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    VS-700c driver

    Thank you so much
  2. reza sadeghi

    VS-700c driver

    Thanks for the info. I already did all what you said . I am using sonar for about 25 years or more . After purchasing this controller I was so happy that finally I have got a controller that fully supports Cakewalk. But after couple years Roland stopped the supporting the vs 700 . I remember when the Bandlab started to take over the Sonar they were thinking about finding a way to make the controller back to work . But I never heard any more. I thought may be someone has a solution for that. Thanks anyway
  3. reza sadeghi

    VS-700c driver

    Hi guys, Does any body know if there is a possibility to install the driver on OS Catalina? I tried but it says it is not compatible with this OS. As I researched the driver is 64 bit and should be compatible with Catalina which run just on 64 bit. It was working on Mojave but not on Catalina. Is there any solution to force it to work on Catalina like the way we install it on windows 10? Thanks
  4. Does anybody know if there is any definition for vs700 to use it on Logic pro? I have both sonar and logic and I am looking for any template or something like that to make my vs700 more compatible with logic pro. I already connected logic to my vs700 and chose the Mackie control in its control surface setup. most of the important stuff like faders, pans, solo, mute, record and transports are working but some buttons like save, save as, automations,...are not working and needs to teach them to logic pro. Thanks in advance
  5. Any chance to make the VS700 officially back to live?
  6. Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is so confusing.
  7. Hi guys, Is there any possibility to rename the input tracks separately? Cakewalk doesn't show my inputs separately and shows them as Stereo. I cant name input channel 1 and 2 with a different names. It just shows same name for both input 1 and 2 and just add left and right at the beginning of the name. I have Orion HD that comes with lots of I/O and cakewalk shows them all as the pair channel. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi guys, Does anybody know if I upgrade my Melodyn which I believe mine is version 2.1 if I am not wrong, to the new version like 4 or 5 should be compatible? Thanks
  9. I tried what you said. no difference. I turned all the plugins off and tried. I am working with sonar when the version was 1.4 on a floppy disk. it is about 20 years this issue is not normal. I believe it might be an update on windows 8.1 . maybe?
  10. My bad. The cwp is not 1.91. The whole project with Audio folder is 1.91 GB
  11. I record 96khz 24 bit .antivirus is on. But as I said before I never had this issue.
  12. Update: I found out, it doesn't always acting like this. In my current project, some times it takes 15 to 20 sec to save and some times 2 to 5 sec. I don't understand it.
  13. No the one I used to working without slow saving was more than 2 GB. I puled up the old project and same problem for the one I used to working without ant issue.
  14. Thanks Scook. What do you mean by using windows explorer? you mean just check the size of the projects?
  15. It might be but I had heavier projects with more same plugins and never has this issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Cakewalk, but still same. My sound card is Orion Studio HD
  16. No midi track. they are all waves. Also I am running windows 8.1.
  17. I am recently experiencing this issue, when I open a new project and save it with a name, everything is fine but as the project gets heavier , saving will take more time to do its job. When I say heavier I don't mean lots of tracks and plugins, even like 20-30 track take too much time to save. I never has this experience before even with 3 times more tracks and lots of VSTs and plugins. Anyone experience this issue? Thanks in advance for help
  18. Hi guys, Does anybody know how to calibrate the 9 faders on the vs 700 console ? They wont jump and stay exactly on zero point when I open a new track. Thanks
  19. Thank you so much Scott for your information. I am just wondering if you had the same problem with windows sound that you route it to your fireface? did you get pops and crackles with higher sample rate than 48khz?If not, can you please tell me what was the point that you route the analoge output to your ? Thanks again
  20. Yes. it is a good solution. I contacted to Antelope again and waiting for their response. Thanks
  21. Thanks. The reason I put the windows setting on 96khz is because if I play something in youtube or play a music in media player while my cakewalk is open on a 96khz project, my Audio device which is Antelope Orion Studio HD hangs and I have to power cycle the audio device which is so annoying. that's why I set the windows audio on 96khz. As I wrote an update above, after I installed a very first version of windows 10 build 1703 there were no pops and crackles. I downloaded some windows update accidentally that one of them was related to usb 3 driver and even with build 1703 I got pops . I uninstalled them and problem solved. It means it should be a glitch in windows 10.
  22. yes I disabled them all and removed the unnecessary devices and programs. also disabled the background services. still shows wdf01000.sys which has the highest number.
  23. yes I record all my project at 96khz . If you change windows audio setting from 96khz to 48 khz pops go away and if I set it back to 96khz it will start again. I set to 96 khz for my new projects under Preferences | Audio | Driver settings > Default settings for new project.
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