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  1. clive jones

    Zoom R16 Issue

    Driver must be ok because both Windows and Cakewalk recognises the Zoom. to repeat; I can get one channel in Cakewalk for the Zoom but one only.
  2. clive jones

    Zoom R16 Issue

    ... actually thinking about upgrading to another interface, maybe a Focusrite or Steinberg 8 channel model - the Zoom is old!
  3. clive jones

    Zoom R16 Issue

    Pk. Unforts I am not at my PC at the moment, so no screenshot for today. The PC picks up the Zoom as the audio device so no problem there and, as I stated, Cakewalk does recognise it but only registers the one channel. I will check the 48khz vs 44.1khz & sample rate points. thx.
  4. clive jones

    Zoom R16 Issue

    Long story but finally got around to loading Cakewalk for Bandlab. Trying to connect my Zoom R16 audio interface . Device is recognised but only the one channel, being; LEFT RIGHT Stereo (ie; missing the other 7, not visible). I have 16 channels on the Zoom - previously in Cakewalk, I would see the R-L-Stereo combo for all 8 channels giving me access to 16 monos. Any ideas on why I can only see the one Channel? I have updated the Zoom software and Firmware, re-booted, sworn, cajoled and pleaded... etc... Thx
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