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  1. No, Scook is right, it can be installed in a custom location, and in the VST folder it's just fine. I've exported the registry records of the previous installation, as per your and scook's advice from a previous post, and kept only those pertaining to customization - folders, plugin settings and menus, etc. - made a few separate registry entries for the control bar, changing the location of the studio instruments, etc., to have all these modifiable on a click and all seems to work fine. But for a while, I had the CA-2A in one of the Internals folders. It could have generated a message like "CA-2A is not ptoperly installed", "can't locate resources", or the likes, but the reaction was strange.
  2. I've reinstalled from scratch, because the previous installation had become corrupted. Reinstalled the CA-2A and custom placed it to where I like it. It was probably a separate folder inside Internals, at some point. The result was that the CA/2A placeholder in the PC module menu was taken by Space, clicking on it crashed the DAW, and all the FX plugins in the project were listed as CA-2A. I've solved it, but is this normal?
  3. I think at some point CW will not be free anymore, because all this development work costs money, and nobody pays indefinitely without a goal in sight, just so random people around the world can have fun. That's why I think "not rocking the boat" in hopes that it will stay the same (even with some problems, but free) doesn't serve anyone. Not us, and not the developers. Cause it can't be free forever. So I think "rocking the boat" constructively, in good faith and with good intentions is actually a good thing to do, for everybody - especially with a view to a return on the paid market - where all the free user niceness and casual praising are instantly gonna go away. For one, I'd gladly pay for it, I don't mind, if it's an affordable figure - and I think it richly deserves to be paid for - provided the crashes and unexpected behaviors are taken care of. But I don't like subscriptions either, I'd much rather buy each update and own it. Glad you solved the problem. From my experience deleting the registers manually helps in many cases.
  4. It's true all these things fail, but all are reported to work fine - and do work fine. Besides, it's a classic case of all variables changing, with one remaining constant. That's the one you should look into. As for the handful of people, I counted 7 reports of issues on just the first page of this thread. Remember the number on the 07 Early Access. Plus all the numerous other threads. And you could also check the FB groups - I'm on two, and there are several people reporting problems each day. I don't think it's just a handful. And it's not coming up with problems out of boredom.
  5. With all due respect, Noel, this is more of a logical conclusion, that an assumption. As an exercise, what would your own objective and uninvolved conclusion be about a hypothetical third party DAW, that you have no connection with, in the following scenarios: Plugins stop being seen all of a sudden, seemingly spontaneously, without you doing anything to them, and they are still seen in other environments, the only change happened in that DAW environment. Or you change properties on other plugins, in the DAW, and the next time you open they get removed and readded as if the individual plugins were no longer the same, or the old references were no longer valid. Or when you change, in the course of time, hardware components, drivers, and the version of Windows, but certain behaviors remain the same. Or you install an update, do nothing else, and certain things stop working, or start behaving differently. But when you add them all together? Plus other behaviors mentioned in the course of time.
  6. TH, I think a lot of problems in Cakewalk come from a faulty way it writes, updates and deletes Windows registry records. I've had problems where it all of a sudden - without me doing anything identifiable - stopped recognizing plugins that were properly installed - or if you changed some of the plugin properties, on the next open, all those plugins appeared as removed and added, without doing anything to the actual .dll or .vst3 files. When I had the plugin recognition problem, what I did was manually delete all the registry keys related to those plugins, then reinstalled, and it solved the problem. I think you could try opening up the registry, and looking for all Cakewalk related records, under all categories, and deleting them. You can uninstall Cakewalk before you do that, for a clean reinstall - I don't think it's mandatory, but at this point it doesn't hurt to completely remove all the potential for failure. After you've manually cleaned the registry, restart, and use an automatic registry cleaner CCleaner, Jet Cleaner to fix any bad references remaining. Than reinstall Cakewalk. See if that fixes your problem.
  7. Seems like the frame rate for the wave visualization changes too fast for the CPU to keep up.
  8. I've had a similar experience with Waves Grand Electric 80, on loading the samples, with no audio driver set. I don't get the connection, but once I've set the audio I/Os, it loaded the samples normally.
  9. Admin, please delete the repeated message (my own, to avoid confusion ). It's reposted it, and I don't know how to do it myself. Thanks.
  10. @Noel BorthwickBecause we've done that before, and I really appreciated it, but other than taking up the idea with the PC modules settings Copy/Paste - which I really welcome, but even that was implemented kind of limitedly and rigidly - and now the shortcut to open Synths in the Console view, which is awesome, but there's still no easy way to do it with the mouse - other than taking up these two ideas, which is very cool, none of the actual crashing, plugin compatibility, settings retention, and hardware recognition related problems have been solved. And if the endeavor starts with already assigning the problems to third parties, it looks a bit like deja vu. That's why. Not that I'm not open. But it's not very encouraging. There are a few glitches that are clearly third party - for instance in Waves CLA MixHub - and those I've directly taken up with them, I haven't even mentioned them here. Of the 7 bugs that I've reported to them, Tal from Waves has been able to confirm 3, on two I'm waiting to hear from him in more specific scenarios, one - the ability to uncheck the Property setting of "Configure as tempo based effect", which doesn't get saved, is probably a compatibility issue of theirs with CW, while the 7th, a visualizing error of the insert, is probably CW related - I've had several types of those in CW, with various VSTs or PC modules, especially in busy, hardware pushing projects, of which one or two I've reported in the forum. So, I am open to analyzing these together, and I appreciate the invite, but if the premise is "there's no problem, it's someone else's - a third party's - problem", that may not help us, in the long run, solve the problem. It might make us feel better in the short run - illusorily so - but not really help us. We'll talk more in PMs.
  11. I agree with you. I didn't know that about the Staff View, but it's a good extra example of what I was saying. The behavior should be consistent, and these commands are standard in all Windows environments, and other DAWs, too. That's the way I see it, too. Additionally, in the PRV, left double click and drag: draw custom length note - draw custom length note is good, we should just clear right click for contextual menus, and move selecting to left click lassoing.
  12. Yeah, I like the way CW sounds, too. Also the options, and the interface. I just wish it worked predictably and without glitches.
  13. @Noel Borthwick Thanks Noel, I will. But if that's the starting premise, I doubt we will solve much of anything. For that to happen we need to start looking at the cause first. These are problems (part of many - like plugins in the FX rack - CLA MixHub, being the latest experience - rack spontaneously starting working, until they are replaced, just like Console Emulators sometimes to in the PC) that only happen in CW. If we blame the plugin, we might deceive ourselves to feel better in the short term, but the problem is not going to go away, and will still be there until we address it.
  14. Addendum: while I was up in CW to document the print screens and delete those two orphaned automations, it reset all my tapes. Again. I use tapes on all the tracks, including the Master Bus. I need to reload all of them. And I need to make sure I save everything, every tiny variation I make, to have something to load. Sometimes it happens several times a session, and sometimes, when it happens on just a few tracks, and I'm tired, I might not even consciously notice it, although I usually notice, but naturally think I made a wrong move somewhere, and start modifying, only to realize all the changes I make need to me redone, because the tape was reset. So I need to navigate like a thief at night through the various sections of the project, avoiding to change selections or mess with the transport as much as possible, because they're gonna get reset again. Is that so hard to fix? Please. Find out from Softube which set of instructions resets the plugin. And then look for the way CW sends those instructions to it, across different tracks at different times. This also happens, in a more limited way, to Analog Obsession Konsol. Thanks.
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