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  1. Makke

    Rowanberry tree

    Douglas Kirby bjornbdx freddy j Thanks for the comments.
  2. Makke


    Nice soundscape where brain cells works out the deep thoughts. Restful mood, non stress at all in the brain. Good mix and sounds.
  3. Makke

    Corona Corona

    Great tribute to the workers that help in this bad time. Well done rock song. Good performance and sounds.
  4. Makke

    Rowanberry tree

    Hi noynekker Thanks for the reply. You mentioned nostalgic... yes, I like to play in a 60s guitar instrumental vibe.
  5. Makke

    Red Rocks

    Good job. Nice composition and restful ambiance. Relaxing soundscape.
  6. An agreeable rock song with strong sounds. Good job!
  7. Makke

    Rowanberry tree

    Thanks for the reply. You got a nice imagination... and at last the endless summer ends to rowanberries and the autumn. 😉
  8. Makke

    Spirit Wind

    Well written and arranged beautiful song. Great vocals and record overall. Sounds good.
  9. Great bluesrock with nice riff and groove. Good mix and sounds.
  10. Makke

    Rowanberry tree

    Rautalanka (twang) , sixties style guitar instrumental. Rowanberry tree - Traditional folk song played by BullHill Moods
  11. bjornpdx, geeare1, Thanks for the listening and comments.
  12. Beautiful love song with the lyric that appropriate for this time. Good work.
  13. Makke

    The Longest Day

    Great rock song. I liked the vocals and the guitar work.
  14. Hello freddy j Nice you got youtube working on your computer. Thanks for the listening and comment.
  15. RobertWS Thanks for the reply.
  16. Cool. Nice soundscape and arpeggios. Some game vibe in the middle part of the track.
  17. Makke

    eye contact

    Pleasant groove and melody lines. Got my body shaking with the rhythm. Nice orchestration and sounds.
  18. Hi Wookie Thanks for the reply. I appreciate tips.
  19. MonoYah Music Thanks for the listening and comment Greetings Makke
  20. Hi Lynn Thanks for the listening. I appreciate your reply.
  21. Makke

    You Are My All In All

    Beautiful song and performance.
  22. Nice one. Enjoyable old time blues with retro sounds. Sounds good.
  23. Makke


    Cool! I got memories from school times. Posture ... Sit up straight... don't lay on the desk etc. ... But the music was horrible back then. Teacher played a pump organ. 😀 But You've done a pleasant soundtrack for the instructions. A bit sad atmosphere but still beautiful music. Good mix and sounds.
  24. Mystic track indeed. The guitar gives a strong ambiance against the bells. Nice job.
  25. Good job... Nice composition and groove. I liked the orchestration and arrangement. Well mixed track sounds good.
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