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  1. I got Producer V2 in that cheap bundle and just leaped up to 5.x for $79 or so. I got the bundle for the Groove3 subscription. Rolling up my sleeves now. Been a Reaper guy but Reaper has never been very intuitive for me. I hope Studio One will inspire me a little more.
  2. Brett

    UVI Synths Legacy

    Delivered and installed today.
  3. Brett

    UVI Synths Legacy

    Ordered both at same time. Got Strobe 2 shipping notice on the 5th. Haven't received shipping notice for Synths Legacy yet.
  4. Brett

    X-Change Collections

    The website is working: https://xchangemarket.net/bundle/register_bundle_recording.php
  5. Brett

    X-Change Collections

    marob, a bundle ID came in the Xchange Producer box that was mailed to me. I registered this ID at the xchangemarket.net website. I was then emailed a security code which I entered on the website. Then, presto, the serial numbers were emailed to me. I had no problems getting Presonus Studio One Producer 2.0 and Groove3 set up. I haven't tried the others. I'm happy with the purchase, which I think was $40.
  6. Would it be possible to use Unfiltered Audio's Triad to output a freq band while muting the other bands and skipping the effects? Just use it as a freq splitter. Thanks.
  7. Zo, yes, all. Arturia previews have two paths. The CZ V path automatically loaded previews into KK. The ARP, CS-80, JUP-8V, etc paths required the Native Access preview library to be installed. C:\ProgramData\Arturia\CZ V\Third Party\Native Instruments\presets\.previews (The CZ V preview sound files are located in the previews folder) and C:\ProgramData\Arturia\ARP 2600 V3\Third Party\Native Instruments\presets\PAResources (These preview sound files are in the 7GB Native Access preview library download)
  8. Everything in VC7 previews correctly for me. I had to download the preview library into Native Access and then install it for the older stuff to work. The newer stuff worked without this extra work.
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