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  1. Just throwing my experience out there, not actually looking for a job right now. 😁 I've worked mostly in C++ but also spent a lot of time in Java and Objective-C. To be honest, I've had to touch almost the whole freaking alphabet of programming languages at some point or another because I was hired for lots of mobile game development. And it was a jungle before the days of Unity and Unreal.
  2. Cristian

    Windows 11

    Just used the iso to upgrade from Win 10 to Win 11, by mounting it through the OS, and it worked. Now I don't necessarily recommend it until the official release, but it seems like the upgrade will work on 7th gen CPUs. Maybe it won't work on a fresh install. It says "Windows 11 Education" because it's my old college laptop and we got a free Windows Educational license.😅
  3. As a solo audio developer it's probably just as hard as it is for any other solo developer, maybe even a bit more difficult. Now as your friend is already an audio engineer, if the could also pick up a bit of programming (Kontakt too, but especially something like C++/JUCE) a career could probably open up with one of the many companies out there.
  4. Cristian

    Windows 11

    Most likely it's disabled in the bios. When the time to upgrade comes, look for "AMD CPU fTPM" (or something similar) in the BIOS. Your CPU and board should have TPM support.
  5. Another plus for Affinity Photo, with a caveat - you MUST disable OpenCL on laptops with nvidia optimus graphics, otherwise it runs VERY slow. €27.99 may not be free but the feature set is so much more than GIMP, that it's worth the price.
  6. Cristian

    Windows 11

    Before spending money on a TPM module, a word of advice. Pretty much any PC since intel 8th gen should have a TPM module. As for laptops, my current laptop is a cheap acer with intel i5 7th gen and has TPM. So I'd guess most laptops from 2016 onward are probably compatible. Likely even some earlier models.
  7. It's the opposite for me. Bitwig 8 tracks has been handed out for free so many times, with magazines (Computer Music, Beat), various promotions, etc. Kind of how Live Lite used to be given away by everyone and their dog in the 2000s.
  8. That's less than what I paid for my Ryzen 5600x. It's a good deal! FWIW the K version is actually MORE capable than the non-K version (K means it's unlocked, overclockable). While Ryzen 5600x slightly beats 10700K in single core, you get 8 cores 16 threads with the intel. Pair it with a Gigabyte Z490 UD and you have a winner for a decent price.
  9. Sorry to hear about your drummer friend having to move to an office job to earn a living. TBH though automation will likely leave many jobless. On the one hand these tools greatly simplify making cookie cutter music (that's likely to also end up with a lawsuit). On the other, if you want to make something unique, you can't always replace a real player with a tool like this.
  10. Let's just say it will help a hapless fool (like me) play well above his level as long as that fool can count to 4 and has some vague semblance of musical harmony.😅 It's similar to the Phrase Player in Ignite by AIR except it's not locked to any single DAW. Some call them MIDI arpeggiators but it's not like there a ton of these plugins around. Another plugin like this is Nora by Squareheads or, the even older midilooper by piz.
  11. Hey, at least IK finally lets you manually deactivate (some) licenses now... 😅
  12. TBH there are quite A LOT of people who aren't computer savvy. Add to that another issue: in my (admittedly limited and anecdotal experience) music PCs tend to NOT get upgraded for fairly long times. There is actually at least one catch: if you still need to use a certain older iLok driver, it no longer runs under recent Win 10 releases and will BSOD it. So maybe some of these people might be "once burned, twice shy" in terms of upgrading. It's exasperating but they might just be going by the "if it's not broken, don't fix it" principle and all that.
  13. If you scroll down a lot, to "Specifications" it says Hard Drive Capacity 128 GB Seems a bit iffy (and 128 GB is very little for a usable Windows laptop) so maybe ask a Walmart rep ? For 300 USD it's a good deal, but only if the specs aren't fake and it's upgradable. EDIT: Ouch, it also says RAM Memory 4 GB That's barely enough to run Windows 10 acceptably, definitely ask a rep and double check.
  14. Going against the grain here as I've just built a new PC in November 2020. Price to performance intel is the better deal right now because AMD, being in high demand, has had its street prices driven up. Intel is also launching its 11th generation of CPUs so you might find a good deal on a previous gen Z490 board and get good RAM speeds, even if you decide to buy a CPU that is not overclockable. On the GPU side, things are BAD, Ethereum mining has raised the street price of even old, second hand cards up to 2x their brand new MSRP. Maybe if you have a kind hearted friend who has a spare GPU or just upgraded and is willing to sell you the old one for a good price, it would be worth it.
  15. One of my big pet peeves is that when many subscriptions advertise their price, it's not actually the monthly price, but the yearly price divided by 12. Often you're not paying 19.99/mo but 239.88/yr, as a flat payment. Some subscriptions go even further and have you pay 24.99/mo if you want to be billed monthly with a yearly contract. The price is often even higher if you want to "pay as you go", usually 34.99/mo. While this is not the case with Reason+, it's still a pretty widespread practice,
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