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  1. * Same problem with the exports on version 145, too, consistent with every build since the 09 update. Since the update, exporting is consistently a nightmare. After you work a while on the project, it exports silence - both via the new dialog or the Control Bar export. The best it does - sometimes, rarely - it just mutes certain tracks - sometimes audio, sometimes midi. I have to close the project and open it up again. * Same problem with recognizing the end of the project badly - on the latest one, about 32 bars further. It doesn't display anything in the track lanes that you can identify as causing the problem, and delete. * This latest project never opens with the Arranger sections strip view On, even though it's saved like that, and for a while now, it doesn't save the Wet Only setting for Nasty DLA mkII. So, even on reopen I have to remember to modify a lot of stuff, before I can retry exporting, to see if it works that time around. For a while, the Wet Only setting was remembered - together with the Arranger strip visualization, they seem to work/not work in tandem - so I thought the problem was solved, but, no, it isn't. It's still there. 😒
  2. initially, it was the playback size, then i tried two other values, but with the same result. i tried about 6-7 exports, then let it go. No, everything stereo or mono. i hope i won't, but if i do, i'll let you know.
  3. no, i haven't. i didn't know about the option. but ALL effects were disabled, not just the reverbs. yes, that was the setting. no, it restarted working by itself. for now i am using a 140 buffer, and it's working.
  4. After updating to 141, the export function didn't work for almost 2 days. It either exported silence, or exported the song with no effects at all - including guitar amps, etc. - or with only some of the tracks audible, some of the tracks coming in and out. This was for both the new menu and for exporting from from the control bar. It just started reworking by itself. Yesterday, a spontaneous Waves Element failure - which never caused any problems - completely disabled the master bus, and both sound interfaces made weird fax like crackes/pops/buzzes on opening the project or toggling plugins on/off. Element was on a previously frozen and unfrozen track.
  5. That happens a lot here, too, on ASIO. Didn't even think about reporting it. Just pray the "good" export doesn't have it. If not, re-export until it doesn't.
  6. The first issues reported seem directly related to this release - this one included "* When you edit or change settings during playback (playback loop on/off, resize audio clips, move audio clips across tracks, etc.), the output of all synths drops out." - even if doesn't specifically include "on export" it's the exact type of problem that is found in the export issues. For the rest I can't tell, since I haven't used the Arranger blocks before. The buffer size is also related to this update - I understand your point on that one. Still believe that the technical aspects should be handled by the DAW, not the user. The Workspace and clip gain I agree are not, but there is no point in making 10 separate posts for what is finally a single issue - stuff that needs to be looked into, and that should probably be centralized, anyway. If it were up to me, I'd collect all reports, regardless of how and when they come, and make a list of things to look into, for a shortest feasible solution. That's why I thought having them together actually helps. But that's just me. Another issue, a new one, which I've only detected in this update is this - with the audio track armed and monitored for recording, the existing, pre-recorded clips, that you record over, are still being played back while you record. Finally, another Arranger related issue, that completes the first batch - as I've said, don't know when it appeared - is that cutting and pasting Arranger parts doesn't seem to work. If you think they're worth looking into, you can decide what to do with them.
