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  1. There is no driver for the Icon Q. You need to add it in preferences > controllers ensuring you select MACKIE control (add controller). Once you have done that and selected the in's and out's you can then go to UTILITIES > mackie control which opens the mackie control window. You can configure the Qcon there. To get the master fader to operate select bus in the drop down window (bottom left in window). That will get you started.
  2. That is one seriously amazing piece of work you have done. I am so pleased to have been fortunate enough to have found it. It would be great if cakewalk would take what you have done and include it in the manual obviously crediting you for it. I was only chatting today about the lack of available information on the functionality of the buttons in relation to the various DAW overlays provided by Icon. Somebody either at Icon or Cakewalk must know what the functionality is, so why such a big secret and why even bother providing the overlay without the relevant functionality reference. I had just resigned myself to undertaking the very task you have so successfully completed and presented in a user friendly format. So thank you for your hard work, time and willingness to share. I too bought the Qcon Pro G2 because of the upright meter bridge. From the reviews I read/watched, the flat strips on the Behringer were often mentioned and not for the ease of which they could be read. The other criticism being about the inability of the strips to change colour to the corresponding DAW channel colour as is advertised in their literature. It seems they suffer the same lack of information regarding the functionality for each DAW specific overlays. I must say that I am very pleased with the Qcon, it's low profile makes it easy to work on for hours at a time, the integration with cakewalk seems solid enough and thanks to you, full functionality will now be engaged. I do have one question, my jog wheel is set to ticks in the makie control window, but I have to make so many rotations to scrub one second of audio. I notice in the user manual you have created that you mention making changes to the functionality of the jog wheel. Is there any other adjustment that can be made to speed up the cursor travel time to more closely match the number of turns of the jog wheel in windows or Cakewalk?
  3. Totally agree with you. CbB is a great DAW and the lack of NKS support is ridiculous. The lack of integration is frustrating at best and to be honest it has stopped me buying more of their stuff. It would be great to access the various parameters from the controls on my keyboard. I can use my mouse on any software so why bother paying out for NKS gear when half of the features aren't accessible via the controller keyboard due to NKS lack of integration in CbB. I was just about to buy Komplete 12, but have decided against and am now looking at alternative instruments to add to my setup. NKS seem to need constant nagging before they even begin to take any notice of their customers and don't seem to care too much that it is putting people off buying their products. Fingers crossed for a resolution.
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