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  1. SongWish's reMIDI and Squaredheads' Nora are quite interesting "sequencer" VSTs, that basically let you plug in MIDI files and then allow you to "key-shift" that MIDI data in real time. Both have demo/trial versions available.
  2. However 27.99 + 5.32 (VAT) = 33.31. JRRShop still wins out for EU customers (not to mention $ vs €) 😂
  3. FWIW it's cheaper to upgrade from Cubase Elements or LE directly to Pro (292,39 EUR) vs buying Artist as a new customer (331,99 EUR).
  4. Yeah, from genuine 300 year old horsehair 😂 IIRC one genuine Stradivari violin bow is on display in a museum.
  5. Use the advice from the others, then use LatencyMon as explained here: https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/solving-dpc-latency-issues/
  6. This was all on eInstruments though, NI's involvement was likely minimal. They had a huge article about it last year on their website.
  7. What the actual flick? 😂 It actually writes to the task scheduler? Just remembered I have a license around from a humble bundle, guess it's not getting installed.
  8. Extreme differences? The GUI, the workflow, Ableton has a lot more tutorials out there, and it's also on macOS. And then there's Max for Live which is a whole different can of worms. OTOH Cakewalk is free, and it also has Matrix View, which covers a lot of Ableton's Session View. Ableton Live is quite expensive to get access to the really juicy features (at least $299 if you own live Lite). Cakewalk's tutorial stash is also (slowly) growing. Ableton is built like a performance DAW, Cakewalk is built more like a recording & production DAW as far as workflow goes. I mean, at the end of the day, if you feel the itch to see what it's like, you can get the trial, no 😄?
  9. Sorry for reviving this, but Ableton has extended the free Live trial by another 90 days. Got this in the mail today: https://redirect.ableton.com/u/gm.php?UID=4ssOSpPG4B&ID=534757879_7630908_26436
  10. Having owned a Launchkey 49 (mk II) the single high point it has is its weight. The keys are kind of bad (though above those found in Berhinger's controllers), the velocity is meh, the drum pads are meh, the encoders and faders are meh. And honestly, € 230 is relatively on the high end for its intended audience, which seems to be bedroom producers just striking out. It's also not very well integrated with FL studio, the DAW a fledgling producer is likely to use. Though honestly in this price range, there's not much else to recommend either: Nektar Impact LX61, the Alesis VI61 (it has aftertouch) or NI's A61.
  11. Kontakt crossgrade (from arcane/drummic'a) is 124,50 $ There's also: *Jay Maas Signature Series Drums Lite Edition: https://www.roomsound.com/products/jaymaas/#marker6 *The Free Orchestra (ProjectSAM) * And Soniccouture's also got a couple of free player-enabled libraries Try adding them all to his account and maybe one of them will be his lucky ticket to a full license of Kontakt
  12. The only thing really worth anything (to me) in that bundle is Ashampoo PDF Pro 2, which is in the middle tier.
  13. Yeah this is a great way to get into Komplete and save quite a bit of money Komplete Select 12 @ 50% off + Komplete 12 upgrade (with summer of sounds) = 298.5 $/€
  14. Yeah komplete select does go on sale by itself, but komplete full, ultimate (and now collectors) only go on sale for upgrades.
  15. There is no 50% off sale, it's a 50% off upgrades sale and you need at least Komplete Select to get that price.
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