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  1. so far no joy, Krotos support has thrown their hands up indicating that currently they don't support Sonar. So a word of warning for those with an interest in Reformer Pro. I was hoping that somebody had gotten it to work and new the check box to tick to get it to work. Has anybody gotten any Krotos products to work from Sonar?
  2. a good thought and I tried it but with the same endless "Loading Library" result. I've successfully used fxpansion's Spitter and Vengeance's Glitch Bitch and was looking forward to the possibilities of Reformer Pro. I'm still going back and forth with a Krotos support person but not getting much in the way of Sonar specific help.
  3. I just got it and Reformer Pro is not working. Reformer Pro loads (I got past the iLok stuff) but it hangs on "Loading Library" if I choose any library. Reformer Pro properties are as a plug-in and not a synth. Is is a VST FX as it is inserted as and effect on an audio channel. I bought CueBase when Sonar was in limbo but my expertise (over 20 years) is with Sonar and it is my preferred DAW. Reformer Pro works as advertised with Cubase but it is a PITA two switch between the two (they don't co-exists gracefully). Looking for that magic setting which will get it working. I've communicated with Krotos support and they don't support Sonar at this time. Thanks David Thiel pinball audio artist
  4. Upgraded to Kontakt 6.2.0. Hosted by Sonar CGM will not load. CGM did load with Kontakt in standalone but after today upgrade it doesn't load CGM. I exhausted my dialog with Sample Logic support. They pointed me to Native Instruments. I have been going back and forth sending Native Instruments a voluminous scanning of my system (I've got 384 Kontakt Libraries). So far no result. Has anybody gotten Cinematic Guitars Motion to load presets in Kontakt either standalone or hosted by Sonar. Just curious. I'm being tenacious as I've been intrigued by what I have heard when I got it to work (standalone) and I spent my money on it. I doubt that I can get a refund. So a word to the wise, CGM has issues. Context for this is a win10, 32Gb, M.2 1Tb system disk, PC with 8 core Ryzen CPU. Steinberg UR44 USB interface. Basically plenty of resources... David
  5. I got Cubase running. Cuebase has no problem loading Cinematic Guitars Motion presets. It does pin the Kontakt CPU indicator at 100% for a fraction of a second. I've auditioned a dozen presets and it is working. Still, I want to use CGM hosted by Sonar. I'll ping BandLabs' support to see if they are aware.
  6. Yes, I checked and the presets are in both. There is something about how Sonar is hosting VSTs that is the issue. While I've been a Calkewalk user since MSDOS I purchased Cubase just in case. I'm going to try it with Cubase later this afternoon. Sonar is still my goto DAW as I've been using it for my main workstation since I started my consultancy in 2006. thanks for the suggestion, I wished that it addressed it.
  7. I bought this in mid October and have had a lot of problems. I've been back and forth with SampleLogic and still no resolution. I was just wondering if others are having success. Symptom: loading a preset hangs Kontakt (6). CPU usage goes to 100. CG Motion works in standalone Kontakt6. CG Motion is loading big things so I wondered if there is something I can 'turn up' for running VSTs in Sonar? I have over 400 libraries and everything else works. This one has me stumped. and yes, I have checked and the presets are in Kontakt5 and Kontakt data folders. This is the first suggestion made by SampleLogic support. David
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