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  1. It's $74.68 with YNY23 at AudioDeluxe. I'm waiting for my cashback coupon approval.
  2. ChazEd

    Interesting free flute

    Dos this need full kontakt and IK thugs to lock the thread? Or just full kontakt? EDIT: Need full kontakt 😊
  3. I know. Odyssey & Triton have resizable GUI's. Korg Legacy Bundle does not have resizable GUI's (M1, Monopoly, Polysix, Wavestation, MS-20, LegacyCell & MDE-X FX unit).
  4. I would gladly pay $199.00 for the upgrade if Korg upgraded the Legacy Bundle GUI's. Until then, I'll keep my money in my pocket.
  5. I couldn't let this pass! Believe me, I tried! Now just waiting my serials 😎
  6. You need full kontakt to fulfill your GAS plugin 😄
  7. The soundbank is the AAS's Angelicals: https://www.timespace.com/blogs/offers/ends-2nd-january-free-aas-angelicals-with-any-order-over-10 Already have this tanks to Piotr.
  8. On AudioDeluxe, if you want only one plugin of the bundle, the SSL ones are 26.99 each. Lowest price ever? I've saw the whole bundle at 80.00-ish, IIRC. I'm tempted on the SSL master bus comp. Hum.........
  9. Thanks guys & girls! I think I'm better with the Humble Bundle - Filmmakers. Blender is a full 3D package that can do some video compositing, apparently. AFAIK, Hitfilm's highlights are text and particles & FX. And that's all I need, because: Just quoting for posterity 😊 Thank you all!
  10. Hello cclarry! Do you think Blender can do what Humble Bundle - Filmmakers offers? I mean like handle video (x264 mostly), 3D titles/text and particle/FX? All I want to do is make videos with lots of particles & FX with 3D Titles & Text for my music, and some gaming videos. USD$30.00 is a exceptional deal I think, but if I can do all that with only Blender then I'm saving 30! What do you think?
  11. Thanks! Well, time to shop!
  12. Is there a free $50 voucher? Where? I'm interesting in their SSL E & G Eq's. Are they any good? PA as a company is any good? I only own their free stuff, and their GUI is so tiny, is hard to love 😄
  13. ChazEd

    Puremagnetic BF Sale

    Analog Bass Compendium bundle is tempting. Hum........
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