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  1. Saving my commitments for eating better and working out. I'll buy whatever software floats my boat.
  2. As far as I know they never actually had one. So many of us have complained but it appears they refuse to address it.
  3. NOTE: I think this is only the Console 1 version...
  4. Andrew Scheps uses the Elevate limiter on this master bus. I believe he said it knocks a bit off the kick drum - about 6db at times. I now do as well and the thing does sound fantastic!
  5. Super excited to tell you that my sealed Jehovahkill double-vinyl arrived from Albania today after a 20 day trip. I've only owned the CD and listened through streaming - the vinyl is freaking AWESOME. Thanks for pointing me in the direction for this - I love this album.
  6. Envolution is pretty amazing...
  7. I use it. I would find it immensely more valuable if it could read 3rd party midi and let you assign the incoming notes to the instrument slots in XO. It is fun to build your own beats but I would get far more out of it with jumping off points.
  8. I didn't use a code but I did jump on this deal - probably the best value of all the sales.
  9. I just upgraded to an x8 and I'm about to put a Silver 16 up for sale. PS: The converters in the x series are AMAZING.
  10. How wierd! I searched and never found one - thanks for this!
  11. I really appreciate his uniqueness and I am a huge fan of Jehovahkill. I wish that was available on vinyl!
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