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  1. Thanks Simeon - your video convinced me to purchase the everything bundle.
  2. I picked this up and will add Sugarbytes Thesys to it. Looks REALLY interesting...
  3. I have the XL and it was a fantastic purchase. I have icons for normal use, and an entire set for Ableton. Ableton lets you save presets as files and the Streamdeck can launch a file. So I created presets and icons for all the effects I want to use. Now I can tap a button on the deck for Reverbs for example, and then all the icons for my reverbs appear. Tap one, and it adds it to the current track. It really enhances the creative process this way!
  4. Here are two examples of my use of the plugin. On this song Ultraviolet - what you think is a synth on that lead melody is actually a guitar run through Tantra. https://open.spotify.com/album/6Hx3SfRkoLzobecWdXMPXb Here is a song in process tentatively titled: All Things. This is my first experimentation with orchestration - and it still has a ways to go. I used Tantra - along with some other effects - on the intro voices (both the reversed and the spoken poem): https://www.dropbox.com/s/0g9y73fda40wt1n/All Things 01.wav?dl=0 Tantra is my favorite effects plugin and a bit of a secret weapon - it can far more than just EDM rhythms
  5. This was a new one for me but right up my alley. To quote Bapu: Installed!
  6. So I followed the calibration process and things track MUCH MUCH better! But I have two issues I don't know how to resolve. 1. The high E string is triggering notes about an octave lower than it should. It was doing this right out of the box so it wasn't anything I change. 2. No midi notes are sent to the pc for hammer-ons or pull-offs. that means every note has to be plucked which would greatly reduce the playability for me. It's a hell of a lot closer than I expected it to get - I'll be curious to see if I can solve these issues...
  7. As I recall there were one or two things they added but they weren't important to me. What I'd really like is the ability to manually retrigger the plugin. I've talked/emailed with Dmitry about it. He's a cool guy and I mostly bought v2 just to support him.
  8. I have it but still use v1. I love the interface for v1 and v2 feels like a monstrous step backwards in usability.
  9. So it turns out I didn't do any of the calibration necessary to customize the GR55 to the guitar. I had not idea this needed to be done. My Sweetwater rep sent me instructions. I'll unbox everything and give it one more shot before returning it. Stay tuned!
  10. This is exactly the conclusion I came to! I'm also going to experiment with recording guitar melodies and just converting them to midi using Ableton's native function or Melodyne. It's not real time but might move me forward.
  11. I had a absolutely zero interest in the Roland. It was just used to generate midi to the computer. $800 is an expensive midi converter.
  12. Sadly I have to report that this experience was every bit as disappointing as the last time I tried. You would think that two grand worth of equipment would give great results, but that's not the case. It's all packaged up and going back...
  13. I like how this uses pre-made ensembles. It’s very easy to create an orchestra sound just by playing some chords as you don’t have to create a bunch of individual tracks for each instrument. The sound is rich and wonderful and I was happy to find out it is not just for big trailer music. There are also bonus instruments that seem really interesting and unique.
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