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  1. I found that the automation checkbox was unchecked. That was the cause. I have "mixed down" several clips that way and they came out acceptable only because I try to keep my raw tracks as consistent as possible. When I heard that slider movement wasn't affecting anything I started investigating and found that slider positions were being ignored, and had me initially confused as why and wondered how long my default mixdown parameters were that way.. Actually the answer was right there in the manual, it just took me a bit to digest it and the terminology. I realize I could have just checked the box and tried again but I was away from home and figuring things out "on paper" instead of just trying things helps me understand the big picture and flow of software. Thank You!
  2. Thank you for confirming, I'll bet I didn't check the box because I wasn't using automation (or so I thought) I'll find out when I get home. As I wrote, I didn't think at first I needed that check box to mix down a static slider position.
  3. So that being said would you confirm that if I didn't have the automation checkbox checked, that would cause the fader position to be ignored?
  4. So now I wonder is slider position recorded as automation by default even if I did not specifically record slider automation? If so, that's why my sliders were likely ignored, as without automation box checked, the initial settings were ignored and thus defaulted to raw tracks.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. I assumed that but "trim setting" could mean gain (like a trim control) or a trimmed clip.
  6. Ultimately I am trying to figure out why the three guitar tracks that had the slider all the way down (with no sends) Still were in the exported mix. It seems the slider positions were ignored. Could it be the automation checkboxes weren't checked or does that not matter if there is no automation? As I said, if I select "what you hear" it exports the mix as I expected. I saw this: Track Automation. If you don’t check this option, any volume and pan automation, including initial volume and pan settings, is ignored when creating the new file(s). The amplitude of the raw data in the tracks is used, and the pan is C, or centered. Clip Automation. If you don’t check this option, any clip automation, including any trim settings, is ignored when creating the new file(s). I'm guessing I don't have those boxes checked. I'll check the project when I get home. Wondering, what does it mean here by "trim settings"? Trimmed clips or gain type trimming/other? I didn't think I had to have track automation checkbox checked as I didn't knowingly record any automation on the sliders. But if slider position is part of automation data it makes sense that the positions were ignored.
  7. No, I'm not home right now. For years I have been exporting like this right to a wav or MP3 without issues. I'm guessing I have some settings wrong that make it ignore slider positions now. I'm going to look at the preset"what you hear" and see what is different than my export settings now.
  8. OK so I am doing this: Go to File > Export > Audio. Select the location where you would like this file to save. Add a file name, and choose a file type from the menu below. Make sure the source category is set to Entire Mix, or you can choose any of a host of parameters to reflect your needs. Click Export, and check the selected location for your final product when exporting is complete. The guitars were louder than my mix, so to test I exported the same song again but with all the guitar sliders pulled all the way down. The export still had the guitars in there at the same volume! From what I have read, I may need to make sure track,clip and Master automation is checked? I'm not sure if it is (not home now) but I may not have checked those as there is no automation in the track unless the slider position automatically stores as automation. I guessed that "entire mix" would mean my mix not just tracks ignoring slider positions. When I went to the export module and selected the preset "what you hear" the sliders when pulled down worked as expected. Is this a typical way people would mix down their track?
  9. Jerry Freese

    Piano roll gone

    Being a Cake user since before V4, I never looked into the workspaces and don't understand their value. Guess I'll have to read up on them and see if I'm missing something I could use.
  10. Jerry Freese

    Piano roll gone

    THANK YOU!!!!! This was driving me nuts!!!
  11. Jerry Freese

    Piano roll gone

    I haven't used piano roll since I switched to cake walk by bandlab about a year ago. When I double clicked on a midi clip it didn't pop up then I noticed it wasn't an option in the views menu, like it was wiped off the program Alt 3 doesn't work either, it's just gone. Nowhere in the program or menus reads piano roll anywhere. What happened????
  12. Ahh a hidden folder.... It didn't read that in the instructions... I was wondering about that but figured it would say. Thank you very much.
  13. So where is the %APPDATA%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core folder? I don't see any folder that root is %APPDATA%
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