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  1. I had enabled them manually before. They are not showing up in a standard install. You had to go in plugin manager to remove their exclusion. I haven't checked my new install for them yet. But you may have to re-enable them again after the install, expecially if you removed the old version before installing. If you don't remember how to enable them, search this forum and you'll find help on that. There is also a video on YouTube by Mike Enjo showing how to. These are great plugins, well worth the effort to get them back! Good luck!
  2. What I do like in the Nembrini, and seem to plague many other amp sims, is no low end muddiness or brittle mids with distortion. That puts me off quickly with many amp sims. This one is very smooth, as I am sure others are, but I found one to my taste. This one makes me feel like going in my studio, pick up a guitar and play non stop like never before. That's a very good quality for an amp sim as far as I am concerned.
  3. Bummer! Hopefully you don't have too many and you can easily recreate them in v2. Has the interface changed much from v1 to v2? I never had/tried v1.
  4. And it says 'not responding' in the title bar, right? This means something either with drivers, plugins or Cakewalk has gone wrong and is in a loop that won't come out of. It is quite similar to a crash but the program doesn't end. It has happened to me a few times. The only solution is to close Cakewalk and start again. Note though, that it does not mean the problem lies with Cakewalk. Cakewalk uses drivers and plugins coded by others that can do this. But in the end it's Cakewalk that's affected and the one that hangs. This is one of the reason I save often and why I have setup the auto save feature to a relatively short period. It has saved me quite a few times. There is a post on this forum on steps how to send memory dumps when Carewalk crashes or hangs to the developers. You may want to get acquainted with that and send them the data. They may solve your problem and everyone benefits.
  5. I have it and will try it. Dang, there goes the afternoon!
  6. This forum is such a waste of time... well, I mean you guys made me spend a whole morning playing with this thing to try it out, out of curiosity. Just could not stop, love it and could not find a preset I didn't like! I play rock, blues and clean stuff. A lot of amp sims are geared towards metal, this one is more up my alley. Tried with my Strat, Les Paul and Ibanez. All sounded good. I have Amplitube and like it, but the interface is irritating sometimes. And not all presets are great. This one doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but simpler to use with scalable UI and since I am not looking for effect heavy sounds, it's all good, I can add some externally. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves! I could have spent the morning sorting my sock drawer instead! I don't know why I keep coming here... eh... yes I do... 😳 Sooo, after lunch I'll spend 29$US (which comes to roughly a zillion $CAN) on this beauty.
  7. Yep got that recommendation last week. I wonder how things work in YouTube land if we all start receiving the same recommendations. Is there a way for a YouTuber to pay for its videos to be pushed to more people? But, I did watch, and liked it. The guy has a breat voice. Watched other of his and liked many of them. Probably the funniest is 'Under Pressure' with two copies of himself eating pie and muffins with the mention that 'stressed spelled backwards is desserts'! Very funny!
  8. Great job! I love these movies. I watched the whole 30 movies from the Universal Classic Monster collection last year. My daughter thought the first Frankenstein movie's lack of a soundtrack made it even more terrifying, strangely enough!
  9. Altough this forum had completly lost any sense of direction with everyone running everywhere and posting like headless chickens since you left, family is more important! 😊 Luckly, I had given myself 3 weeks and a day before leaving! Phew! 😓 Welcome back! And I hope everything turned out OK family wise.
  10. Yep, he's King #1 and he's free, this is only king 2 for $9.99...
  11. But... but... he looks more like Steve Vai! 😆 Seriously, I have got to try this pack! The Rockman would bring back great memories, having owned one when it came out.
  12. Well at least it shows how much he is appreciated. As soon as he takes a break the whole forum gets nervous!
  13. A few other things you get with this version that you don't have in CS: The looper is functional. You can use inserts to had effects in the amp effect loop. They are disabled in CS. You also get a more precise tuner
  14. Yes they do, I am using CS for now and have the Fender 1 and Metal packs working in it.
  15. Good deal, unless you have enough jampoints. Then it's 39.99 - 30% = 27.99 directly from IK. That' a steal!
  16. I was contemplating starting out with Melodyne, already use Nectar elements with great success on my vocals. Now I can get Melodyne essential to get started and Nectar standard for 49$, half the price of Melodyne essential alone? Nice! I would be skeptical if it wasn't Plugin Boutique! How does it work? Where do we prove we have a license to element?
  17. This is a very interesting subject. Something I have overlooked. I remix my bands jam sessions and I had been panning the two guitars left and right without thinking about it. But the guitars are stereo tracks coming from stereo multi effect pedals. So, if I understand correctly, I am essentialy cutting a channel from each guitar! Aaarh! Could we achieve true panning using two mono tracks instead of a stereo track and panning each track as needed?
  18. Oddly enough, I looked this up just a few days ago! It is also explained here, and that's where I found a zip with the needed files Robert is talking about. https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Knowledge-Base/2007013364/Setting-up-a-Drum-Map-for-Addictive-Drums-2-in-SONAR
  19. Hi Peter, I have SampleTank CS and Syntronik Free (v1.2) installed, no paid version yet. I have installed OXa and it appears in SampleTank but not in Syntronik, should it not be available in both? BTW, thanks to IK for this!
  20. That is.... hilarious! 😊 Sometimes the answer is right before your eyes!
  21. I don't know if I really need this synth, but you guys got me hooked at finding the answer using your clues! Haven't figured it out yet, I did try quite a few good ideas already and I am sure I will figure it out after a few hours! 😀 I may never use the darn thing, who cares, it'll be the trophy to figuring it out the riddle! Entertaining and keeps me off the PS4 for a while! 😂 English not being my native language makes it a little harder though, but Google helps.
  22. No issue here, installed fine and seen by Cakewalk.
  23. The form says 'free to download' and the download page says 'Test out 3 plugins...', not clear if the plugins will be free forever...
  24. Really?!?!?! Dang, he must be a millionaire by now! 😉 At least it works. We are all coming back!
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