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  1. I've been thinking of upgrading my Steinberg UR22 to an Motu M4 to use with Cakewalk. Can you route separately to all 4 outputs? I was thinking it would be cool if I could route a vocal track out of 3 or 4 through an external vocoder while using outputs 1 and 2 for my monitors.
  2. Thanks, I was kinda just hoping there was a key to hold down and not have to split clips that don't need to be split.
  3. When working on a song I often copy clips by holding shift and dragging them to a new location. This can sometimes be frustrating if I have a groove clip looping for a whole lot of measures and I want to copy it to place in a region where I only need like 4 or so measures. Is there a way to copy and drag where it will only copy the original loop and not the repetitions?
  4. Thanks for the input. The reason I'm hoping for a laptop over a desktop is that I just have so many computers in my home already and if I need to get a laptop for personal work so that I can stop using my employers, I want to replace the desktop I use in my office (actually turn it into a low-power server). My music is one of those things that I work on as a hobby maybe a few times a month so I can't justify a computer that's expensive due to its ability to be a music machine. My current plan is to get a laptop that has a good screen for my graphic work, but that also has low DPC latency based on the tests found on notebookcheck.com. And then at the same time accepting that if I can't get the performance I need out of it I'll just have to settle with turning my old desktop (which is my music production computer plus household server) into a better music production machine and having an additional computer for the server bits. Ironically my current music desktop failed the LatencyMon test pretty badly, so I guess I've been producing on a pile of garbage the whole time!
  5. I would consider a custom audio laptop, but I'm not pro, its just a hobby and my music is terrible.... so I can't justify the premium. I am curious of the sRGB coverage of their screens.
  6. That's awesome that you've had to results with the Alienware. Unfortunately the panel in the Alienware 17 R5 only have 86% sRGB coverage so it is subpar for visual work. I think I'll probably have to buy a laptop that by specs seems like it won't have issue, and if it does have issues, get a USB 2.0 switch and share my UR22 between a music prod only desktop and the new laptop (I intentionally use the UR22 and my studio monitors for listening to music to help train my ears for mixing).
  7. I wonder if one can just get a laptop that uses the same chipset if that would be sufficient.... or are they writing their own custom drivers?
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Some background: I currently use in my home office (I work from home) a Windows desktop and a Macbook Pro provided by my employer. I had previously been using the desktop for music production, but also as my household file server, and in general what I use to play back music and podcasts while working. The Macbook was my daily driver and I used it for work, but also personal projects (photography/graphic design/web development). It was also my surfing the web machine since it was portable so I could undock it and take it with me upstairs at the end of the day. My employer has recently made us sign a contract that says anything developed on company hardware is the intellectual property of the company, so I need a new laptop for my personal projects. To avoid operating too many computers and also save electricity, my plan is to move the server stuff into a dedicated low power headless server and get a windows laptop for my daily driver, personal projects, and I had hoped, music production. Because of the photo and graphic design stuff, the computer I get needs to also have a screen that covers close to 100% the sRGB spectrum. I guess now I'm wondering if this is just going to be a fools errand. When actually doing recording, the computer will be plugged in and connected to the external Steinberg UR22 (I am aware that I may need to upgrade to thunderbolt based external audio solution, but hopefully not). But then I was hoping to be able to open up Cakewalk (so weird calling it Cakewalk again after calling it Sonar for so long) when not in my office to be able to work on midi and other audio bits through the internal audio hardware. I'm not expecting high fidelity when in this remote mode, but it would be nice if I could playback with my VSTs and audio tracks without pops and dropouts. I don't know if its better in CbB, but I guess I'll have to deal with remapping my audio channels when switching between audio hardware but maybe this is easier these days. This DPC latency is my biggest concern. I understand it can be helped a lot by turning off a punch of features in one's laptop, but I wish there was some sort of rule of thumb regarding chipsets, CPU, and maker to help determine which laptops to avoid. I was considering an MSI as I saw that some people had good results with them for music, but then I started finding other people who were having performance issues with them for music. The Dell XPS 15 is also an odd duck. It seems to be one of the more popular laptops for audio production but is also notorious for DPC latency issues with conflicting reports all over the place regarding if its been fixed or not.
  9. Hi looking to buy a new laptop that will be used for music production. I've been reading a lot about many if not most laptops having DPC Latency issues and considering Cakewalk is my DAW of choice I thought I'd ask if anyone here had experience good or bad with particular models/brands. FWIW, I'm using a Steinberg UR22 audio interface (USB 2). Thanks!
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