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  1. I'm trying to export the tracks in a Cakewalk project to Bandlab unsuccessfully. I know the reason why it is not working but I do not know how to fix it. According to the Cakewalk manual : "The project is exported to the C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\BandLab\Uploads folder. BandLab Assistant (see “BandLab Assistant” on page 165) detects any new or updated folder and files, and automatically uploads them to your BandLab library. My problem is that my project is exporting to C:\Users\<user name>\OneDrive\Documents\BandLab\Uploads folder rather than C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\BandLab\Uploads folder. I see nowhere to change to export destination. Help!!!
  2. I was about to send you a copy of the midi but I tried it again and it worked. Thank you for your time.
  3. I've discovered that if I use "Convert MIDI Clip(s) to Step Sequencer" on a midi clip that involves any time interval smaller than 1/16th, the step sequence created will be empty. I also discovered that if I back out of it and try to convert another midi clip, from this point on, all newly created step sequences from mid clips in the track will be empty.
  4. Thank you for trying it out. The clip is not locked in any way. I was thinking that it might be because the maximum number of steps for a beat in the step sequencer is 16 and I had some 1/32 notes in the midi clip, but I quantized the clip to 1/16ths and it did not help. What happens to me is that a step sequencer clip is created but it is totally empty; the notes that were in the midi clip totally disappear
  5. I have a clips in a midi track for drums. When I right-click on the clip and choose "Convert MIDI Clip(s) to Step Sequencer", the step sequencer clip is empty. I'm looking for suggestions for something else I might try. Please help
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