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  1. Ahh a hidden folder.... It didn't read that in the instructions... I was wondering about that but figured it would say. Thank you very much.
  2. So where is the %APPDATA%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core folder? I don't see any folder that root is %APPDATA%
  3. When a project opens there is a toast message that gives some inspirational message like "this one's gonna be a hit" etc. I read once how to change them, but i just spent 10 min searching and searching the forum using every set of words I could think of describing what I was looking for to no avil. Can anybody tell me the procedure or where to look?
  4. I didn't recall seeing it in the latest update, but after it the last update,mine works perfect!
  5. Running Melodyne assistant here and not noticing anything bad PRE hotfix install.
  6. Hooray! After the latest update Heal works fine now!! ( I must have missed it or the documentation didn't say anything about this fix but I don't care because it works now!!!!)
  7. I've tried the buffer & different drivers. To me it must be in the program itself. I have used Sonar since V4 and every rendition to platinum and never had this issue. I was using my old platinum two weeks ago perfectly fine and the next day downloaded bandlab and instantly saw the difference in the cursor. Nothing changed on my system that was working perfectly except I downloaded cake by bandlab. That's the only thing that has changed on my system to go from stable cursor to "double vision" like shaky. No I do not have the pause key pressed . That makes it SUPER jerky and laggy. There is no reason to believe there is anything wrong or set up wrong with my hardware. Something changed between the two programs.
  8. Understood. Is there an advantage to have a 64 bit plug if it can only communicate 32? I just wonder why Cakewalk did this. And if anyone can get two tics with this please let me know.
  9. SO when the manual refers to "plug-ins that can send and receive 64-bit data display double lines" is that referring to the addressing and data buss or the 64 bit processing?
  10. Cakewalk has new owners now so is it possible to contact the developers of the CA-2A?
  11. I noticed the VC-64 has two tics as well but didn't realize it was 32 bit. I figured that's what the 64 meant! I do understand the difference between bitrate data path (tics) and the rate of the plugin are two different things.
  12. Thanks, As I have said I'm just wondering if anyone has got the plug to work with two tics because I could not and I wanted to see if anybody else was able to. If anyone could,I'd know something of mine is set up wrong. If nobody else could either,I'd feel pretty safe knowing that's just the way it is.
  13. Ok Since it seems it is not clear what I am asking, I'll try again. See the pic where A is pointing ? That's a Mono 32 bit indicator. When loading the CA-2A (64 bit with 64 bit precision engine checked) do you see one "tick"( like this picture where the A is pointing) or do you see two ticks right next to each other where the B is pointing indicating 64 bit communication. I'm NOT talking about stereo mode. I am wondering if anyone is getting this plug to communicate 64 bit (2 "tics"). I am for sure using the 64 bit version with the 64 bit precision checkbox checked,but the plug only shows communicating s 32 bit. Would Cakewalk make a plug that is 64 bit if it won't communicate as 64 bit in their own program? So again my sole question is this: Is anyone able to get two tics right next to each other like where the B is pointing showing 64 bit in MONO mode using this plug? I just do not know how to make what I thought was a simple question clearer.
  14. THIS is what I was wondering. I was getting the same thing and wondering why it isn't showing double 64 bit ticks. I thought maybe something was wrong with my install of it as it is a 64 bit plug.
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