related cakewalk optimization glitch - or several - that connect to many issues - for instance resetting vsts that communicate among instances. something that reunites sound and graphics - either vc packages, directx, don't know, i'm just assuming from the little i know about windows multimedia modules - i'm no programmer at all, just judging by the basic common knowledge i have. on the other hand, i have accidentally stumbled onto a way of having the browser bar available in the console view, and that makes me terribly happy. simplifies life a bunch. and haven't had any tape resets - i don't even dare try to replicate the behavior that usually resets them all, for fear it'll start again. it doesn't take much to make me happy. i just wish i didn't bump into stuff like that. cause i love everything else.
  3. https://app.slatedigital.com/academy/courses/484005/chris-lord-alge-rock-mixing I found this interesting.
  4. https://app.slatedigital.com/academy/courses/744623/ultimate-guide-to-synthesizers Enjoy!
  5. Thanks, man! I have about 90 plugins inserted in the project. Could that be it?
  6. Can you try to see if they work in a crowded project? After happily reporting it working, I still get the same problem. They open up fine in an empty project, but the problems appear when the project is already CPU heavy - around 50%, in my case. I usually manage to insert an instance of each - eq and compressor - sometimes it opens well, sometimes it doesn't - but never a second one, without having the visualization problem. Sometimes even the first ones that I've inserted won't visualize on open - and may crash CW. They work, musically, I can hear the impact on the track, but can't visualize and crash.
  7. No, it's the 1.1.7. Normally it doesn't make any problems. I tried to open it, I think it was with the playback on, I'm not sure.
  8. Haven't tried it, it's deactivated to avoid conflicts. Usually TH-U doesn't make any problems, this was the first time in a while. Do you have any similar problems?
  9. Good idea, since I've noted that some settings are saved if you save them in the Track View, but not if you save in the Console view (like the collapsed states of the one knob PC modules on Instrument tracks, Show velocity on MIDI clips in Notes mode, etc.). So I've tried it. Now the Midnight compressor couldn't open either - so neither of them. It crashed Cakewalk a couple of times - the first time the blank VST was open, the Aim Assist time was frozen somewhere on the ruler, but the cursor could move, but without the Aim Assist time, and after a few seconds CW closed, before I could take a snapshot. I tried it in Reason, it worked. So I reinstalled over the old ones, opened an empty project in Cakewalk, they both worked, opened both in Console and in Track. So I reopened my project again, and now they both work. 😗😦😮 It's like the Twilight Zone. Given the blank frame and the freeze, I think it's conflicting with the graphics somewhere - could be DirectX, or the VC++ redist packages, it's what I can think of, I'm no programmer. Reinstalled the packages a few times, used the latest in various configurations, no change. I had noted some things along the same lines before - screen going black, sometimes losing the settings on the control bar - position, collapsed modules, etc. In addition, resetting some plugins - just reset all my Softube Tapes again, this is maddening. Gotta reload them all. If I don't lose them at least once a night, I haven't worked long enough. Mostly when I play with the cursor position or the set loop during playback, so I always make sure to stop the playback, but often it does it anyway. I've had crashes moving the cursor line during playback, or clicking on an automation envelope. Or changing the preferences while playback was on.
  10. Hi guys, Bug The Focusrite ISA Midnight EQ 1.7 (VST2) does not display at all. The Midnight Compressor works fine - they're a bundle, installed and activated at once.
  11. I guess you're right, I only use two at once - measures, and time - so that would make two rows of information, which fits just fine. But I'm sure a workaround can be found. For instance, even it spills in the empty space of the context menu bar, above, that wouldn't probably hinder, since there's nothing there - and even if it were, positioning the mouse directly on that bar hides the aim assist time anyway, so you can hit anything without a problem.
  12. Crashes for tonight: 4, so far - 3 trying to change the ASIO latency - 2 in the pics, one closed without warning - 1 trying to save while playing, again, closed without warning. On my Creative Audigy 2 ZS - 24 Bit (seen by CW as 16 Bit), 48 KHz.
  13. New problem that I've encountered in the 2020.04 - EA1 and still persists in EA2: - Project saved with the Browser and Synth Rack windows docked at bottom (since they are not accessible in the Console view). On open, the project initially displays the saved configuration, Console view, with the 2 windows docked at bottom, then a rectangle flickers in the left upper corner of the screen (over the title bar) - shortly and blank, cannot visualize it - and all the docked windows disappear, are reset to default setting (docked at right, for Track view only), then the program automatically docks to bottom a Multitrack Piano Roll window, and it opens to it. Problems existing in previous versions: - New plugin that randomly gets reset to the default settings, on various operations - mainly transport and set play loop related: Konsol (by Analog Obsession, VST3, 64 Bit). It adds to Softube Tape (again, VST3, 64 Bit). If you can find the common instruction that resets these two plugins - in all or just some of their instances, the behavior varies, don't know according to what - Cakewalk randomly sends that instruction when you play with the loop points or transport bar, and it's a bitch. Unless saved, they're lost for good, and even if saved, have to manually reload them for many instances, several times a session. Sometimes I don't even realize they're reset, and all my subsequent mix choices on the track are null and void, and have to be redone on reloading the right setting. A BITCH. - Cakewalk does not remember the following saved settings for a project, and resets them on reopen: - Show Aim Assist Time (additional question: why not place the time display rectangle ABOVE the ruler in the Navigation Bar, on the free space of the contextual menu? This new Show/Hide option is well intended, but doesn't solve the problem: either you have no time assist (defeats the purpose) or, if you use it, you have the same problem you had before the option was implemented - it covers the navigation bar ruler. Why not change the display position, and you won't need any check option at all?) - Hide velocity on MIDI clips in Note mode - Hide Navigator in Track view - One knob PC modules collapsed states on instrument tracks (not for audio tracks), IF SAVED IN CONSOLE VIEW (if saved in Track view, no problem). - The Wet Only ON state on the Nasty DLA (Variety of Sound) plugin (on Send buses) - The presets loaded on Roland Juno 106, and on Slate Digital SSD 5.5. So I have to redo all these operations on each project open before starting work - again, a bitch. - Deleting an automated PC module does not delete the automation envelope. - Reassigning an automation envelope from the drop down menu does not reassign envelope but creates a new envelope for the new selection. Windows 10 machine here. Looking for good news, guys. Take care and good luck!
  14. @Jim Fogle Hey, Jim, I've seen that you've proposed the polls to allow comments, to discuss any suggestions in them. Why not discuss them here? That's why I posted this.
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