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  1. I recently put in a "trickety trock, trickety trock" section in a song involving a train journey. I was in 6/8 (though you could do it in 3/4) and I just used snare with alternating soft/loud beats; 1234 - - 1234 - - snare hits on 1234 rests on - - (5&6). In 3/4 it would be 1231 - - 1231 - - I got a sample of steam noise from freesound.org as backing and the final result was very realistic for a the noise in a steam train carriage. you could do it in 4/4 but it won't line up with the bars so neatly. I was using AD2 where there are a variety of snare sounds. In SI drums there are a variety of sounds and you'll need to shape the EQ to get the sound you want. Hope this helps
  2. Yes that works. I was thinking back to when I used DPro as multi-timbral, but as I use Rapture with one instance per sound I can manually tune it where required. Using a digital tuner is a good idea. Thank you
  3. When Dimension was released there were some sounds that were out of tune (by about 40cents if memory serves). Is there a list somewhere of the affected patches? I now access the DPro sounds through Rapture and yesterday was a bit surprised to find a vocal patch that was out of tune as I thought the affected patches were mainly bass sounds? If there's a list I can delete the names so they don't show up in the browser...
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