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  1. Any chance to make the VS700 officially back to live?
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, it is so confusing.
  3. Hi guys, Is there any possibility to rename the input tracks separately? Cakewalk doesn't show my inputs separately and shows them as Stereo. I cant name input channel 1 and 2 with a different names. It just shows same name for both input 1 and 2 and just add left and right at the beginning of the name. I have Orion HD that comes with lots of I/O and cakewalk shows them all as the pair channel. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, Does anybody know if I upgrade my Melodyn which I believe mine is version 2.1 if I am not wrong, to the new version like 4 or 5 should be compatible? Thanks
  5. I tried what you said. no difference. I turned all the plugins off and tried. I am working with sonar when the version was 1.4 on a floppy disk. it is about 20 years this issue is not normal. I believe it might be an update on windows 8.1 . maybe?
  6. My bad. The cwp is not 1.91. The whole project with Audio folder is 1.91 GB
  7. I record 96khz 24 bit .antivirus is on. But as I said before I never had this issue.
  8. Update: I found out, it doesn't always acting like this. In my current project, some times it takes 15 to 20 sec to save and some times 2 to 5 sec. I don't understand it.
  9. No the one I used to working without slow saving was more than 2 GB. I puled up the old project and same problem for the one I used to working without ant issue.
  10. Thanks Scook. What do you mean by using windows explorer? you mean just check the size of the projects?
  11. It might be but I had heavier projects with more same plugins and never has this issue. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Cakewalk, but still same. My sound card is Orion Studio HD
  12. No midi track. they are all waves. Also I am running windows 8.1.
  13. I am recently experiencing this issue, when I open a new project and save it with a name, everything is fine but as the project gets heavier , saving will take more time to do its job. When I say heavier I don't mean lots of tracks and plugins, even like 20-30 track take too much time to save. I never has this experience before even with 3 times more tracks and lots of VSTs and plugins. Anyone experience this issue? Thanks in advance for help
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