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  1. Yes, then an option to slice audio to sequencer.
  2. Yes, still think being able to export loop to sequencer would be the most ideal feature for rearranging loops
  3. Nah, what Im saying is that i would like to see a slice audio to the sequencer. I dont know how else to put it. There should be a button that automatically assigns your slices to a sequencer not something i have to go to fxpansion about. This is just a simple request. In detail, take a loop, slice the loop.....then there should be a button that says.....slice audio to sequencer. Then tada!!!! A sequencer clip pops up in a new track, with your slices all set up that you can rearrange
  4. Simple, slice audio to the sequencer. This should be super simple to set up by the devs. Would be extremely useful. Right now I am using Geist 2, and turning my midi to sequencer parts to further edit. Would rather just slice audio to the sequencer and skip the middle man
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