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  1. I went back a few pages before posting, but it looks like it was not enough pages.
  2. And 2 months are free (Reason Studios x BPM Create deal).
  3. https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1769?a_aid=5241029371df5 Arturia should also be having a Flash Sale on their website for the upgrade right now. Get a 5€ Plugin at PluginBoutique, register it to your Arturia account, then get the upgrade offer from Analog Lab Intro for 39€ to Analog Lab V.
  4. Reason was already fairly niche, even back in its heyday. Their Rack Plugin VST is nice to use in other DAWs. But Reason Lite alone offers the VST rack, so there is little incentive to get the full version or subscribe if Reason is not already your main DAW.
  5. While this is not really a deal, skybox audio have a free preview sample pack for Hammers + Waves: https://www.skyboxaudio.com/pages/sample-pack-alt EDIT: This is not a Kontakt instrument, but a 580MB zip full of WAV files containing performances done with the library and various presets.
  6. https://staging.cinesamples.com/product/cinesine-lite seems to be the link EDIT: download button doesn't work though.
  7. Blender can also double as a somewhat alright video editor. The closest thing to Blender on the audio side would be Tracktion Waveform right now. It's available on Linux for free (as in gratis, not FOSS), and at least part of it is open source (Tracktion Engine), dual licensed under GPL/commercial licensing. It even runs on raspberry pi. The same way it runs on x86
  8. According to the italian article, this is the original article (but it's a paywall ) https://www.unquote.com/southern-europe/news/3025517/bregal-armira-go-head-to-head-for-ik-multimedia
  9. Funny enough, I can't seem to find any news articles on this !? Sure, it's very old software by this point, but hey... it's free instead of $/€ 79.99 😃 I was messing around with the Download Assistant and saw Sequel 3 under "Complimentary Products". Turns out Steinberg decided to finally release a free DAW of their own, in a roundabout way. No strings attached, just like Dorico SE or Halion Sonic SE. https://www.steinberg.net/sequel/
  10. Here's where you find the library in the download manager, for anyone interested. The page doesn't give explicit instructions.
  11. Just throwing my experience out there, not actually looking for a job right now. 😁 I've worked mostly in C++ but also spent a lot of time in Java and Objective-C. To be honest, I've had to touch almost the whole freaking alphabet of programming languages at some point or another because I was hired for lots of mobile game development. And it was a jungle before the days of Unity and Unreal.
  12. Cristian

    Windows 11

    Just used the iso to upgrade from Win 10 to Win 11, by mounting it through the OS, and it worked. Now I don't necessarily recommend it until the official release, but it seems like the upgrade will work on 7th gen CPUs. Maybe it won't work on a fresh install. It says "Windows 11 Education" because it's my old college laptop and we got a free Windows Educational license.😅
  13. As a solo audio developer it's probably just as hard as it is for any other solo developer, maybe even a bit more difficult. Now as your friend is already an audio engineer, if the could also pick up a bit of programming (Kontakt too, but especially something like C++/JUCE) a career could probably open up with one of the many companies out there.
  14. Cristian

    Windows 11

    Most likely it's disabled in the bios. When the time to upgrade comes, look for "AMD CPU fTPM" (or something similar) in the BIOS. Your CPU and board should have TPM support.
  15. Another plus for Affinity Photo, with a caveat - you MUST disable OpenCL on laptops with nvidia optimus graphics, otherwise it runs VERY slow. €27.99 may not be free but the feature set is so much more than GIMP, that it's worth the price.
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