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  1. Okay so yesterday I am quite sure Best Service's page explicitly said the update is for Studio One 5 Pro. Today it no longer mentions version 5. Does that mean this update could also work for Studio One 4 Pro (or even earlier)? Because that would make the Best Service purchase about 54 € cheaper than the official PreSonus Store Update.
  2. Make sure to uninstall all the stuff first, just to make sure you do not accidentally launch it again and it reactivates. Right click the entry in your iLok License Manager and click Deactivate. Then you hit OK to confirm deactivation of the license. Off topic but yeah, I know there's a lot of trash in my iLok account. 😂
  3. Technically that's a higher limit than ProTools First. 😂 Also, FWIW these activations can be reset.
  4. As far as Free goes nothing beats Cakewalk. But if you don't like the interface, or you're on Linux or Mac, there are other alternatives: Tracktion has a free version that is, for all intents and purposes, unlimited in every important feature. Soundbridge is another fairly fully featured DAW that's somewhat oriented towards beginners. LMMS, the darling of the Open-Source community. And on Linux there is Ardour. And a bunch of other free DAWs that have been around for a while, like Podium Free, as well as "music apps" suited for beginners like MPC Beats, Steinberg Sequel, Zenbeats, or Music Maker. If you don't specifically need VST support, then the list of free DAWs is even bigger. Overall, it's not that I'm looking for reasons to complain. After all, Avid's new free offering is not necessarily the worst free DAW. And at least it lets you load up your own AAX plugins. But it's also yet another alternative in a sea of alternatives, and a DAW that's mostly aimed at older musicians. Ableton Live Lite comes bundled with so much studio equipment. In fact, IIRC, Ableton will actually send you a free Live Lite license if you can prove (picture of product box and/or equipment S/N) that you bought a pre-owned piece of equipment that originally came with a Live Lite license. Meanwhile Bitwig 8-Track can often be found bundled with 10$ magazines.
  5. The bestservice price in Europe is 135€ and it's actually a very solid discount compared to the official store. Edit: Assuming license keys come back in stock.
  6. The demo usually comes a few months down the line. Same for the Prime versions. At least that's how it's been since at least Studio One 3.
  7. For me the price is €30.90. Besides that, love the WinZip 1 year subscription that is included in the bundle. 😂 Who would buy WinZip when .zip file support is included in every major OS and there's 7zip that is free on top of that.
  8. To change where files are stored, worst case scenario, just make a link on the disk pointing to your big drive. Just make sure the drive is connected so it does not confuse the Roland app. First move the contents of C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roland Cloud\Instruments to your big storage, for example E:\RolandInstruments. After that, delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roland Cloud\Instruments. Then open a command prompt and run mklink /d "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Roland Cloud\Instruments\" E:\RolandInstruments This replaces the folder with a link. After that, the Roland VST should pick up the instruments.
  9. Because why charge less when they can charge extra ? In all fairness everyhting thunderbolt is very expensive and part of it is because the cable is active, it contains logic chips at both ends. But the licensing fees also have a part to play in the price.
  10. I think V Collection 8 was available for something like $299 at the beginning of the year .
  11. A lot of people have been asking NI to do something like this, and I'm pretty sure such a hypothetical product would end up with a similar price. So there's definitely a market for this kind of keyboard. It's unlikely AKAI is aiming this at the hobbyist segment. Other "similar" (I use the term loosely) modern arranger keyboards, that feature full color LCD screens with on-screen arrangers, seem to be priced about the same. https://www.thomann.de/ie/cat_GK_takybp.html?oa=pra https://www.sweetwater.com/c512--Keyboard_Workstations?all&sb=low2high
  12. The current stock AMD Spire cooler (first picture) is trash tier. This is the box cooler for 5600X. The older stock AMD Spire cooler had a thicker aluminum puck and a copper vapor chamber. Then there's the AMD Wraith Prism, which is a decent downdraft cooler that used to come with 3900X. But neither of them is enough for a 5900X. The third cooler is just about right for a stock, non overclocked 5600X (it's the cooler I use, bought second hand for 20$)
  13. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/3mdn2m Seems like PCPartPicker doesn't take cooler TDP into consideration ? That's... strange. I definitley wouldn't recommend pairing the cooler on the test linked parts list with a 5900X. Sorry, I'll stop now Enjoy your build. 👍
  14. Unfortunately AMD's Zen3 and Intel's gen 11 & 12 CPUs run a lot hotter than their previous generations. I'm actually undervolting my own 5600X, and even so I had to replace the stock box cooler with a 4 heatpipe cooler. With the stock cooler and undervolted it was reaching 90°C and throttling during intensive tasks (like compiling large programs). The six heatpipes on that cooler are just right, but it looks like the surface area of the fins is tight and encased in plastic, which keeps heat in. Certainly test it first before getting something else, it might just be an overabundance of caution on my side.
  15. The cooler is the only part that doesn't quite fit, everything else has great specs. R9 5900X can get pretty hot and that cooler looks like it's made for a lower TDP. For air coolers, something beefier like Dark Rock Pro 4 or Noctua NH-D15 would keep the CPU cooler. But you have the hardware and if it works, it works.
  16. Looks like AKAI created Komplete Kontrol S61 MK3 Plus before NI.
  17. Not an amazing bundle but I didn't find it here and maybe somebody finds it useful https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/aas-synthesizer-and-sounds-2-bundle
  18. Just realized I had an unclaimed code for Cubase Elements 11 Upgrade. Got Elements 12 for free.
  19. It's not the first "EASY" DAW to hit the market, so you can't fault the makers. eJay was a thing in the 90s. AIR ignite was pretty easy to use. Steinberg has Sequel, and they recently made it free. There's also Magix Music Maker. Roland has Zenbeats. Pretty sure there are many others... But at some point you just have to sit down and actually work on the music, it won't make itself. We have no tools, at least not yet, that can read your mind and output a song.
  20. I went back a few pages before posting, but it looks like it was not enough pages.
  21. And 2 months are free (Reason Studios x BPM Create deal).
  22. https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1769?a_aid=5241029371df5 Arturia should also be having a Flash Sale on their website for the upgrade right now. Get a 5€ Plugin at PluginBoutique, register it to your Arturia account, then get the upgrade offer from Analog Lab Intro for 39€ to Analog Lab V.
  23. Reason was already fairly niche, even back in its heyday. Their Rack Plugin VST is nice to use in other DAWs. But Reason Lite alone offers the VST rack, so there is little incentive to get the full version or subscribe if Reason is not already your main DAW.
  24. While this is not really a deal, skybox audio have a free preview sample pack for Hammers + Waves: https://www.skyboxaudio.com/pages/sample-pack-alt EDIT: This is not a Kontakt instrument, but a 580MB zip full of WAV files containing performances done with the library and various presets.
  25. https://staging.cinesamples.com/product/cinesine-lite seems to be the link EDIT: download button doesn't work though.
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