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    Waves 25% Off WUP

    This makes sense. I've had Mercury for a few years. They always charged me extra with other products. Though last year, I waited until everything was out of WUP and selected it all. I think I got it for somewhere between $225 and $250 with all the discounts. It was worth it to get everything to version 10 or 11 - I had a mix of 9 and 10 before that and it was a headache to install. Now I am good until 12/2020. Not worth bothering. I usually WUP every 2 to 3 years to get the new stuff that was added.
  2. Yes, but NI has been authorizing it for years for those who own the old version. NI sent out an announcement recently that they will no longer support a bunch of old libraries that included the Kontakt/Kompakt versions of QL Symphonic Orchestra. It did not go over well. Edit - anything you buy now will use EW's Play Engine. But when asked if people still use these libraries, the answer is yes, especially the old Kontakt/Kompakt versions.
  3. Only some. Some are at 70% off now. And Nebula at 80% off has never been lower. They do give the % off amount so you can decide. I picked up Viridian and Cream. Viridian because it was recommended to me a while ago, and Cream because it just looked cool. Both were at 70% off.
  4. Dzilizzi

    Acustica Aqua Erin

    But why not buy a real EAR 825 - I found one for only $12,500! Such a deal! 🙄 😝 🤣
  5. I'm in the $500 - $750 range and am getting 25%. I don't remember what 20% was. I can probably check my old emails. I just moved up during their last sale.
  6. Isn't this basically the same price as buying it direct? EW is having a sale on the composers cloud also.
  7. It's the Gold version. I believe most who still use this library use the platinum version. And really, based on the reaction to the announcement that NI was no longer supporting the Kontakt version of this, it is still in use by working composers. Price is decent though.
  8. Most were around $50 - $60. Nebula is much pricier because it is more like a sample player. You can use all the other Aquarius effects in it. Plus others make effects for it, though they do charge for them. And? I get coupons for an extra 25% off on top of the sales price. I can't remember the level, but if you buy one? I think they send a 20% off coupon on your next purchase. Check the link I posted in the second post to see what emulations each one is. The Pink is very popular.
  9. Not when the do a 70% off sale. They are actually affordable.
  10. This might be good. Or bad. I bought a lot last year. And as an FYI - the list of what users believe the original source products are if you are trying to decide what to get - https://justpaste.it/AcusticaAudioAcquaMasterList
  11. I've been working on setting up Quickload. Problem is those pesky libraries with 900 nki's. Okay, kidding, they only have about 50 or so. Quickload is just nkis. So as a favorites, it is great. As an organizing method - not so great. What I am slowly working on is putting all the library tab libraries on a different drive from my "Kontakt" drive. And just have all my non-library files in a nice organized manner on the Kontakt drive. The folders are all labeled by company and I rename libraries to tell me what they are, if they don't already. It is actually mostly done.
  12. Also because it is really great for audio. And most studios are there to record audio. You can do midi anywhere. The room doesn't matter.
  13. Dzilizzi

    WD 1 TB SSD

    Thanks. I needed another drive. Or maybe I need to stop buying stuff. Yeah, not going to happen any time soon. 😄
  14. It tells me who reads this magazine or at least votes on the polls. My personal favorite is still ProTools because it is easy for me. Sonar used to be my second, but now it goes between Studio One and Cubase. At least half the people I talk with on various boards love Reaper. Yet FL Studio is at the top. I don't know hardly anyone who uses FL Studio. How do they decide this?
  15. Not totally true. I have used Add Network Location to add access to a different computer's drive on the network. Though the computer I added the location to is 10 Pro, the drive is on a 10 Home location. I have been unable to network my 2 10 Pro computers easily. I really miss Homegroups.
  16. Guy Michelmore did a great YouTube video with it:
  17. Initially waiting to see if everything was compatible on my other computer. My old desktop (circa 2010?) was being told it wasn't upgrade-able and my studio computer ended up coming with Win 10 Pro. So I was waiting to see if everything worked before deciding what to do with this much newer computer (2017). but no problems, So, maybe update and see if the Hackintosh works. Otherwise see if I can link it to my current studio computer.
  18. Okay, let's sew this up - is it worth getting or not?
  19. Thanks! 😀 Though really, I should be yelling - no more! My Kontakt drive is full. I need more drives!!!! 😝 🙄
  20. Hm. Mac vs Windows versions? I only have 4 and it looks like the colored version on a PC. Maybe you need to redownload it?
  21. You might need a threadripper.....
  22. I do need to check this on my one Win 7 Pro computer. I haven't upgraded it yet. I was thinking of turning it into a Hackintosh but have been too busy.
  23. I was thinking this is kind of a one-trick pony, but I listened to the walk-through and it is interesting.
  24. You can still get it but it upgrades to home only. Used to be Pro had some additional options when running updates that home didn't have. I'm not sure if that is still the case. I may pick one up for my second computer.
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