  7. Issues that I've encountered since updating to 09: * Sometimes synth tracks drop out, on export; * Sometimes synths are out of alignment with the audio, on export; * When you edit or change settings during playback (playback loop on/off, resize audio clips, move audio clips across tracks, etc.), the output of all synths drops out. Arranger is a mess - I don't know if that was there before, it's the first time I've tried to use it: * When promoting arranger tracks (moving parts forward, in the order) - either by hand or in the arranger window - the program crashes; in the rare instances it doesn't crash, what and how it moves, only God knows - some clips, yes, some, not, the Arranger block header, not, so on so forth; it's unusable; * When demoting arranger parts - it doesn't switch the parts in the order, it just lengthens the song by ADDING the part moved in the place you moved it to, and leaves a gap in the original place 😳; I don't get the logic behind that; if you also have a tempo variation along the way, the result is a mess, cause it doesn't know how to handle moving parts among different tempos. * Also, when demoting arranger parts, some audio clips are truncated for no reason - you need to resize them every time. * In the process of moving arranger parts, audio clips get misplaced randomly in the project. I've had audio clips thrown back as far as bar 867, in a project that ended at bar 110. If I didn't tag every single audio clip, I wouldn't even know what those were, so I would have to spend time finding where they belonged. The export in that instance took about 45 minutes, and I had no clue why - cause it's not like it announces it misplaces clips. Workspaces - when you choose one as default, it applies it over the existing project settings, on load, so it does more harm than good. If you choose none as default, it doesn't apply it to new projects, so it doesn't help. Default Workspaces should only be applied to new projects. The settings a project are saved with should override everything. You don't choose particular settings and save the project with them, to have them replaces by the Workspace every time you open it. Meter resolutions should be a part of the Workspace settings, as much as anything else. When applying a Workspace to a project it should act like a mass settings import, after which it should no longer intervene. Any changes that you make and save with should be kept on project load - again, saved project settings should override everything. Clip gain: when I create a gain envelope on a clip, it automatically creates envelopes for all clips in that track. I avoid using the feature, cause I have to spend time deleting all other envelopes afterwards; don't get the logic behind that move either. When you select a clip, it should only create the envelope for that clip. About the buffer: we're not engineers, and shouldn't start engineering our own exports, I think Cakewalk should automatically choose the fastest buffer size based on the available resources, and we have to trust that it does a great job. When I choose a compressor, I don't have to manually adjust the THD, the compression curve, the noise levels and such, I just know that the compressor has all of those dialed to where it sounds good, and that's why I choose it. How would somebody change their buffer size? What do I check, and what calculations do I need to make, to make sure it's the fastest that works without dropouts, and such? And what is that about the buffer size changing the sound of the track? That shouldn't happen in any circumstance, and I shouldn't need to change the buffer size according to "how I want the track to sound", should I? I have plugins for that. Just my experience, if it's of any help improving this program.
  8. True, but then you've got undo, and you can just not save after the export, if you export at the end. In the end, I understand that each has got their own processes, for their own type of projects, and it's an addition, to a subtraction, so it's not something I mind, particularly since I don't use that dialog anyway - too many things to look at for a simple operation. It's just that I believe there are tons of issues more pressing that are constantly pushed back.
  9. I haven't seen any switch for that, but to access the old dialog you can choose Export from within your Control Bar module.
  10. Yeah, that's what I still use. To be honest, I don't see the point to the new dialog, which does everything you could very easily already do before. I mean if you waned to export without effects, you can select all tracks (CTRL+A), then click on the FX rack On/Off, then export. It's not hard; if you wanted it without sends, you can open up all sends buses, select, mute, then export. I don't see much utility in replacing the On/Off on the tracks with a check box in the dialog, still the same thing, only with more clutter to manage. But, hey, it's and addition, to a diminution, so I don't mind. What I would do is solve the End of Project recognition on export, which many have complained about, since automatic recognition obviously doesn't work, for several reasons, one of them being that automations are still handled at least clumsily, and ghost automations are hard to identify and impossible to remove; and it's so easy to solve - just insert a marker, like a transport cursor with a big E on top of it, that ends the project where it's placed. That's it, problem solved, no more recognition, no more nothing; make it easy to open up the buses pane, with a toggle Show/Hide button inserted on the Multidock; instead of dragging and scrolling and fitting them back to size all the time. Side Multidock (Browser, Synth Rack, Help, all that) available in the Console View; so easy to insert FX, instead of the big menu, which is also good - and love the new fonts, I've never commented on that; that's what I always use, I found a workaround to make it available, but it opens over the tracks instead of pushing them to the side, so more scrolling is needed to insert in the tracks to the right; drag and drop create instrument track in the Console View, from the Browser; why need to switch views to do that? easy to Open/Close the Sends with an easy access toggle button instead of a menu; that bugs me to no end; global Send FX On/Off for selected tracks, for individual buses; an All On/Off control for all instances of a specific plugin in the FX rack, by select all, ctrl+click on the power button of any of them; horizontal scrolling on mouse hover over the horizontal scroll bar. These are options that are needed and, among others, will also make it so much easier to choose all export options in the DAW before even hitting export, with just as much effort, but these simplifications are much more deeply reaching than that. ___________ I am SO PLEASANTLY IMPRESSED with the Browser, Synth Rack, and Help windows in the side Multidock now remembering their order and size in the project. Been waiting for so long for that. Also with the collapse state retention of the one-knob modules in the PC. Wow! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 👍
  11. It's ok, I don't mind, I have no problem with the old dialog, I was wondering if it might have been a slip.
  12. No sound coming out, and playback working intermittently in 2021.06. https://we.tl/t-Nsva1wSCmN
  13. When exporting from the Control Bar, the export dialog is the old one.
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