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  1. This seems very similar to Crystals...
  2. It was really cool to be able to ask him questions. He is using an Apollo x8p I think it was and said they were great! He says the conversion is fhe biggest problem and staying in the box prevents the double degradation you get going out and back in. It makes sense and the guy has really done his homework. I made a copy of my current mux and set up his 2bus and bypassed my analog chain. I had to tweak a few things but wow was it better. I figure if it is good enough for him and Brauer than having less variables to deal with is good for me. I've enjoyed the summing experience and playing with some really good gear. But havi g to constantly check gain staging is a pain. Andrew also said everyone you have to adjust your gain out fir summing you are effecting your mix because you hit the analog slightly differently. The science makes sense to me. Now, what to buy with the money I get from selling gear? Maybe a sitar?
  3. I was very fortune to just spend 7 hours with Andrew Scheps this week for a special Mix with the Masters virtual class and he mentioned that he thought Ableton might have a limiter on it's master bus. Not an effect that you can see, but that it's there. That would affect the outcome. Now I've got to go take photos and box stuff up because he inspired me to get rid of my analog mix bus chain. True stroy!
  4. James Foxall

    PSP E27

    I think my days of buying compressors and EQs is over. Well, mostly over. Well, I'm not buying this one.
  5. I really like these in Stylus RMX.
  6. I watched a number of videos on this (including yours Zo - great job!) and felt compelled to purchase. I don't have a big sample library so I purchased some big packs from Ghosthacks and I'm looking forward to playing around with this. Seems very creative and inspirational! PS: Zo, to select all the notes of a given pitch in Studio One (at least on PC): Ctrl + Left Click the note on the left selects the line in the selected clip Ctrl + Alt+Left Click the note on the left selects the line in all clips in the selected track
  7. Hey Orville - do you have a sale coming on Physion?
  8. How do I say no to that? Hint: I don't.
  9. I am able to run v4 and v5 on my machine so it appears that the upgrade does not replace the previous version. I loaded a big project in v5 and it ran just fine. I need to dig because nothing obvious has changed...
  10. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! That worked! I remember I had to do this before but it didn't stick. Why on Earth would they make it so complicated? Again, thanks!
  11. Now I can log into the web site, but it thinks my code is bogus. Progress.
  12. I still can't log into the user area.
  13. Hey now, MS Access has been very, very good to me. 😎
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